Remarks and Collections of Thomas Hearne: March 20, 1707 - May 23, 1710

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Oxford Historical Society at the Clarendon Press, 1886

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Pagina 314 - When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door...
Pagina 358 - Diuinitie as have bin either written in our owne tongue, or translated out of anie other language : and haue bin published to the glory of God, and edification of the Church of Christ in England. Gathered into Alphabet, and such method as it is, by Andrew Maunsell, bookseller. Unumquodque propter quid. London: printed by John Windet, for Andrew Maunsell, dwelling in Lothburie, 1595.
Pagina 309 - The Secret History of the Reigns of K. Charles II. and K. James II.
Pagina 441 - Paradox, or Thesis, that Self -Homicide is not so naturally Sin, that it may never be otherwise, was 'published by his son in 1644.
Pagina 136 - Here endeth the boke of comfort called in latyn Boecius de Consolatione Phil. Enprented in the exempt monastery of Tauestok in Denshyre. By me Dan Thomas Rychard monke of the sayd Monastery / To the instant desyre of the ryght worshypful Esquyer Mayster Robert Langdon. Anno d.
Pagina 352 - Hoadly's cryed up who dares thy Right oppose, Because he crowns the Mob, and arms thy Foes. O stop the dire Proceedings er'e too late, And see thy own in poor Sachev"rel's fate.
Pagina 170 - And in the Forest of Dean and thereabouts, and as high as Worcester, there are great and infinite quantities of these cinders; some in vast mounts above ground...
Pagina 451 - In matters of genealogy it is necessary to give the bare names as they are; but in poetry, and in prose of any elegance in the writing, they require to have inflection given to them. His book of the Dialects is a sad heap of confusion ; the only way to write on them is to tabulate them with Notes...
Pagina 452 - ... within these few weeks brought many persons of both sexes to an untimely fate ; and, what is more surprising, has, contrary to her profession, with the same odours, revived others who had long since been drowned in the whirlpools of Lethe. Another of the professors is...
Pagina 289 - An English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St. Gregory, anciently used in the English-Saxon Church, giving an account of the Conversion of the English from Paganism to Christianity; translated into modern English, with Notes, &c.

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