In Search of Canaan: Black Migration to Kansas, 1879-80

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Regents Press of Kansas, 1978 - 338 pagine
"In a vigorous, reasoned style, Robert G. Athearn tells the story of the black migration from areas of the South to Kansas and other midwestern and western states that occurred soon after the end of the Reconstruction. Working almost from primary sources- letters of some of the black migrants, government investigative reports, and black newspapers- he describes and explains the "Exoduster" movement and sets it into perspective as a phenomenon in frontier history. The book begins with details of the blacks on the move. Atherarn then fills in the background of why they were moving; relates how other people- black and white, Northern and Southern- felt about the movement; examines political considerations; and finally, evaluates the episode and provides an explanation as to why it failed." -- from Book Jacket

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Informazioni sull'autore (1978)

-->Robert G. Athearn--> was professor of history at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the author of numerous books, among them Forts of the Upper Missouri, Union Pacific Country, and TheMythic West in Twentieth-Century America.

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