London Medical Gazette: Or, Journal of Practical Medicine, Volume 35

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Pagina 65 - The physician, who was dropping the laudanum into a glass, turned round and saw him looking quite calm, but with his eyes shut. In another minute he heard a rattle in the throat and a convulsive struggle, flew to the bed, caught his head upon his shoulder, and called to one of the servants to fetch Mrs. Arnold. She had but just left the room before his last...
Pagina 3 - Hunter's pithy remark is quoted, "some physiologists will have it, that the stomach is a mill, others, that it is a fermenting vat, others, again, that it is a stew-pan; but, in my view of the matter, it is neither a mill, a fermenting vat nor a stew-pan ; but a stomach, gentlemen, a stomach.
Pagina 421 - Liebig asserts, peroxide of iron exists in arterial, and carbonate of protoxide of iron in venous blood, almost any dilute acid would be capable of extracting the oxide, which we have shown not to be the case. y.
Pagina 323 - In all extensive communities, circumstances will occur in which an individual, by the failure of his means of subsistence, will be exposed to the danger of perishing. To refuse relief, and at the same time to punish mendicity when it cannot be proved that the offender could have obtained subsistence by labour, is repugnant to the common sentiments of mankind; it is repugnant to them to punish even depredation, apparently committed as the only resource against want.
Pagina 11 - If I had strength enough to hold a pen, I would write how easy and pleasant a thing it is to die.
Pagina 494 - When the remedy is applied, the brass ball of the vaginal conductor is to be passed up to the os uteri, and moved about at intervals, on to various parts of this organ.
Pagina 336 - ... of the rectum by faeces, which causes the mucous membrane, when the bowel is empty, to hang in loose folds. This disease, if neglected or mismanaged, gives rise to prolapsus ani, an irritable and painful state of the sphincter, and an intro-susception of the upper and undilated portion of the intestine, into the lower and dilated part. The treatment recommended for the simple relaxed rectum is, the avoidance of all aperient medicines, and the injection of a pint of cold water into the bowel every...
Pagina 209 - Society for the relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical men in London and its Vicinity.
Pagina 492 - As regards the pathology of the case, he will conclude that the condition of the uterus in December is but the natural sequel of progressive improvement begun in or antecedent to the month of April ; and as regards the relief from the distressing nervous symptoms connected therewith, that the time had arrived when a new and powerful stimulus only was required to enable the enthusiastic mind of my patient to shake them off.
Pagina 584 - They preserve here the same dull and unvarying outline of one vast alluvial and densely wooded forest, extending over an area of at least one hundred thousand square miles, partially irrigated by the Atlantic tides, and intersected by numerous rivers and creeks, whose muddy banks are unceasingly overflowed.

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