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to give, present, bestow; to re- from, of, out of, after, on account ward, honor.

of, among, according to, in, on, Donum, i, n. (do), a gift, present. at, from being.

Dignum dono =worth giving. Ea, adv. (properly ablat. from is Dona militaria, military re- 8c. via or parte), that way, in wards.

that way, through that place. Dormio, ire, ivi, ītum, intr., to Eādem, adv. (properly ablat. from sleep, be asleep, slumber.

idem, sc. via or parte), in the Dubie, adv. (dubius), doubtfully, same way.

dubiously. Haud dubie = with- Ecce, inter., lo! behold! see! out doubt, undoubtedly.

Edico, ère, xi, ctum, tr. and intr. Dubitatio,' önis, f. (dubito), a (e + dico), to declare publicly,

doubt, doubting, hesitation, ir- speak out, make known, publish; resolution, indecision,

to relate, tell, order. tainty. Per dubitationem=in Edictum, i, n. (edico), an edict, indecision.

proclamation, charge, order. Dubìto, āre, ävi, ätum, intr., to Editus, a, um, part. and adj.

doubt, be in doubt, be uncertain, (edo), published, proclained;
hesitate, waver; to be reluctant raised, elevated, high, lofty.
or backward.

Edo, ĕre, edidi, editum, tr. (et Dubium, i, n. (dubius), doubt, un- do), to put forth, utter, speak, certainty.

declare, publish, make known; Dubius, a, um, adj. (duo), doubt- to show, exhibit, set forth; to

ful, dubious, uncertain; doubt- tell, relate; to raise, elevate.
ing, hesitating, wavering; dark, Edocèo, ēre, cui, ctum, tr. (e+
gloomy, dangerous.

doceo), to teach, instruct, inDucenti, ae, a, num. adj. (duo + form, direct, show, relate, make centum), two hundred.

Duco, ĕre, xi, ctum, tr., to lead, Educo, ĕre, zi, ctum, tr. (et

conduct, draw; to protract; to duco), to lead forth, draw out,
acquire, attract; to think, con- draw.
sider, regard, reckon; to im- Effemîno, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex

pute, ascribe, attribute; to marry. + femina), to effeminate, enerDucto, äre, āvi, atum, tr. freq. vate, render soft.

(duco), to lead, conduct, com- Effěro, ferre, extăli, elātum, tr. mand.

(ex + fero), to bring or carry Dum, adv. and conj., while, as out; to produce, yield ; to publong as, until, provided.

lish, say, speak; to raise, exalt, Duo, ae, o, num. adj., two.

advance, promote, reward. Se Duoděcim, num. adj. (duo + efferre=to be elated, puffed decem), twelve.

up: Duritia, ae, f. (durus), hardness, Effetus, a, um, adj. (ex + fetus),

roughness; hardiness, austerity, past bearing young; worn out, severity.

exhausted, weak, feeble.
Duûm = duorum, gen, of duo. Efficio, ĕre, fēci, fectum, tr. (ex
Dux, ducis, m. and f., a leader, + facio), to bring to pass, cause,
guide, general, conductor.

effect, accomplish, execute,
make, perform, complete; to


Effringo, ĕre, frēgi, fractum, tr.

(ex 7 frango), to break, break E, or Ex, prep. with the ablat.,

open or in pieces.

Effúgio, ère, ügi, ugħtum, tr. and Eminens, tis, adj. (emineo), rising

intr. (ex+fugio), to fly, flee, up, eminent, high, lofty, proescape, avoid, shun, erade.

jecting Effundo, ĕre, füdi, füsum, tr. (ex Emìněo, ère, ui, intr. (et

+ fundo), to pour out, spill, mineo), to rise above, stand out, shed; to scatter, spread, dis- project. perse; to rush fortb.

Emỉnus, (et manus), from Effüse, adv. (effusus), scatteringly, a distance, at a distance, afar

loosely, in loose order, irregu- off. larly.

Emitto, ĕre, mīsi, missum, tr. (e Effūsus, a, um, part. and adj. + mitto), to send out or forth,

(effundo), poured out, scattered, let go; to discharge, hurl, throw, dispersed, poured forth; irregu- cast. Jar, disorderly.

Emo, ĕre, ēmi, emptum, tr., to Egens, tis, adj. (egeo), needy, buy, purchase.

poor, destitute, wanting. Emorior, i, mortuus, dep. (e+ Egěo, ére, ui, intr., to need, morior), to die, perish, utterly want, be in want of, be destitute perish. Emări per virtutem=to of, lack, require.

die bravely. Egestas, ātis, f. (egeo), want, Emptor, oris, m. (emo), a buyer,

poverty, indigence, destitution, purchaser. beggary.

En, inter., lo! see! behold! Ego, mei, pers. pron.,


Enim, conj., for, now, indeed ; but. Egomet, intensive pers. pron., I At enim, but still, but indeed.

myself. Nosmet, we ourselves. Enimvēro or Enim vero, conj., Egrădior, i, gressus, dep. (e+ yes truly, yes indeed, in truth. gradior), to go out, depart, set Enīsus, a, um, part. from eniforth, leave; to ascend, mount, tor. climb; to pass over, cross, go Enitesco, ĕre, nitui, intr. beyond.

incho. (eniteo), to shine forth, Egregius, a, um, adj. (e + grex), be radiant; to become famous, excellent, eminent, remarkable, distinguished. surpassing, noble, singular, rare, Enitor, i, nisus, dep. (e+nitor), egregious.

to strive, struggle, endeavor, try, Egressus, ūs, m. (egredior), a exert one's self. Enisum est=an going out, egress.

effort was made. Eheu, inter., ah! alas !

Enuměro, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (e Ejicio, ĕre, jēci, jectum, tr. (et + numero), to enumerate, count jacio), to cast or throw out, eject, up, reckon, recite.

expel; to banish, drive out. Enuntio or Enuncio, äre, ävi, Eleganter, adv. (elēgans), elegant- ātum, tr. (et nuntio), to anly, gracefully, nicely.

nounce, proclaim, pronounce, Elephantus, i, m., an elephant. declare, divulge, disclose, reEloquentia, ae,

f. (eloquens), elo- veal. quence.

Eo, ire, ivi, itum, irreg. intr., to Ementior, iri, itus, dep. (e+ go, proceed, march.

mentior), to lie, fabricate, feign, Eo, adv. (is), thither, to that piace, falsify, state falsely.

to this; so far, to such a pitch Emerěo, ére, ui, itum, tr., and or degree, to such a pass; there,

Emerěor, éri, itus, dep. (et in that place; on that account, mereo), to merit, deserve; to for that reason, therefore. serve out.

Eodem, adv. (idem), to the same


place, thither; to the same end | Escendo, ĕre, di, sum, tr. and or purpose.

intr. (e + scando), to climb, asEpistola, ae, f., a letter, epistle. cend, mount. Epălae, ārum, f. pl., food, vict- Et, conj., and, even, also. Et et, uals; a banquet, feast, enter- both — and, not only — but also. tainment.

Etěnim, conj. (et + enim), for, beEques, itis, m. (equus), a horse

man, trooper; a knight. Equi- Etiam, adv. and conj. (et +jam), tes, knights, an order in Roman also, likewise, besides, even ; society.

yet, still, as yet. Etiam atque Equester, tris, tre, adj. (eques), etiam, again and again.

pertaining to cavalry or the Etiamsi or Etiam si, even if, alknights, equestrian. Equestre though, though. proelium, a cavalry engagement. Etruria, ae, f., Etruria, a district Equester ordo, the equestrian or- north of the Tiber. der.

Eundo, gerund from eo. Equidem, adv. and conj. (et qui- Europa, ae, f., Europe.

dem), indeed, truly, in truth, Evādo, ére, si, sum, intr. (e+ surely.

vado), to go out, get away, esEquitātus, ūs, m. (equito), the cape from; to penetrate, pass; cavalry, horsemen.

to ascend, mount, climb; to end, Equito, āre, ävi, ätum, intr. turn out, result; to become.

(eques), to ride on horseback. Evadere huc=to end in this. Equus, i, m., a horse, steed. Equo, Evěnio, ire, ēni, entum, intr. (e on horseback.

+ venio), to come out, proceed; Erectus, a, um, adj. (erigo), erect, to happen, turn out, occur, come

confident, encouraged, animated, to pass; to fall by lot, fall to the roused, cheered.

lot of. Ergo, conj., therefore, then. Eventus, ūs, m. (evenio), an event, Erigo, ère, exi, ectum, tr. (et occurrence, accident, result, isrego), to raise, erect, elevate, lift

sue, end. up, set up; to encourage, clieer, Evocātus, a, um, part. from evo

co. Evocati, örum, m. pl., rcErịpio, ĕre, ipui, eptum, tr. (e+ enlisted veterans, who, having

rapio), to take away violently ; completed their term of serto extort, wrest; to liberate, res- vice, were induced to enlist

cue, free; to extricate, deliver. again. Errātum, i, n. (erro), an error, Evoco, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (et mistake; fault, offence.

voco), to call out, summon, inErro, āre, ävi, ätum, intr., to vite; to reënlist.

wander about, go astray, stray; Ex. See E. to err, mistake, be mistaken, go Exactus, a, um, part. from exigo. wrong.

Exaedifico, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. Erudio, ire, ivi and ii, itum, tr. (ex + aedifico), to

(etrudis), to teach, instruct, in- build.

form ; to educate, bring up. Exaequo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex Eruditus, a, um, adj. (erudio), + aequo), to equal, make equal

learned, instructed, skilled, or even; to equalize. versed, erudite.

Exagito, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex Erumpo, ĕre, ūpi, uptum, tr. (e tagito), to harass, vex, agitate, + rumpo), to

break or burst disturb; to excite, move, stir forth, sally forth.

up; to inveigh against, censure,


build up, attack; to debate, discuss, noise judge, think, suppose, imagine, abroad.

to esteem, reckon, account; to Excédo, ĕre, cessi, cessum, intr. estimate, consider, weigh.

(ex + cedo), to go forth, depart, Exitium, i, n. (exeo), destruction, withdraw, retire, leave.

ruin. Excelsus, a, um, adj. (excello), Exitus, ūs, m. (exeo), a going out,

high, lofty, elevated. In excelso, exit; an issue, end, event, result, in an elevated station.

close, termination. Excio, ire, ivi, itum, tr. (ex+ Exopto, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex + cio), and

opto), to wish, desire greatly, Excieo, ēre, ivi, itum, tr. (ext covet; to choose.

cieo), to raise, excite, rouse; to Exorior, iri, ortus, dep. (ex+ call out; to incite, stimulate, in- orior), to rise, arise, spring up. duce, lead.

Exorno, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ext Excipio, ére, épi, eptum, tr. (ex orno), to adorn, embellish, deck

+ capio), to receive, take up, out; to furnish, supply, equip,

pick up, accept; to except. accoutre; to arrange, dispose, Excito, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. freq. prepare, provide; to make pre

(ex + cito), to stir up, excite, parations. rouse, incite, spur on, stimulate; Exortus, a, um, part. from exto call out, move.

orior. Excitus, a, um, part. from excio. Expědio, ire, ivi and ii, itum, tr. Excitus, a, um, part. from excieo. (ex + pes), to free, set free, libExclāmo, āre, ävi, ätum, tr (ex- erate, disentangle, extricate, dis

+ clamo,) to cry or call out, ex- charge, unloose, disengage; to claim.

expedite, dispatch, finish ; to Excrăcio, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex- accomplish, bring about; to pre

+ crucio), to torture, torment, pare, make ready; to explain,

rack, distress, afflict, pain, vex. unfold, relate, set forth. Excŭbo, åre, ui, itum, intr. (ex Expeditio, onis, f. (expedio), a

+cubo), to sleep out of doors; military expedition. to keep watch, guard, stand Expeditus, a, um, adj. (expedio), sentry.

light armed, unencumbered, unExemplum, i, n. (exỉmo), an ex- impeded, without baggage.

ample, instance, precedent; a Expello, ĕre, půli, pulsum, tr. copy, transcript.

(ex + pello), to drive out or Exercěo, ēre, ui, itum, tr. (ex + away, expel.

arceo), to exercise, employ, oc- Expergiscor, i, experrectus, dep. cupy; to practise, train; to con- (expergo), to awake, rouse one's duct, prosecute, carry on; to use, self, rouse up: make use of.

Experimentum, i, n. (experior), Exercito, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. freq. experiment, trial, proof; experi

(exerceo), to exercise, practise, train.

Experior, iri, expertus, dep., to Exercitus, üs, m. (exerceo), an try, make trial of, test, prove, exarmy.

perience; to find; to use, attempt. Exigo, ére, égi, actum, tr. (ex Experrectus. See Expergiscor.

+ ago), to drive out, send forth; Expers, tis, adj. (ex+pars), havto pass, spend, lead; to finish, ing no part in, free from, desticomplete, perform.

tute of. without. Existimo or Existămo, äre, åvi, Expīlo, äre, āvi, ätum, tr. (ex+ ātum, tr. (ex + aestimo), to pilo), to plunder, rob, pillage.

17 Sal.



Explāno, åre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex | Exspolio, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex

+ plano), to make plain, even, + spolio), to spoil, rob, strip, smooth; to explain, make clear, plunder, pillage, despoil. interpret, relate.

Exstinctor, oris, m. (exstinguo), Explěo, ēre, ēvi, ētum, tr. (ex + an extinguisher, destroyer, mur

pleo), to fill, load, fulfil, satisfy, derer. gratify, satiate ; to complete, ac- Exstinguo, ĕre, nxi, nctum, tr. complish.

(ex + stinguo), to put out, exExploro, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex tinguish, quench; to extirpate,

+ ploro), to search diligently, cut off, kill, destroy. scrutinize, examine, explore; to Exstrňo, ére, uxi, uctum, tr. (ex reconnoitre, spy out, ascertain ; + struo), to build up, raise, rear, to make sure.

construct, heap up. Expono, čre, posui, positum, tr. Exsul, õlis, m. and f. (ex + 80

(ex + pono), to set out, expose, lum), an exile. display; to explain, describe, Exsulto, äre, ävi, ätum, intr.

narrate, relate, declare. Expugno, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex frisk, leap for joy; to rejoice,

7 pugno), to storm, assault, exult. carry by assault; to conquer, Exsupěro, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. and

subdue, vanquish, overcome. intr. (ex + supero), to surpass, Expulsus, a, um, part. from ex- excel, exceed, outdo, go beyond, pello.

overcome. Expurgo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex Exsurgo, ĕre, surrexi, surrec

+ purgo), to purge, purify, tum, intr. (ex + surgo), to rise, cleanse; to exculpate, clear, jus- rise up; to take courage. tify, excuse.

Extenŭo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ex Exquiro, ère, quisivi, quisitum, + tenuo), to make thin, small, or

tr. (ex + quaero), to search out, slender; to attenuate, thin; to inquire into, examine, investi- extenuate. gate, ask, explore.

Exter and Extěrus, a, um, adj., Exsanguis, e, adj. (ex+ sanguis), outward, external, foreign. Comp.

bloodless, pale, pallid, lifeless, exterior, sup. extrēmus. exhausted, weak.

Extollo, ĕre, --, tr. (ext tolExsecratio, onis, f. (exsequor), lo), to lift up, raise up, elevate;

execration, imprecation, to exalt, promote; to rear, erect. curse ; an oath.

Extollere verbis (laudibus) Exsécror, åri, ätus, dep. (ex + extol, magnify, praise.

sacro), to execrate, curse, detest. Extorqueo, ēre, orsi, ortum, tr. Exsequor, i, cātus, dep. (ext (ex + torqueo), to extort, wrest,

sequor), to follow, pursue; to wrench, force away, tear away. prosecute, execute, perform, ac- Extorris, e, adj. (ex + terra), ex

complish; to follow, imitate. iled, banished. Exsilium, i, n. (ex + solum), ex- Extra, prep. with the accus., withile, banishment.

out, out of, outside of, beyond. Exspectatio, onis, f. (exspecto), a Extrēmum,i,n. (extremus), the ex

looking for, expectation, antici- tremity, end, close, verge, brink, pation.

Eo in extremo = in so critical a Exspecto, åre, ävi, ätum, tr. and condition.

intr. (ex + specto), to look for, Extrēmus, a, um, adj., super. of await, wait for, expect; to hope exter or exterus, extreme, the for, desire.

end of, last, latest, final, farthest,



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