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Lixa, ae, m., a sutler; a camp- light, luminary; an ornament, follower.

honor. Loco, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (locus), Lux, lucis, f., light, daylight.

to place, put, locate, dispose, Luxuria, ae, f. (luxus), luxury, station; to contract for.

excess, profusion, riotous living, Locŭples, ētis, adj. (locus + pleo), extravagance.

rich, wealthy, opulent; well Luxuriöse, adv. (luxuriosus), luxstored, richly supplied.

uriously, voluptuously; wantonLocus, i, m., pl. loci, m., and loca, ly, immoderately, excessively.

n., a place, spot, locality; a topic, Luxuriösus, a, um, adj. (luxuria), matter, subject, point; room, oc- luxurious, excessive, immodecasion, time; a position, con- rate, extravagant, wanton, vodition, situation ; degree, rank. luptuous. Id loci=that place. Id loco- Luxus, ūs, m., excess, extravarum=that time.

Post ea (pos

gance, luxury. Per luxum, in tea) loci = after that, afterwards. luxury, luxuriously. Locütus, a, um, part. from Lo

quor. Longe, adv. (longus), far, far off,

M. at a distance; long; very much,

by far. Longius, farther, too far. M., an abbreviation of Marcus. Longinus, i, m., Lucius Cassius Macedonia, ae, f., Macedonia or

Longinus, confederate with Cat- Macedon. iline.

Macedonicus, a, um, adj. (MaceLongus, a, um, adj., long, lasting, don), pertaining to Macedonia, enduring; distant.

Macedonian. Loquor, i, cūtus, dep., to speak, Machỉna, ae, f., a machine, engine;

say, talk, declare, tell, utter. a military machine, warlike enLubet, Lubens, Lubidinose, Lu- gine. bido. See Libet, etc.

Machinātio, önis, f. (machỉnor), Lucius, i, m., a Roman praenomen. a contrivance, device, artifice; a Luctuosus, a, um, adj. (luctus), machine, engine.

sorrowful, doleful, mournful, sad, Machinātus, a, um, part. from lamentable.

Machinor, with passive signifiLuctus, ūs, m. (lugeo), mourning, cation. sorrow, lamentation.

Machinor, äri, ätus, dep. (maLuculentus, a, um, adj. (lux), china), to contrive, devise, plan,

bright, clear, brilliant, splendid, design, project, plot. excellent.

Maeror, oris, m. (maereo), mournLucullus, i, m., Publius Lucullus, ing, sorrow, grief, lamentation. a tribune of the plebs.

Maestus, a, um, adj. (maereo), Ludibrium, i, n. (ludo), mockery, sad, sorrowful, afflicted, melan

derision, a jest, trick ; a laugh- choly, dejected. ing-stock, butt, sport.

Magis, adv., super. maxime, more, Ludifico, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. and rather. intr., and Ludifícor, äri, ätus, Magistrātus, üs, m. (magistro), dep. (ludus +- facio), to make an office, magistracy; a magissport of, mock, delude, ridicule, trate, public functionary.

deceive; to baffle, frustrate. Magnifice, adv. (magnificus), Ludus, i, m., play, sport, amuse- magnificently, splendidly, nobly, ment; a joke, jest.

grandly, pompously, boastfully, Lumen, inis, n. (luceo), light; a haughtily.

Magnificus, a, um, adj. (magnus ous, injurious, destructive; un

+ facio), magnificent, sumptu- lucky, unfavorable. ous, splendid, noble, boastful, Mamilius, i, m., Caius Mamilius glorying.

Limetanus. Magnitudo, inis, f. (magnus), Mamilius, a, um, adj., Mamilian.

greatness, size, bulk, magnitude, Mamilia lex, introduced by C. number, quantity; rank, dig- Mamilius Limetānus. nity.

Manastă bal. See Mastanăbal. Magnum, adv. (magnus), very, Mancinus, i, in., Manilius Mancigreatly, extensively.

nus, a tribune of the plebs. Magnus, a, um, adj., comp. major, Mancipium, i, n. (manceps), the

super. maximus, great, large, formal purchase of a thing; a

powerful, mighty, excellent. possession, property; a slave. Majestas, ātis, f. (majus), great- Mandātum, i, n. (mando), a com

ness, grandeur, dignity, majesty. mission, order, charge, comMajor. See Magnus.

mand, message. Majores, um, m. pl. (major), Mando, äre, ävi, ätum, tr., to forefathers, ancestors.

commit to one's charge, commisMale, adv., comp. pejus, super. sion, enjoin, order, command; to

pessime (malus), badly, `ill, commend, consign, intrust. wrongly, amiss; disastrously, Maněo, ēre, si, sum, intr., to reunsuccessfully.

main, stay, stop, abide, tarry; Maledico, ĕre, dixi, dictum, tr. to last, endure, continue.

(male + dico), to speak ill of, Manifestus, a, um, adj., manifest, rail at, carp at, revile, abuse, clear, evident, plain, apparent; asperse, slander.

clearly convicted. Maledictum, i, (maledico), Manilius, i, m. See Mancinus.

abusive language, invective, Manipălus, i, m. (manus +pleo),

slander; an imprecation, curse. a handful, a bundle ; a certain Malefactum, i, n. (malefacio), an number of soldiers belonging to evil deed, injury, crime.

the same standard, a company, Maleficium, i, n. (maleficus), an maniple.

evil deed, offence, crime; mis- Manliānus, a, um, adj. (Manlius), chief, hurt, harm, injury.

of or belonging to Manlius, Maleficus, a, um, adj. (malefa- Manlian.

cio), evil-doing, hurtful, noxious, Manlius, i, m., Caius Manlius,

mischievous; wicked, criminal. confederate with Catiline. Malevolentia, ae, f. (malevolens), Manlius, i, m. See Torquatus.

ill-will, malevolence, hatred, en- Manlius, i, m., Aulus Manlius, a vy, malice.

lieutenant under Marius. Malitia, ae, f. (malus), ill-will, Manlius, i, m.. Cnaeus Manlius, a spite, malice, villany.

Roman general defeated by the Malo, malle, malui, - , irreg. Gauls.

tr. (magis + volo), to be more Mansuetudo, inis, f. (mansuetus), willing, choose rather, prefer, gentleness, mildness, clemency; desire more.

tameness. Malum, i, n. (malus), an evil, Manus, ús, f., a hand; art, labor,

mischief, misfortune, calamity; skill; a body of men, a force, hurt, injury, punishment.

band. Manu, by hand; by force, Malus, a, um, adj., comp. pejor, forcibly, violently. Mann

super. pessimus, bad, evil, wick- promptus, prompt in action. ed, corrupt, vicious; mischiev. In manu (manibus) esse, to be in




or near

the sea.

one's power; to be at hand, to ture; ready, timely, seasonabe near; to depend on one.


ble, opportune; early, speedy, manus venire, to come within quick. one's reach, come to close quar- Mauritania and Mauretania, ae, ters. Per manus, by force; from f., a country in the north west of hand to hand.

Africa, now Morocco and Fez. Mapālia, ium, n. pl., huts, cot- Maurus, a, um, adj., Moorish, tages of the Africans.

Mauritanian. Maurus, i, m., Marcius, i, m. See Rex.

a Moor, a Mauritanian. Marcus, i, m., a Roman praeno- Maxime or Maxŭme, adv. (super.

of magis), most, in the highest Mare, is, n., the sea. Mare nos- degree, most of all, above all, trum, our sea, i. e. the Mediter

particularly, especially, in the

first place. Maritimus or Maritămus, a, um, Maxinus and Maxėmus, a, um,

adj. (mare), of or belonging to adj. (super. of magnus), greatest, the sea, maritime, on

very great, largest, highest,

most important. Marius, i, m., Caius Marius, sev- Maximus, i, m., Quintus Fabius

en times consul, the conqueror Maximus, surnamed Cunctātor, of Jugurtha and the Cimbri, and the successful opponent of Hanthe opponent of Sulla in the nibal in the second Punic war. civil war.

Meděor, ēri, -, dep., to cure, Martius, a, um, adj. (Mars), of heal, remedy; to relieve, amend,

or belonging to Mars; martial, correct, restore. warlike.

Mediocris, e, adj. (medius), midMasinissa, ae, m., a king of Nu- dling, moderate, tolerable, ordi

midia, grandfather of Jugurtha. nary, indifferent, mediocre, comMassilia, ae, f., a city in the south

Mediocria gerěre, to enof Gaul, now Marseilles.

gage in moderate enterprises. Massiva, ae, m., a Numidian, the Medium, i, n. (medius), the midgrandson of Masinissa.

dle, midst.

In medio relinquere Massugrăda, ae, m., a Numidian, =to leave undecided, undeterson of Masinissa by a

mined. bine.

Medius, a, um, adj., mid, middle, Mastanăbal, ălis, m., a Numidian, middle of, in the middle, between, father of Jugurtha.

intervening; common to all; Mater, tris, f., a mother.

moderate; neutral. Materia, ae, and Materies, ei, f., Mediusfidius. See Dius and Fi

(mater), stuff, material; wood, dius.

timber; a cause, occasion, origin. Medus, a, um, adj., Median, of Maternus, a, um, adj. (mater), of Media. Medus, i, m., a Mede.

a mother, maternal, motherly. Mehercèle, adv., by Hercules. See Matūre, adv. (maturus), in time, note on line 31, p. 73.

seasonably, opportunely; early, Melior, oris, adj. (comp. of bonus), quickly, soon, hastily.

better, superior, more excellent, Matūro, are, ävi, ätum, tr. and preferable.

intr. (maturus), to ripen, ma- Melius, adv. (comp. of bene), ture; to accelerate, hasten, better. quicken, expedite, dispatch ; to Memini, defect. verb. I rememanticipate.

ber, bear in mind, recollect, call, Matūrus, a, um, adj., ripe, ma- to mind; I mention.



Memmius, i, m., Caius Memmius, served, due, just, right. Also, a a tribune of the plebs.

participle. Memor, õris, adj. (memini), mind- Metellus, i, m., Quintus Caecilius

ful, remembering, unforget- Metellus, surnamed Numidicus, ting.

a Roman general.
Memorabilis, e, adj. (memoro), Metellus, i, m. See Celer and

worthy of memory; worthy to be Creticus.
mentioned, memorable, remark- / Motior, iri, mensus, dep., to mea-

sure, mete; to traverse; to estiMemoria, ae, f. (memor), memory, mate, judge, consider.

recollection, remembrance; an Metor, äri, ätus, dep. (meta), to historical account, narration, measure, lay out; to traverse. narrative.

Metari castra, to mark out, meaMemoro, åre, āvi, ätum, tr. sure off an encampment.

(memor), to mention, make men- Metŭo, ĕre, ui, útum, tr. and intr,

tion, recount, relate, say, tell. (metus), to fear, be afraid, apMens, tis, f., the mind, heart, soul; prehend, dread.

the understanding, intellect, rea- Metus, ūs, m., fear, dread, appre-
son, judgment; thought, opin- hension, anxiety; a terror.
ion, purpose, intention; dispo- Měus, a, um, poss. adj. pron. (mei),
sition, feelings.

my, my own; of me, mine. Mensis, is, m., a month.

Micipsa, ae, m., a king of NuMentior, iri, itus, dep., to lie, midia.

speak falsely, assert falsely; to Miles, îtis, m. and f., a soldier. deceive; to feign, pretend, coun- Milites scriběre, to levy or enlist terfeit, imitate.

soldiers. Mercator, oris, m. (mercor), a Militāris, e, adj. (miles), military, merchant, trader; a buyer.

warlike, martial; of or belongMerces, ēdis, f. (mereo), hire, ing to soldiers or war. Res mil

wages, pay, reward, recompense; itaris, the art of war; military
a price; a bribe. Manuum mer- affairs. Militaria, military du-
ces=the wages of manual la- ties, exercises.

Militia, ae, f. (miles), military
Mercor, äri, ätus, dep. (merx), service, warfare, war. Militiae

to buy, purchase; to trade, traf- (genit.), in war, abroad. fic.

Milito, āre, ävi, ätum, intr. Merens, tis, adj. (mereo), worthy (miles), to serve as a soldier, be of, deserving

a soldier, perform military serMereo, ēre, ui, itum, tr. and vice.

intr., and Mereor, ēri, itus, dep., Mille, indec. num. adj., a thousand. to deserve, merit, earn, gain, ac- Also a noun. Plural, milia, ium, quire.

ibus, etc. Meridies, ēi, m. (medius + dies), Minae, árum, f. pl., threats, men

midday, noon; the south. Merito, adv. (meritus), deservedly, Minime or Minŭme, adv. (super. justly, with reason.

of parum), least, least of all, Meritum, i, n. (merịtus), merit, not at all, by no means.

desert; reward ; a kindness, Minimus or Minimus, a, um, favor. Ex merito, on account of adj. (super. of parvus), the least, merit.

least of all, the smallest; very Meritus, a, um, adj. (mereo), small, very little. Minimus natu deserving, deserving well; de

=the youngest.

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Minister, tri, m., an attendant, | Miseritus and Misertus, a, um,

waiter, servant; a helper, assist- part. from misereor. ant, under-official; an aider, Misěror, āri, ātus, dep. (miser), abettor, supporter, promoter, ac- to lament, bewail, deplore; to complice.

pity, compassionate. Minitor, äri, ätus, dep. freq. (mi- Missio, onis, f. (mitto), a sending nor), to threaten, menace.

away; a discharge, dismissal, Minor, oris, adj. (comp. of par- dismission, release.

vus), less, smaller, inferior, less Missito, äre, ävi, ātum, tr. freq. important.

(mitto), to send repeatedly, keep Minor, āri, ātus, dep. (minae), to sending. threaten, menace.

Missus, a, um, part. from Mitto. Minucius, i, m. See Rufus. Mithridaticus, a, um, adj. (MithMinho, Öre, ui, itum, tr. . (minus), ridātes), pertaining to Mithri

to make smaller, lessen, make dātes, Mithridatic. less, diminish, impair; to cease, Mitto, ére, misi, missum, tr., to abate.

send, dispatch, to lay aside; to Minus, adv. (comp. of parum), dismiss, let go; to throw, cast,

less; not. Si minus = if not. hurl, discharge; to omit, pass Mirabilis, e, adj., wonderful, mar

vellous, admirable, strange, sin- Mixtus, a, um, part. from Misceo. gular.

Mobilis, e, adj. (moveo), movable, Miror, åri, ātus, dep., to wonder loose; pliable, flexible, excitable;

at, be astonished or amazed at; quick, nimble; changeable, into admire.

constant, fickle, variable. Mirus, a, um, adj., wonderful, Mobilitas, ātis, f. (mobilis), mov

strange, marvellous, astonish- ableness, mobility; changeableing.

ness, inconstancy, fickleness. Miscěo, ère, miscui, mistum and Moderātus, a, um, part, and adj.

mixtum, tr., to mix, mingle, in- (moděro), moderated; moderate, termingle, blend, unite; to con- temperate, well-regulated.

fuse, disturb, confound, embroil. Moděror, āri, ātus, dep. (modus), Miser, ěra, ěrum, adj., wretched, to moderate, mitigate, restrain,

miserable, unfortunate, pitiable, govern, regulate, manage, direct. lamentable,

Modeste, adv. (modestus), with Miserabilis, e, adj. (miseror), pit- moderation, moderately; mod

iable, miserable, deplorable, lam- estly. entable, wretched, sad.

Modestia, ae, f. (modestus), modMiserandus, a, um, part. and adj., erateness, moderation, modesty,

from Miseror, pitiable, deplor- discretion, sobriety. able, lamentable.

Modestus, a, um, adj. (modus), Miserěor, ēri, ertus and eritus, moderate, modest, dispassionate,

dep. (iniser), to feel pity; to pity, discreet, sober, calm. compassionate, commiserate. Modịce, adv. ( modicus), with modMiseria, ae, f. (miser), misery, eration, moderately, modestly,

wretchedness, misfortune, afflic- calmly. tion, distress, trouble.

Modịcus, a, um, adj. (modus), Misericordia, ae, f. (misericors), moderate, temperate, modest; pity, compassion, mercy.

middling, ordinary. Misericors, dis, adj. (misereo + Modo, adv. (modus), only, but; if

cors), merciful, compassionate, only, provided that; just now, pitiful.

now, lately, but this moment. Mo

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