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" Everything is on the line," so to speak. Previous means of coping and managing problems break down in the face of new threats and challenges. The potential for good or bad outcomes lies in the disorganization and disequilibrium of crisis. A wealth of... "
Coping with Aging - Pagina 104
di Richard S. Lazarus, Bernice N. Lazarus - 2006 - 256 pagine
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Compassion Fatigue: Coping with Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder in Those ...

Charles R. Figley - 1995 - 268 pagine
...Erik Erikson, crises may be viewed as fundamental parts of life. According to Slaikeu (1984), "Crisis is a time when 'everything is on the line/ so to speak....the disorganization and disequilibrium of crisis." While most people attempt to limit crises in their lives, trauma workers, who intentionally put themselves...
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Stress and Emotion: A New Synthesis

Richard S. Lazarus, PhD - 2006 - 360 pagine
...can either advance or regress, depending on how the crisis is managed. Slaikeu (1984, p. ix) writes: Very few people avoid crises altogether. Adult life,...will begin in a matter of weeks after the onset of crisis. Like post-traumatic stress disorders, which call for professional intervention to facilitate...
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