The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 12

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania., 1888
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Pagina 240 - ... promises, kindly stepped in, and carried him away, to where the wicked cease from troubling, and where the weary are at rest ! It is during the time that we lived on this farm, that my little story is most eventful.
Pagina 88 - Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
Pagina 486 - Morris (she according to the Custom of Marriage assuming the Name of her Husband) as a further confirmation thereof, did then and there to these Presents set their Hands; And we who hereunto subscribed our names, being present at the Solemnization of the said Marriage and Subscription, as Witnesses thereunto set our Hands the Day and Year above written.
Pagina 351 - Fraud to these United States, or to any Individual according to the best of our Knowledge ISAAC CRAIG Capt.
Pagina 486 - She According to the Custom of Marriage Assuming the Name of her Husband, as a further Confirmation thereof: Did then and there to these Presents Set their Hands, and we whose Names are here under also subscribed, being present, at the Solemnization of the said Marriage and Subscription, have as Witnesses thereunto set our Hands the Day and Year above Written 1754.
Pagina 377 - An East Prospect of the city of Philadelphia taken by George Heap from the Jersey shore under direction of Nicholas Skull Surveyor General of the Province of Pennsylvania
Pagina 108 - The tea-table was spread under the tree, and Mrs. Bache, a very gross and rather homely lady, who is the only daughter of the Doctor and lives with him, served it out to the company. She had three of her children about her, over whom she seemed to have no kind of command, but who appeared to be excessively fond of their Grandpapa.
Pagina 281 - They should recollect that perpetuity is stamped upon the constitution by the blood of our Fathers, by those who achieved as well as those who improved our system of free Government.
Pagina 276 - Our federal union, it must be preserved ! " The nullifiers could only gasp. Calhoun, who was next called on, tried to retrieve the situation by giving as his toast, "The union, next to our liberty, most dear...
Pagina 124 - for the study of Folk-Lore in general, and in particular the collection and publication of the FolkLore of North America." It was also decided that the Society shall publish a journal, to promote such a collection, a copy of which will be sent to each member thereof. The annual subscription fee is three dollars. The officers of the Society are : President — Prof.

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