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Possiděo, öre, ēdi, essum, tr. (po capable, efficacious, having pow

+ sedeo), to have, hold, to own, er; powerful, influential. to possess; to have possession Potentia, ae, f. (potens), power, of, to occupy.

force, efficacy; authority, influPossīdo, ĕre, edi, essum, tr. (po ence, political power.

+ sido), to take possession of, Potestas, ātis, f. (possum), ability,

possess one's self of, to occupy. power, force, efficacy; political Possum, posso, potui, – irreg. power, rule, authority, magistra

intr. (potis +sum), to be able, cy; opportunity, permission, to have power or ability. Potest liberty. =it is possible. Plus (amplius) Potior, iri, Itus, dep. (potis), to posse, to be more powerful. Plu- become master of, take possesrimum posse, to be most powerful. sion of; to get, acquire, obtain,

Minus posse, to be less powerful. possess, occupy. Post, adv., after, afterwards; be- Potior, us, gen. öris, adj. (comp. hind, backward.

of potis), better, preferable, more Post, prep. with the accus., after, excellent or desirable.

since, behind, in the rear of, Potis, indecl. adj., able, capable, next in order to.

possible. Postěa, adv. (post + is), after- Potissimum or Potissimum, adv.

ward, after that, thereafter, here- (potis), chiefly, principally, esafter, subsequently.

pecially, above all, most of all. Posteaquam or Postea quam, Potissimus or Potissămus, a, um,

adv. (postea + quam), after, af- adj. (super. of potis), the chief, ter that.

principal, most important, most Posterior, us, gen. bris, adj. of all, first of all.

(comp. of Postěrus), that comes Potiundus, a, um, part. from

after, posterior, later, too late. Potior. Postěrus, a, um, adj. (post), comp. Potius, adv., comp. deg. (potior),

Posterior, super. postrēmus or rather, preferably, more. postèmus, coming after, next, Poto, äre, ävi, ätum and potum, following, ensuing. Postěri, tr. and intr., to drink; to tope, örum, m. pl., coming genera- tipple, be drunken.

tions, descendants, posterity. Prae, prep., with the ablat., before, Postquam or post quam, adv. for, on account of, by reason of,

(post +.quam), after, after that, in comparison with. when, as soon as.

Praeacủo, ĕre, ui, ätum, tr. (prae Postrēmo, adv. (properly ablat., sc. + acuo), to sharpen before or at

tempore), lastly, finally, at last; the end, to sharpen to a point.

in fine, in short, in a word. Praeacütus, a, um, part. and adj. Postrēmus, a, um, adj. (super. of (praeacủo), sharpened before or

postěrus), last, the last, hinder- at the end, pointed, sharp-pointmost, rear. Postrema acies, the ed.

In postremo (postremis), Praealtus, a, um, adj. (prae+ in (at) the rear.

altus), very high, lofty or deep. Postulātum, i, n. (postŭlo), a de- Praeběo, ēre, ui, itum, tr. (prae mand, a request.

+ habeo), to give, afford, furPostŭlo, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (pos- nish, provide, offer, proffer, sup

co), to demand, ask, request, re- ply; to cause, occasion. quire, desire; to arraign, accuse, Praeceps, ipitis, adj. (prae + prosecute.

caput), headforemost, headlong, Potens, tis, adj. (possum), able, hasty, precipitate; steep, pre


cipitous; hasty, rash, inconsid- + dico, ēre), to say or mention erate; dangerous, hazardous, beforehand, to premise; to forecritical. Praeceps dari, to be tell, predict; to appoint, fix, give carried headlong.

notice of; to advise, warn, adPraeceptum, i, n. (praecipio), an monish, charge, enjoin,command.

order, direction, command, in- Praeditus, a, um, adj. (prae + struction, precept; a maxim, datus), endowed or provided rule.

with, possessed of, endued with. Praeceptus, a, um, part. from Praedocèo, õre, oui, ctum, tr. Praecipio.

(prae + doceo), to teach, instruct, Praecido, ĕre, cidi, cisum, tr. or inform beforehand.

(prae + caedo), to cut off, to cut Praedor, ári, ātus, dep. (praeda), short, abridge, shorten; to to rob, plunder, pillage, spoil, break off, finish abruptly.

ravage. Praecipio, ĕre, cēpi, ceptum, tr. Praefectus, a, um, part. from

(prae + capio), to take or seize Praeficio. beforehand, get the start; to re- Praefectus, i, m. (praeficio), a ceive in advance; to anticipate; superintendent, overseer; a preto advise, admonish, warn, in- fect, a commander; a commander form, instruct, teach; to order, of the cavalry of the Roman alenjoin, command.

lies ; a governor, prefect. Praecipito, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. Praefěro, ferre, tăli, lātum, tr.

(praeceps), to precipitate,plunge, (prae + fero), to carry before, cast down headlong; to hurry, past or by; to prefer, choose hasten. Se praecipitare, to rush rather; to display, exbibit, exheadlong to ruin.

pose. Praecisus, a, um, part. and adj. Praeficio, ĕre, fēci, fectum, tr.

(praecido), cut off, broken ; (prae + facio), to set over, apsteep, abrupt, precipitous.

point to the command of; to apPraeclārus, a, um, adj. (prae+ point.

clarus), very clear, very bright; Praegredior, ědi, gressus, dep. splendid, noble, beautiful, dis- (prae + gradior), to go before, tinguished, excellent, celebrated, to precede ; to pass by, go past. illustrious.

Praemitto, ĕre, misi, missum, tr. Praeda, ae, f., prey, booty, spoil, (prae + mitto), to send before or

plunder, pillage; gain, profit. forward. Bellăcae praedae, the spoils of Praemium, i, n., profit, advan

tage; reward, recompense; prePraedabundus, a, um, adj. (prae- rogative, distinction.

dor), ravaging, pillaging, plun- Praepědio, ire, ivi, itum, tr. dering.

(prae + pes), to shackle, bind, Praedātor, oris, m. (praedor), a fetter, impede, hinder, obstruct. plunderer, pillager.

Praepostěrus, a, um, adj. (prae Praedatorius, a, um, adj. (prae- +postěrus), reversed, inverted,

dātor), predatory, plundering, perverted, distorted, absurd, prerapacious.

posterous. Praedico, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. Praerumpo, ĕre, rūpi, ruptum,

(+ dico, āre), to make known, to tr. (prae + rumpo), to break off publish, proclaim; to tell, relate, before or in front. declare; to praise, commend, Praoruptus, a, um, part, and adj. laud, extol, vaunt.

(praerumpo), broken, torn off; Praedico, ère, xi, ctum, tr. (prae steep, abrupt, rugged.



Praesens, tis, adj. (prae + ens), Praetergrădior, ědi, gressus, present, at hand, in


dep. (praeter +gradior), to go mediate, instant, ready, direct; past, by or beyond, to pass by; collected, resolute.

In praesens, to surpass. at present, for the present. Praetor, öris, m. (praeeo), a praePresentia, ae, f. (praesens), pres- tor, a Roman judicial officer,

charged with the administration Praesertim, adv., especially, par- of justice. Pro praetore, as proticularly.

praetor, as acting commanderPraesiděo, ére, ēdi, essum, intr. in-chief.

(prae + sedeo), to guard, pro- Praetorium, i, n. (praetorius), the tect, defend; to preside over, praetorium, the general's tent;

superintend, direct, command. à council of war (held in the Praesidium, i, n. (praesideo), a general's tent).

defence, protection, safeguard, Praetorius, a, um, adj. (praetor), security, help, aid, assistance; a of or belonging to the praetor, guard, garrison, escort.

praetorian. Cohors praetoria, Praestabilis, e, adj. (praesto), ex- the praetorian cohort, or gen

cellent, distinguished, noble, eral's body-guard. pre-eminent.

Praetüra, ae, f. (praetor), the Praesto, adv., at band, ready, praetorship, the dignity or office

present. Praesto esse, to be at of praetor:

hand, to attend on, serve, aid. Praevěnio, ire, vēni, ventum, tr. Praesto, äre, îti, itum and ātum, (prae + venio), to come before,

tr. and intr. (prae + sto), to get the start of; to outstrip, an. stand before; to be superior, ticipate, prevent. distinguish one's self; to sur- Pravitas, atis, f. (pravus), crookpass, outstrip, exceed, excel; to edness, deformity; perverseness, warrant, vouch, or answer for; depravity, wickedness, viciousto discharge, perform, execute; to show, exhibit; to give, offer, Pravus, a, um, adj., crooked, disfurnish. Praestat, impers., it is torted, misshapen, deformed; better.

perverse, vicious, depraved, Praesum, esse, fui,

irreg. intr.

wicked, improper, wrong, bad. (prae + sum), to be set over, to Premo, ěre, pressi, pressum, tr., preside or rule over, to have the to press, press upon, weigh

charge of, superintend, direct. down, oppress, overwhelm; to Praeter, prep. with the accus., be- press hard upon, pursue close

fore, along, by, past; near; over, ly; to hold, grasp ; to repress, beyond, above, more than, be- hide, conceal. sides, except; against, contrary Pretium, i, n., price, worth, value; to.

money, money's worth; pay, Praeter, adv., past, by, beyond; wages, reward, hire.

Operae before, above, more than; ex- pretium est,. it is worth while. cept, unless, save.

Prex, precis, f., a prayer, enPraeterša, adv. (praeter + is), be- treaty, request; a curse, impre

sides, moreover, elsewhere; here- cation. after, thereafter.

Pridem, adv., long since, long ago. Praeterèo, ire, ivi and ii, itum, Primo, adv. (primus), at first, in

intr. (praeter + eo), to go by or the first place. past, to pass by'; to leave out, Primum, adv. (primus), first, in omit, not to mention, pass over. the first place, for the first time.


Quam primum, as soon as possi- account of, by reason of, in conble.

Cum (quum) primum or ubi sideration of; in place of, inprimum, when first, as soon as. stead of; as, as if ; in behalf of, Primus, a, um, adj. (super. of in favor of; in comparison with.

prior), first, the first, the fore- Pro or Proh! inter., 0! ah ! alas ! most. In primis (=imprīmis), Probitas, ātis, f. (probus), probabove all, especially, particu- ity, goodness, worth, upright

larly; also, lit., among the first. ness, honesty. Princeps, ipis, adj. (primus + ca- Probo, āre, āvi, ätum, tr. (pro

pio), first, the first, in front, in bus), to try, test, examine; to advance, foremost; most emi.

approve, express approbation; nent, most noble. As a noun, a to make acceptable, recommend; chief, head, leader, author, di- to show, prove, demonstrate. rector, promoter, adviser, prin. Probrum, i, n., a shameful, discipal. Princeps senatus, the first graceful act; unchastity, lewdof the senate (on the censor's list). ness, adultery; shame, reproach, Principes, um, m. pl., the second dishonor, disgrace, infamy. line of soldiers, between the has- | Probus, a, um, adj., good, uptati and the triarii.

right, worthy, virtuous, chaste, Principium, i, n. (princeps), a be- modest, honorable, excellent.

ginning, commencement. Prin- Procax, ācis, adj. (proco), bold, cipia, örum, n., first princi- shameless, impudent, insolent, ples, elements; also, the fore- forward, pert, wanton. most ranks, the front line of sol- Procédo, ĕre, cessi, cessum, intr. diers, the front, the van.

(pro + cedo), to proceed, go forPrior, us, gen. õris, (super. pri- ward, advance; to pass, elapse;

mus), former, previous, prior, to happen, turn out, result, sucfirst; superior.

ceed, prosper; to benefit, be Pristinus, a, um, adj., pristine, serviceable to.

former, early, primitive. Proconsul, is, m. (pro + consul), Prius, adv. (prior), before, sooner, a proconsul, one who at the close

before that, rather; first, pre- of his consulship in Rome beviously.

came governor of a province, Priusquam, or, more correctly, or military commander under a

Prius quam, adv., before, before governor.

that, sooner than, rather than. Procul, adv., far, far off, aloof, at Privātim, adv. (privātus), pri- a distance; from afar.

vately, in private, in a private Procuratio, onis, f. (procūro), a capacity, as an individual.

charge, superintendence, admin• Privātus, a, um, adj. (privo), pri- istration, management, care. vate, individual, particular, one's Prodigium, i, n., a prodigy, por

As a noun, a private per- tent, omen, token. son, one who is not in any public Proditio, onis, f. (prodo), a disoffice.

covery, betrayal, treason, treachPrivignus, i, m., a step-son.

ery. Privo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (privus), Prodo, ĕre, didi, ditum, tr. (pro

to deprive, bereave; to free, re- + do), to give or bring forth; to lease, deliver.

publish, proclaim, make known, Pro, prep. with the ablat., before, report; to disclose, discover, be

in front of, in presence of, in, on; tray; to surrender, abandon, deaccording to, in proportion to, sert. Prodere fidem, to betray considering, befitting; for, on confidence, break one's word.


Prodüco, ĕre, xi, ctum, tr. (pro | Profūse, adv. (profūsus), profuse

+ duco), to bring forth, lead ly, lavishly, extravagantly, imout, to bring before; to draw moderately, excessively. out, extend; to prolong, pro- Profüsus, a, um, part. and adj. tract.

(profundo), profuse, lavish, exProelior, äri, ätus, dep. (proe- travagant, immoderate, exceslium), to join battle, engage,

sive. fight, contend, combat.

Profutūrus, a, um, part. from Proelium, i, n., a fight, battle, en- Prosum.

gagement, combat, contest. Progenies, ēi, f. (progigno), deProfānus, a, um, adj. (pro + scent, lineage; progeny, off

fanum), profane, not sacred, un- spring, descendants. holy, common.

Prohiběo, ēre, ui, itum, tr. (pro Profectio, onis, f. (proficiscor), a + habeo), to hold back, restrain, setting out, departure.

hinder, prevent, debar, ward off; Profecto, adv. (pro + factus), cer- to forbid, prohibit; to preserve,

tainly, surely, indeed, actually, defend, protect. really, truly.

Proinde, conj. and adv. (pro + Profectus, a, um, part. from Pro- inde), just so, in the same manficiscor.


in like manner, equally, Profěro, ferre, túli, lātum, tr. just, even; hence, therefore,

(pro + fero), to carry or bring then. Proinde quasi, just as if. out; to publish, make known, Projicio, ére, jēci, jectum, tr. produce, reveal, discover; to (pro+jacio), to throw forth lengthen out, prolong; to put away; to drive out, expel, banoff, defer, postpone.

ish; to yield, renounce, reject. Proficiscor, i, profectus, dep. (pro Prolāto, āre, āvi, ātum, tr. (pro

+ facio), to set out, depart; to fěro), to lengthen, extend; to go, proceed; to arise, spring, prolong, delay, defer, put off, originate.

postpone. Profitěor, ēri, fessus, dep. (pro + Promiscŭe, adv. (promiscũus),

fateor), to declare openly, pro- promiscuously, indiscriminately, fess, own, acknowledge, avow; indifferently, without distincto declare one's self a candidate.

tion. Profligo, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (pro Promisoŭus, a, um, adj. (pro +

+ fligo), to dash to the ground, misceo), promiscuous, indiscrimcast down; to overthrow, over- inate, in common, without discome, conquer, rout, defeat; to tinction. ruin, destroy.

Promissum, i, n. (promitto), a Profúgio, ěre, fügi, fugitum, intr. promise, proposal, proposition.

(pro +fugio), to flee, fly, run | Promitto, ère, misi, missum, tr. away, escape.

(pro + mitto), to promise, enProfŭgus, a, um, adj. (profugio), gage.

fleeing, fugitive, roving, wander- Promptus, ūs, m. (promo), an exing; banished, exiled.

posing to view, visibility; readiProfundo, ěre, füdi, füsum, tr.

In promptu, in readiness, (pro + fundo), to pour out; to at hand; present, easy, evilavish, squander, waste, con- dent.

sume; to expend, exert, employ. Promptus, a, um, adj. (promo), Profundus, a, um, adj. (prot visible, evident, manifest; ready,

fundus), deep, profound; bound- prepared, quick, prompt; brave, less, irsatiable.

courageous; easy, practicable.


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