A Dictionary of Chemistry: On the Basis of Mr. Nicholson's, in which the Principles of the Science are Investigated Anew and Its Applications to the Phenomena of Nature, Medicine, Mineralogy, Agriculture, and Manufactures Detailed, Volume 2

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Robert Desilver, 1821 - 14 pagine

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Pagina 3 - IDE, of the said District, hath deposited in this office, the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit : " Inductive Grammar, designed for beginners. By an Instructer." In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States...
Pagina 28 - The traces of revolutions become still more apparent and decisive when we ascend a little higher, and approach nearer to the foot of the great chains of mountains.
Pagina 3 - In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, " An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Chart*. and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned." And also to the act, entitled, " An Act supplementary to an Act, entitled " An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the time* therein mentioned,"...
Pagina 22 - ... from the size of a pin's head to that of a pea ; scattered through a large body of sand or clay ; and in this state it is called by the Mandingoes sanoo munko,
Pagina 32 - Is not the Heat of the warm Room conveyed through the Vacuum by the Vibrations of a much subtiler Medium than Air, which after the Air was drawn out remained in the Vacuum...
Pagina 22 - Rape cake, which is used with great success as a manure, contains a large quantity of mucilage, some albuminous matter, and a small quantity of oil. This manure should be used recent, and kept as dry as possible before it is applied. It forms an excellent dressing for turnip crops; and is most economically applied by being thrown into the soil at the same time with the seed. Whoever wishes to see this practice in its highest degree of perfection, should attend Mr. Coke's annual sheepshearing at Holkham.
Pagina 28 - In the northern regions it has left the carcases of some large quadrupeds which the ice had arrested, and which are preserved even to the present day with their skin, their hair, and their flesh. If they had not been frozen as soon as killed they must quickly have been decomposed by putrefaction.
Pagina 11 - I am further inclined to think, that when our views are sufficiently extended, to enable us to reason with precision concerning the proportions of elementary atoms, we shall find the arithmetical relation alone will not be sufficient to explain their mutual action, and that we shall be obliged to acquire a geometrical conception of their relative arrangement in all the three dimensions of solid extension.
Pagina 22 - This was succeeded by a laugh which was involuntary, but highly pleasurable, accompanied by a peculiar thrilling in the extremities— a sensation perfectly new and delightful. For many hours after this experiment, he imagined that his taste and smell were more acute, and is certain that he felt unusually strong and cheerful. In a second experiment, he felt pleasure still superior, and has since poetically remarked that he supposes the atmosphere of the highest of all possible heavens to be composed...

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