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Man, ti put it upon the fourth stager of tht Woman s left hand. And the man holding thi Ring there, and

taught by the. Priest, stall fay, . . . . '"" ■/"'

WITH this Ring I thee wed, with roy body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Then the Man leaving the Ring upon the fourthfn^er of th IVomans les- band, they /ball both kneel down, and tht

Minister-stroll fat, Let us pray.

OEternal God, creator and preserverof all mankind, giver of all spiritual grace, the author of everlasting lire ; Send thy blessing upon these thy servants, this man and this woman, whom we Hess in thy name; that as Isaac and Rebecca lived faithfully together, so these persons may surely perform and keep the vow and covenant betwixt them made, (whereof this Ring gi^en and received is a token and pledge ; ) and may ever remain in perfect l<.ve and peace together, and live according to thy laws, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then stall the Priest Jcin their right hands together, and fay, Those whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.

Ihcn stall the Minifter speak unt'j theteople:

FOrasmuch M N. and K. have consented together in holy wedlock, and have witnessed the same htm sere God .-nd this company, and thereto have given and pledged their troth either to other, and have dtclared the fame by giving and receiving ofa Ring, and by joining of hands; I pronounce that they be ma* and wife together, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

And the Minister stall add this bltjstng.

GO D the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, blels, preserve, and keep you; the Lord mercifully with hn favour lock upon you, and so sill you with all spiritual benediction and grace, that ye may so live together in this life, thai in the world to come ye may have life eveilasting. Amen.

Ibcn the Minister, or Clerks going to the Lord's Table, stall fay tr sing this Psalm following*
Bcati omnes, Psalm 128.

BLESSED are all they that fear the Lord; and walk in his ways.
For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: O well is thee, and happy (halt thou be.
Thy wife shall be as the fruitful vine: upon the walls of thine house.
. Thy children like the olive-branches: round about thy table. . \

Lo, ihus shall the man be blessed :. that feareth the Lord. »

The Lord from out of Sion shall so bless thee: that thou shall see Jerusalem in prosperity all thy Use long; Yea that thou shalt fee thy children's children : :\nd peace upon Israel. Glorv be to the Father, &c. 'As it was in the, &c.

Or this Psaln; Deus miferatur. Psalm 6j. »

GOD be merciful unto us, and bless us : and shew us the light of his countenance, and be merciful unto us,
That thy way may be known upon earth: thy saving health among all nations.
Let the people praise thee, O God : yea, let all the people praise thee.

O let the nations rejoice and be glad: for thou lhalt judge the so'k right :Oi»fly,and govern the nations upon earths
Let the people praise thee, O God : let all the people praise thee.

Then shall the earth bring forth her increase: and God, even our own God, shall give us his blessing.
God (hall blels us: ard all the ends of the world shall fear him.
Glory oe to the Father, Sec.
As it was in the, &c.

The Psalm ended and the Man and the Woman kneeling before the Lords Tahle, the Priest standing at the table, and turn*

i»g bis face towards them stall fay, Lord, have mercy upon us. <

Answ. Ciriit. have mercy upon us. . Minister. Lord, hue mercy upon us.

OU R Father, which art in heaven ; Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in, earth, as it is. in heaven. Give u* this day «ur daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we for-, give them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation i Hut deliver us from cviL Amen. Minister. O Lori, save thy servant and thy handmaid j

Answ. Who put their trust in thee. • .: -' •

. Minister. O Lord, send them help from thy holy place. 1

A sw. And evermore defend them.

Minister. Be unto them a tower ot strength,

Aidw. Frcm the face of their enemy. . Miniiter. O Lord, hear our prayer.

Answ. And let our cry come unto thee, . ■ '•.' . , ,.. IssVd^ti",,^ -Minister. La,-^

OG 0 D os Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, blefv these thy servants, .and sow the iced of eteiv nal life Ih their hearts, that whatsoever in thy holy word they shall profitably learn, they may indeed fulfil the same. Look, O Lord, mercifully upon them from Heaven, and bless them- Andasthou didst send they blessing upon Abraham and Sarah, to their great comfort; so vouchsafe to send thy blessing upon thefir thy servants, that they obeying thy will, and al way being in safety under thy protection, may abide, .ia -thy love unto their lives end, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

This Prayer next folbwfng (hall be omitted, where the fPoman is pa/i chiid-bearinv:

OMrrcifu! Lord and heavenly Father, by whose gracious gift mankind is increased; We beseech thee assist with thy blessing these two persons, that they mayboth be fruitful in procreation of jchildren, and also live together, so long in godly love and honesty, that they may see their children chritlianly and virtu

ously brought up, to thy praise and honour, through Jesus ( hrist oar Lord. Amen.

OGod, who by thy mighty power hall made all things of nothing, who also (after other things set in order) didst appoint that out of man (created after thine own image and similitude) woman should take Jicr beginning: and knitting them together, didst teach that it should never be lawful to put asunder those whom thou by Matrimony liadlt made one: OGod, who hast consecrated the state of Matrimony to sach at excellant mystery, that in it is signified and lepresented the spiritu 1 marriage and unify betwix; Christ Ud his Church ; Look mercifully upon these thy servants, that both this man may love his wife, according lo tfly word, (as Christ did love his spouse the Church, who gave himself for it, loving and cherishing iteveoas h'fs own flesh) and also that this woman may be loving and amiable, faithful and obedient to her hulband, and in all quietness, sobriety and peace, be a follower of holy and godly matrons. O Lord, bless them bout, and grant them to inherit thy eveilasting kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.' Amen.

Then stall the Priest fay, j "■ . v ' '- ".

ALtnighty God, who at the beginning did create our first parents, Adam and Eve, and did fanctif}' and join them together in marriage; Pour upon you the riches of hU grace, sanctify and bless lyol, that ye may please h*m boh in body and soul, and live together in holy love unto your lives end. Amep, j After which if there be no Sermon declaring the duties of Man aid Wife the Minister stall read as fallwjcth:

ALL ye that are married, ot t .at intend to take the holy estate of Matrimony upon you, hear what the holy Scripture doth fay as touching the duty of husbands towards their wives, and wives towards their husbands. Saint Paul in his Epistle to .the Ephefians, the fifth Chapter, deth give this commandment to all flurried men, Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also lovtd the Church, and gave himself for it,, that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water, by the word ; th*t he might present it to himself a gloriojs Church,- not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing ; but that it should be holy and without blemish. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies: he that loveth his wife, loveth himself. For no mao ever yet hated his own flesh, but noursheth and chcrisheth it, even as the Loid the Church: for we ane members of Jrii body, of his flesh, and of his bones. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and (hall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery ; but I speak concerning Christ and

th,e Church. Neverthclcjse, let every one of you in particular so love his wife, even a< himself. Epbtf. »•.*£• Likewise the s»me St Paul, writing to the CoJoffians, speaking thus to all men that are married, Husbands, kve your Wi-es, and be not bitter against them. Col. iii. 19. . ..

Hear also what St. Peter the Apostle of Christ, who wa* himself a married man, faith unto them that are married ; Ye husbands dwell with your wives according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that )our prayers be not hindered. 1 S. Pit. iii. 7. .... .

Hitherto ye have heard the duty of the husoand toward the wife. Now likewise, ye wives hear and learn your duties toward your husbands, even as it is plainly set forth in holy Scripture. 1

St. Paul in the aforenamed Episth to the Ephesians teacheth you thus j Wives, submit yowrse'ves unto jour own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ. i> the head of tie Church: and he is the Saviour pf the body. Therefore asthe Church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. And again he faith, Let the wife see that me reverence her husband. Ephbs. v. «.

And in his Epistle to the Colossians, Saint Paul giveth yon this short lesson, Wives submit yourselves onto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Col. iii. 18,

Saint Peter also doth instruct you very well, thus faying. Ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that if any obey not the word, they also may without the word, be won by the conversation of the .wire*-; while they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. Whose adorning let it not 1 e that outran! adorning of plaiting the hair, and of Wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptable even the ornament of a mieekand quiet spirit, which is in tfce f ght of God of great price. For after this manner in the old time the ho y women also, who trusted i


adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their husbands; even as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord j whose daughters ye are as longas yedo well, andare.not afraic with any amazement. Is>.pet«»'> It is convenient that the new married persons Jhould receive tbt Hoty Communion at the time of their marriage, or at the first opportunity after their Marriage.

• The ORDER for the ...VISITATION of the S I C K.

Jf'len any person issick, noticeshall be given thereof to the Minister os the Paris] j who coming to the sick per*

sons house, Jhall fay,

PEACE be to this house, and to all that dwell in it.
Wven he cometh into the sick mans presence, be shall fay, kneeling down*

REMEMBER not, Lord, our iniquities, nor the iniquities of our forefathers. Spare us good Lord, spare thy people, whom thou hast redeemed with thy molt precious blood, and be not angry with as for


Answ. Spare us good Lord.

Then the Minister shall fay, Let Hs Pray
Lord, have mercy upon us. . .

Christ, have mercy <jpon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.

OU R Father, which art in heaven ; Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy win be done* ia
ea th, as-t is in heaven Give us thw day our daily bread. Andfugive us osr trespasses as we forgive
them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us froji evil. Amen.
Minister. O Lord, save thy servant 5 -
Answ. Which putteth his trust in thee.

M.iiillcr. Send him help from thy holy place, \
Aww- And evermore mightily defend him. *■ .

Minister. Let the enemy have no advantage of him;
Answ. Nor the wicked approach to hurt him.
'Minister. Be unto him, O Lord, a Urong tower,

Answ. From the face of his enemy. "■ •■ '"f

Minister. O Lord, hear tur prayers.

Answ. And let i-ur cry come unto thee. * - •■ '■■


OLO R D, look down from heaven, behold, viftt, and relieve this thy servant. Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy, give him comfort and sure in thee, defend him from the danger of the cn my, and keep him in perpetual peace and safety, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

HEAR us. Almighty and most merciful God and Saviour j extend thy accustomed goodness to this thy iervant, who is grieved with sickness. Sanctify, we beseech thee, this thy fatherly correction to htrn; that the sense of his weakness may add strength to his faith, and seriousness to his repentance. That- it it should be thy good pleasure to n store him to his former health, he may lead the residue of his life in thy fear, and to thy glory: or else give him grace so to take thy visitation, that after this painful life ended, ,he may dwell with thee in life everl.-.stine, through Jesus Cnrist our Lord. Amem

lltn jhall t/x Mittifler exhort the stek person after this form or other like:

DEARLY beloved, know this, that Almighty God is the Lord of life ami deith, and of all things to them pertaini'ng, as youth, strength, health, age, weakness, and sickness. Wherefore, whatsoever your is, know you certainly, that it is Gods visitation. And for what cause soever this sickness is .feat unto you, whether it be to try your patience for the example of others, and that your faith may be found, in the dnv of the Lo< d, lauda. le, glorious and honourable, t-. the encrease of glory and endless felicity ; or eke'it

* This Offke seems to he founded upon James ;, 14. of deferittg his Repentance to a sixk bed: let him make

"Is any lick among you? let him Call for the Elders of halte aiul delay not the time to keep God's ■ omrrund

ihe hurch; and let them pray over him." But tho' the raents. For Life Is unreitaiii, a death bed Repentance is

effectual re vtiu Player of a iglueous Man availeth much, doubtful an Eternity of happirefs or Misery is a matter

*tho* t ie comlorts of Religion are more peculiarly acceptable of too much to hazard upoa liich a precarious

1 cf sick.n«fs and Affliction, yet let every Man beware Crisis. . (1 ,;" .


b<rstiitf<JtrfJ»y*Bton correct aW amend! in you whatsoever dothofiind the eyes of your heavenly. Fa$er.}.ki»nw you cerrninly, that ifiyoutraly repent yen of your sins and bear your sickness patiently, trusting in viud's raeri cjr, for his dear Sr* Jesus Carrst's- take, and render unto him humble tha. ki for his fatnerly visitation, submitting your elf wholly unto his will j it (hall turn to your prosit, andhelp you forward in the right way that lcideth unto everlasting life..' . '• ■'■ (' \

Is the Person visited be very sick, then the Curate may end bis Exhortation U this place,. w.tUt. PTt>cetd^ v t

TAKE ihcitsore in good part the chastisement of the Lord: For (as St. Paul faith in the twelfth Chapter to the Htbreivs) whem the Lord loveth he chaiteaeth, and.seourgeth . every faa i^hpiB; he receives. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sens; for what sou vs he whom.,th"e fathc.. chastpneth no|/ But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye baftajds, and not lews. f«fthtrmore, we have had fathers of our flesh, which corrected us, and we gave them reverence; shall we not much lather be in subjection unto the Father os Spirits, and live I For they vcr:ly for a few days chastened us alter their own pleasure ; but he frrour profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness. These words, good >ro tbtr, are w/itt n in holy Scripture for our comfort and instruction, that we should patiently, and with thanst giving, bear our heavenly Fathers correction, whensoever by any manner of adversity it lhall please his jjraeious goodness to visit us. And there should be no greater comfort to Christian perlons, than to de made like nutoChrist, by luffuing patiently adversities, tiouEles, and sicknesses. Fur he hunieliwent not up toyj. but first l e suffered pain; l.e entered net his gloiy before he was crucified. So truly ou; way to eternal jay i| to suffer here with Christ; and our door to enter into eternal life is gladly to die with Christ :jthat we may rife again from death, and dwell with him in everlaliing life. Now therefore taking your ltckneis, .which i> thus profitable for you, patiently, I exhort you in the Name of God to icmembcr tsie proielsion which you wade unto God in your Baptism. And forasmuch as after this life there is an account to be given unto the righteous Judge, by whom all must be judged without respect of persons j 1 require you to examine yourself and, both toward God Mid man; lo that accusing and condemning yourself for your own faults,, j/ou. may find mercy at our heavenly Fathers hand.for Christ's fake, and not be accused and condemiieu in that fearful judgment. Therefore I shall rehearse to you the Articles of our Faith, that you may know whether you do believe as a Christian man should, or no. ■ -it

Here the Minijler shall rebearje the Articles of the Faith, saying thus,

DOST thou believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and earth I And in Jesus Chi iff his only begotten Son our Lord? And that he was conceived by the Holy Ghost { born of the Virgin Mary; that he suffered under Pontius Pirate,was crucified dead, and buried; that he *«« down into Hell, and also did rife again the third day ; th*t he, ascended Heaven, aud lutetb ac the ftght hand of God the Father Almighty; and from thence shall come again at the end of the world, to judge {ue quick and the dead I ■ '.

And dost thou believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy Catholick Church; the Communion of saints; tic Remission of sins; the Resurrection ot the rtesh; and everlasting life after death i

■, Ubejick Person Jball anjwer% • All this I ctedfaslly believe. %'lttt/ball the Minijler examine whether be repent Urn truly of bis fins, and be in charily with all the world: elekpiL ting him to forgive, Jrom the bottom of bis/start, all ptrfons that have ojfciidld him; and if be bath ejftmded - -anj other to ajk tbcmjorgi-venejs; ana inhere be hath dontrnjury or wrong to any man, tbut he make amends to the utmost of bit power. /IndiJ be bath not before dijpojea of bis goods, let him then be admomjbed to make birWtS, and to declare bis Debts, what be owetb, and what si owing unto htm, jor the better dijcharjrmg of bis Corn* science, and the quietness of his Executors. But men Jbould often be put in remembrance to take order for the ft** ..fling of their temporal estates whilst theyAre in health. . \ *t>

These worsts before rehearsed, may be Juid before the Minister begin his Prayer, as he Jball fee cause. *' Jtrl 7be Minister Jbould not omit earnejtly to move fucb sick perjons as are of ability ti'4e liberalic the pMT^ ttiir aril n; Here Jball the jick person be moved to make a JpttiuJ bis fins, if bisect ais Conscience troubled with , any weighty matter.. jfttr which Lonfestion, the friejt Jball. absolve nit* [if be humbly andfortty ttfsrtkJ after this Jort: .'" ." *'.]■■ ,. \, I

OU R Lord Jesus Christ, who hath left power to his Church to absolve all sinners who truly repent, and believe in him, of his great mercy forgive thee thine offences: And by his authority committed to me, I absolve thee from all thy sins, In ihc Name of the Father, and ot the Son, and of the Holy Ghost* Amea, . , , , Jad then the Priest stjall Jay she folUwiti£ Colleff, /, - ■• •' . us P«y.. *, .. ,.a .-„.. •

f \ MOST merciful God, who according to the multitude of thy mercies, dost so put away the fins of those .\J who ttuly repent, Mat thou rememberest them no more; Open thine eyeof mtfcyuponthis thy servant, who mqlt earnestly desireth pardon and forgiveness. Renew in him, most loving Father, whatsoever hath Veen decayed by the fraud and malfce of the devil, or by his own carnal will and frailness; preserve and continue this sick member in the unity of the Church; consider his contrition, accept his tears, atfWage his pain, al V I S 11 A T IO Hp OV CTWIEA m C K.1 V &i

shall seem to thee most expedient for hrm:'arid forasmuch as he putteth MrtuB ttust only in thy: mercy r impute «>ot! urto him his former fins; but strengthen him with thy blessed Spirit j and- when :th6u: aft. pleased to' take him hence, take him unt6 thy favour thro* the merits of thy most dearly beloved Son jefai Christ out Lord. Amen.

Then the Minister{ballfay the 7 1ft I'jalm. Adding tbtt i ..: • v

OSaviour of the world, who by thy cross and precious blood hast redeemed us, Save us, and help us, we humbly beseech thee, O Lord. > .'-A v- •

I'bensbaU the Priest say,' , • . .. .

TH E Almighty Xord, who is a most stVong tower to all them that pot their trust in him; to whom all thing* in heaven, in earth, and under the earth do bow atiaobey; be nowjmd evermore thy defence, and. make thee know and fed, tSat there is none other Name under heaven given to man, in whom, and through, whom thou mayest receive health and filvation, but only the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

And after that jball soy, ■■

UNTO Cod's gracious mercy and protection we commit thee : The Lord bless thee, and keep thee r The lord make his face to sliine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; she Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace, both now and evermore. Amen. -■ \ •• ••' • t

A_ Prayer for a Jtck Child.

OAlmighty God, and merciful Father to whom alone belong 'he itTnes of life and death t look down from Heaven, we beseech thee, with the eyes of mercy upon this Child now lying upon the bed of sickness ^ visit htm, O Lord, with thy salvation, deliver him in thy good appointed time from his bodily pain, and save his foul for thy mercies fake. That if it (hall be thy pleasure to prolong his days here on earth, he may live tothiec, and be an instrument of thy glory, by serving thee faithfully, and doing good in his generationor else receive him into those heavenly habitations, where the fouls of them that sleep in the Lord Jesus enjoy perpetual reft and felicity. Grant this, O Lord, for thy mercies fake, in the fame thy Son our Lord Jess* Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the holy Ghost; ever one God, world without end. Amen.

A Prater for a sick Person, •when there appearctb small hope cf recovery. . :-.». 1

OFather of mercies, and God of all comfort, our only help in time of need; We fly unto thee for' succour in behalf of this thy servant, here lying under thy hand in great weakness of body. Look graciously upon him, O Lord ; and the more the outward man decayeth, strengthen him, we beseech thee, so much the more continually with thy grace and Holy Spirit in the inner man. Given him unfeigned repentance; for all the errors of his life past, and stedfast faith in thy Son Jesus, that his sins may oe done away by thtr mercy, and his pardon sealed in heaven, before he go hence, and be no more seen. We know, O Lord, that there is no word impossible with thee; arid that if thou wilt, thou canst even yet raise him op, and grant hun a longer continuance amongst us. Yet, forasmuch as in al! appearance the time of his dissolution draweth near, so sit and prepare him we beseech thee, against the hour of death, that after bis departure hence in peswe, and in thy favour, his foul maybe received into thine everlasting kingdom, through the merits ana mediation of Jesus Christ thine only Son, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A commendatory Prayer for a sick person at the point of departure*

OAlmighty God, with whom do live the spirits of just men made perfect, after they are delivered from their earthly prisons; we humbly commend the soul of this thy servant, our dear brother, into thy hands, as into the hands of a faithful Creator, and most merciful Saviour; most humbly beseeching thee, that it may be precious in thy sight. Wash it, we pray thee, in the blood of that immaculate Lamb, that was slain- to take away the sins of the world; that whatsoever defilements it may have contracted in the midst of this miserable and naughty world, through the lusts of the flesh, or the wiles of Satan, being purged and done a* way, it may be presented pure and without spot before thee. And teach us who survive, in this and other likedaily spectacles of mortality, to see how frail and uncertain our own condition is, and so to number our days, that we may .seriously apply our hearts to that holy and heavenly wisdom, whilst we live here, which may in the end bring us to live everlasting, .through the merits of Jesus Christ, thine only son our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for Perfirtl troubled in Mind or in tonstientt.- **»•■«.1 \

OBlessed Lord, the Father of mercies, and the God of" all comforts, we befcech thee loek down in pity and compassion upon this thy afflicted servant. Thou writest bitter things against him, and makest him to possess his former iniquities; thy wrath lieth hard upon him, and his soul is full of trouble: But, O merciful God, who hast written thy holy Word for our learning, that we, through patience and comfort of thy holy Scripture* might have hope; give him a right understanding of himself, and of thy threats and promises, that he may neither cast away his confidence in thee, nor place it any where but in thee. Give him strength against all his temptations, and heal all his distempers. Break not the bruised reed, nor quench the sinoaking '"Sax."Shut nofup thy tender mercies in displeasure ; but make him to hear of Joy and gladness, that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice. Deliver him from fear of th* enemy', and lift up the light of thy countenance upon him, and give him peace, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen,

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