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want of foresight, imprudence, conflagration; burning, heat, inconsiderateness, ignorance, in- glow, flame. advertence.

Incendo, ĕre, di, sum, tr. (in + Impódens, tis, adj. (in + pu- candeo), to kindle, set fire to,

dens), shameless, impudent. burn; to inflame, rouse, fire, Impudentia, ae, f. (impūdens), excite, incite, incense, irrishamelessness, impudence.

tate. Impudicus, a, um, adj. (in + pu- Inceptum, i, n. (incipio), a be

dīcus), shameless, impudent; ginning, attempt ; an enterprise, unchaste, immodest, lewd.

undertaking, purpose. Impugno, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (in Incertum, i, n. (incertus), an un

#pugno), to attack, assail, op- certainty. pose, impugn.

Incertus, a, um, adj. (in+ certus), Impulsus, a, um, part. from Im- uncertain, unsettled, unreliable; pello.

doubtful, dubious, undetermined, Impulsus, ūs, m. (impello), an undecided; hesitating. In in

impulse; incitement, instiga- certo esse, to be uncertain. tion, influence.

Incessi. See Incēdo and Incesso. Impūne, adv. (impūnis), without Incesso, ĕre, cessivi and cessi, —,

punishment, with impunity, tr. intens. (incēdo), to fall upon, safely ; quietly, tamely, submis- assault, assail, attack; to reprove, sively.

reproach, accuse. Impunitas, åtis, f. (impūnis), im- Incessus, ūs, m. (incēdo), a going,

punity, freedom or exemption walking, gait, pace. from punishment.

Incido, ĕre, cỉdi, cāsum, intr. (in Impunitus, a, um, adj. (in + + cado), to fall into or upon; to punītus), unpunished, safe, se- fall; to come upon, fall in with;

to happen, befall, occur. Impūrus, a, um, adj. (in + purus), Incìpio, ĕre, cēpi, ceptum, tr.

impure, unclean, filthy, foul; de- and intr. (in capio), to comfiled, polluted, vile.

mence, begin; to undertake, atImus, a, um. See Infěrus.

tempt. In, prep. with the accus. or ablat., Incito, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (in+

in, into, to, unto; for, until, cito), to hasten, urge forward ; till; against, towards; after, to incite, encourage, stimulate, according to, after the manner rouse, excite, spur on. of; on, in the midst of, among; Incognitus, a, um, adj. (in + cogin the case of; during; through; nitus), not known, unknown; on account of; in regard to, not examined, untried. Causa respecting; within ; at; not- incognita = without trial, withstanding.

without a hearing. Inānis, e, adj., empty, void; vain, Incola, ae, m. and f. (incolo), an

frivolous, unprofitable, worth- inhabitant, a resident. less, useless.

Incolo, ĕre, colui, cultum, tr. and Incëdo, ĕre, cessi, cessum, intr. intr. (in + colo), to inhabit,

(in + cedo), to walk, go, step, dwell in, reside in. advance, proceed, march; to Incolėmis, e, adj. (in + columis), come, approach, arrive; to unimpaired, uninjured,

to happen to, befall, harmed, safe, sound, entire, attack, seize one ;

to appear,


Incommodum, i, n. (incommon Incendium, i, n. (incendo), a fire, dus), inconvenience, trouble, dis


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advantage, detriment, injury, | Indigens, tis, adj. (indigeo), misfortune.

needy, indigent, wanting, defecInconsulte, adv. (inconsultus), in- tive, deficient.

considerately, imprudently, un- Indigěo, ēre, ui, -, intr. (in +

advisedly, rashly, indiscreetly. egeo), to want, need, stand in Incorruptus, a, um, adj. (in + need of, require; to long for, de

corruptus), uninjured, uncor- sire. rupted: incorrupt, incorruptible; Indignor, äri, ätus, dep. (indigunbribed ; upright, pure.

nus), to be indignant, displeased Incredibilis, e, adj. (in + credi- at; to be angry at; to regard as

bilis), incredible, wonderful. unworthy; to disdain, scorn. Incrěpo, äre, avi and ui, ātum Indignus, a, um, adj. (in + dig

and itum, tr. (in + crepo), to nus), unworthy, undeserving, rustle, sound, rattle; to chide, unbecoming; undeserved, shameblame, rebuke, assail, inveigh ful, improper. against, upbraid, censure, re- Indo, ère, didi, ditum, tr. (in + prove.

do), to put, set, or place into or Incruentus, a, um, adj. (in + upon; to impart, give, apply.

cruentus), bloodless, without Indoctus, a, um, adj. (in + docbloodshed.

tus), untaught, unlearned, uninInculte, adv. (incultus), rudely, structed, ignorant, unskilful. inelegantly, roughly.

Induciae. See Indutiae. Incultus, ūs, m. (in + cultus), Indūco, ĕre, uxi, ctum, tr. (in +

want of cultivation, care, or cul- duco), to lead, bring, conduct in ture ; neglect.

or into ; to induce, persuade; to Incultus, a, um, adj. (in + cul- exhibit, represent. In animum

tus), uncultivated, untilled; rude, inducere, to resolve, determine.

uncouth, unpolished, unrefined. Industria, ae, f., diligence, indusIncurro, ĕre, curri and cucurri, try, activity.

cursum, intr. (in + curro), to Industrius, a, um, adj. (indusrun into or toward ; to rush at, tria), industrious, active, diliassail, attack.

gent, assiduous. Incurvus, a, um, adj. (in + cur- Indutiae, ārum, pl., a truce,

vus), bent, bowed, crooked, cessation from hostilities, armiscurved.

tice. Inde, adv., thence, from thence, Inedia, ae, f. (in + edo), fasting,

from that, therefrom, from that hunger, want of food. place or time; then, next, there- Iněo, ire, ivi and ii, itum, intr. upon.

(in + eo), to go into, enter; to Indemnātus, a, um, adj. (in + commence, begin, enter upon.

damnatus), uncondemned, un- Inermis, e, and Inermus, a, um, sentenced, untried.

adj. (in + arma), unarmed, deIndex, icis, m. and f. (indico), a fenceless, without weapons.

discoverer, discloser, informer, Iners, tis, adj. (in + ars), without betrayer.

art or skill, unskilful, unskilled; Indicium, i, n. (index), a notice, inactive, idle, indolent, sluggish,

information, discovery, disclos- inert, lazy, spiritless. ure; evidence; token, proof, in- Inertia, ae, f. (iners), unskilfuldication.

ness; inactivity, idleness, indoIndico, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (in + lence, laziness.

dico), to show, discover, disclose, Infectus, a, um, adj. (in + factus,) inform, reveal, betray,

not done, un lone, unmade, un


wrought, unfinished, unperform- | Infra, adv., below, beneath, undered ; impracticable.

neath. Infectus, a, um, part. from Infi- Ingenium, i, n. (in + geno from cio.

gigno), innate or natural quality, Infecundus, a, um, adj. (in + nature; natural disposition, tem

fecundus), unfruitful, unproduc- per, character, bent, inclination ; tive.

natural capacity, talents, parts, Infelix, icis, adj. (in + felix), un- abilities, genius; mind, intellect.

happy, miserable, unfortunate; Ingens, tis, adj., great, large, unfruitful.

Luge, vast, enormous, prodigiInfensus, a, um, adj. (in + fendo), ous, immense; great, strong,

hostile, inimical, enraged, furi- powerful.

ous, dangerous, oppressive. Ingenŭus, a, um, adj. (ingeno= Infěro, ferre, intŭli, illătum, tr. ingigno), native, indigenous, not

(in + fero), to bring or carry foreign ; free-born, born of free into, introduce; to bring upon, parents ; noble, candid, ingenuwage, carry on; to inflict. ' Inferre signa, to advance the Ingěro, ĕre, gessi, gestum, tr. standards, i. e. to move upon (in + gero), to carry or put into; the enemy, attack him.

to throw, cast, hurl or heap Infěrus, a, um, adj., below, be- upon; to present, give.

neath, underneath, underground. Ingrātus, a, um, adj. (in + graInféri, örum, m. pl., the inhab- tus), unpleasant, disagreeable; itants of the lower world, the unthankful, ungrateful, thankinfernal regions, the infernal less. gods; the dead, the shades. Ingredior, i, gressus, dep. (in + Comp. inferior, lower, inferior, gradior), to go into, enter; to later. Super., infimus, and walk, advance, proceed; to enter imus, lowest, last, meanest, upon, engage in, commence, bebasest ; deepest.

gin. Infestus, a, um, adj., molested, Inhonestus, a, um, adj. (int

infested; unsafe, unquiet; hos- honestus), dishonorable, dis. tile, unfriendly, inimical, bitter, graceful, shameful, inglorious, implacable; troublesome, dan- base. gerous.

Inimicitia, ae, f. (inimicus), enInficio, ĕre, fēci, fectum, tr. (int mity, hostility.

facio), to stain, dye, color, tinge. Inimicus, a, um, adj. (in + amīInfidus, a, um, adj. (in + fidus), cus), unfriendly, inimical, hos

unfaithful, faithless, treacherous, tile. Inimicus, i, m., an enemy, false, unsafe.

foe. Infìmus. See Infěrus.

Iniquitas, ātis, f. (iniquus), unInfinitus, a, um, adj. (in + fini- equalness, unevenness, inequali

tus), infinite, boundless, endless, ty; unfavorableness, adversecountless, unlimited.

ness, difficulty, unfairness, injusInfirmitas, ātis, f. (infirmus), tice.

weakness, infirmity, feebleness, Iniquus, a, um, adj. (in + aefrailty.

quus), unequal, uneven, unfair, Infirmus, a, um, adj. (in + fir- unjust; hostile, adverse, unfavor

mus), weak, feeble, infirm, frail, able, disadvantageous; hard, faint-hearted, inconstant.

difficult. Infra, prep. with the accus., below, Initium, i, n. (ineo), a beginning, under, beneath.

commencement, origin. Ini



tio, ablat., in the beginning, at | Insidior, äri, ätus, dep. (insidiae), first.

to lie in wait, lie in ambush, Injuria, ae, f. (injurius), injury, lay snares for, to plot against ;

wrong, injustice; damage, harm; to watch for. insult, affront. Per injuriam, Insigne, is, n. (insignis), a disunjustly. Injuriâ, a8 adv., un- tinctive mark, a badge of office justly, undeservedly.

or honor, a decoration. InsigInjussu, ablat. (in + jussu), with- nia, badges or insignia of office.

out command, without orders, Insolens, tis, adj.(intsolens), unwithout leave.

accustomed to; unusual, haughInjuste, adv. (injustus), unjustly, ty, arrogant, insolent. wrongfully, unfairly.

Insolentia, ae, f. (insolens), unInjustus, a, um, adj. (in + jus- usualness, strangeness, novelty ;

tus), unjust, wrongful, unreason- excess; haughtiness, arrogance, able ; oppressive.

insolence. Innocens, tis, adj. (in + nocens), Insolesco, ère, —, -, intr. incho.

innocent, guiltless, blameless; (in + solesco), to grow haughty harmless, inoffensive ; disinter- or insolent; to become elated. ested, upright.

Insolitus, a, um, adj. (in + soliInnocentia, f. (innoceps), tus), unaccustomed, unusual, un

harmlessness; innocence, blame- wonted, strange, uncommon. lessness; uprightness, disinter- Insomnia, ae, f. (insomnis), sleepestedness.

lessness, want of sleep. Innoxius, a, um, adj. (in +nox- Insons, tis, adj. (in + sons), in

ius), harmless, inoffensive; in- nocent, guiltless, unoffending. nocent, blameless; unharmed, Institŭo, ēre, ui, ūtum, tr. (int

unhurt, uninjured ; safe, secure. statuo), to put, set, or place into; Inopia, ae, f. (inops), want, lack, to purpose, determine, resolve scarcity ; need, indigence.

upon; to begin, commence; to Inops, opis, adj. (in + ops), help- regulate, arrange, institute; to

less, poor, destitute, needy, indi- train up, instruct, educate; to gent.

make, found, erect, fabricate, Inprimis. See Imprimis.

construct; to appoint, establish, Inquam or Inquio, inquis, etc., ordain; to undertake; to introdefect, verb, I say.

duce, devise, contrive. Inquilinus, i, m. (=incolīnus Institutum, i, n. (instituo), a from incólo), an inhabitant of a

purpose, intention, design; an place which is not his own, a arrangement, plan; habit, pracsojourner, tenant, lodger.

tice, custom, manner; a regulaInquilinus, a, um, adj. (incolo), tion, institution, ordinance; inforeign, of foreign birth.

struction, agreement, stipulaInsatiabilis, e, adj. (in + satis), tion. insatiable.

Insto, äre, stiti, -, intr. (in + Inséquor, i, cūtus, dep. (in + sto), to stand in or upon; to be

sequor), to follow, pursue, press at hand or near; to approach, upon ; to strive, endeavor.

impend, threaten; to

press Insidiae, árum, f. pl. (insideo), upon, urge, harass, pursue; to

an ambush, ambuscade; artifice, insist upon, to urge forward, ply craft, snares.

with zeal. Insidiātor, oris, m. (insidior), a Instructus. See Instruo.

lier in wait; a lurker, a way- Instrumentum, i, n. (instruo), an layer.

implement, instrument, utensil,

tool; means, assistance, aid; =to intend. Intendere iter, to furniture, apparatus; dress, ap

direct one's course. parel.

Intentus, a, um, adj. (intendo), Instrŭo, ĕre, uxi, uctum, tr. (in attentive to, fixed upon, intent

+ struo), to construct, erect, upon, waiting for, watchful, on build; to set in order, dispose, the alert, engrossed ; eager, inarrange, draw up in battle array, tent.

Also a participle. marshal; to provide, procure, Inter, prep. with the accus., befurnish, equip; to teach, in- tween, betwixt, in the midst of, struct.

among, amid, in, at, during, Insuesco, ére, ēvi, ētum, intr. within ; in the course of. Procul

(in + suesco), to accustom, ha- or longe inter se, far from each bituate; to accustom one's self; other, far apart. Diversi inter to be accustomed.

se, opposite to one another. Insum, esse, fui, -, irreg. intr. Interdum, adv. (inter + dum),

(in + sum), to be in or upon; to sometimes, now and then, occabelong to.

sionally. Insúper, adv. (in + super), above, Interemptus, a, um. See In

upon; from above; moreover, terimo. besides.

Intěrěo, ire, ii, itum, irreg. intr. Intactus, a, um, adj. (in + tac- (inter + eo), to perish, be de

tus), untouched, uninjured, in- stroyed, go to ruin, die, decay. tact; unattempted.

Interfício, ĕre, fēci, fectum, tr. Intéger, gra, grum, adj., whole, (inter + facio), to kill, slay, de

entire, unbroken, undiminished; stroy, murder; to finish, end. untouched, unhurt, unimpaired, Intérim, adv. (inter + im=eum), uninjured, sound, fresh, vigor- in the mean time, meanwhile, in ous; pure, upright, spotless, the meanwhile. honest, virtuous; undecided, un- Interimo, ěre, ēmi, emptum, tr. determined, open. De intégro, (inter + emo), to take away, do afresh, anew.

away with; to abolish, destroy, Integritas, ātis, f. (intěger), kill, slay. soundness; integrity, upright- Internuntius, i, m. (inter + nun

tius), a mediator, messenger, goIntelligo, ĕre, exi, ectum, tr. between, interposer.

(inter + lego), to perceive, know, Interpello, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. comprehend, understand ; to see, (inter + pello), to interrupt by observe.

speaking; to disturb, molest, Intempestus, a, um, adj. (int hinder, prevent, obstruct; to ac

tempestas), unscasonable. In- cost, address. tempesta nox, the dead of night, Interpöno, ĕre, posui, positum, night, midnight.

tr. "(inter + pono), to put or Intendo, ĕre, di, tum and sum, place between; to interpose, in

tr. (in+tendo), to stretch or termix; to oppose; to apply, spread out, extend; to bend a use; to utter, pronounce.

Inbow, etc. ; to aim at; to direct, terponere fidem, to pledge one's turn, apply, urge on, incite; to word or honor. turn one's attention to, exert Interpres, ētis, m. and f., a broone's self for; to purpose, en- ker, factor; an explainer, exdeavor, intend ; to be on the pounder, translator, interpreter. alert, intent upon. Intendere Interprětor, äri, ātus, dep. (interanimo, to

pose in one's mind pres), to interpret, explain, ex18 Sal.


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