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Promulgo, āre, ävi, ätum, tr., to sent, report, say; to purpose,

make known, proclaim, publish, design. promulgate.

Propraetor, öris, m. (pro + praePronus, a, um, adj., inclined, bent, tor), a propraetor, an officer

or leaning forward, stooping, who, after the administration of bending down, prone; easy, the praetorship, was sent as govpracticable.

ernor to a province; one investPrope, adv. (comp. propius, super.

ed with the authority of a praeproxime), near, nigh, close by ; nearly, almost.

Propter, prep. with the accus. (proPrope, prep. with the accus., near, pe), near, close to; for, on ac

near by, hard by; towards, count of, by reason of, through; about.

for the sake of. Propter, udv. Propediem, adv. (prope + dies), (prope), near.

at an early day, in a short time, Propůli." See Propello. very soon, shortly.

Propulso, áre, ävi, ätum, tr. freq. Propello, ĕre, půli, pulsum, tr. (propello), to drive back, repel,

(pro + pello), to drive or urge repulse; to ward off, avert. forward, to drive forth, to pro- Prorịpio, ĕre, ripui, reptum, tr. pel; to drive away, repel, re- (pro + rapio), to drag forth, pulse, ward off.

snatch away. Se proripere, to Propěrans, tis, part. and adj. from rush out, to hasten or hurry forth.

Propěro, hastening, hasty, rap- Frorsus, adv. (for proversus, pro id, speedy, quick.

+versus), by all means, exactly, Properanter, adv. (propěro), has- precisely, utterly, entirely; in a tily, speedily, quickly.

word, in short. Properantia, ae, f. (propěro), a Prosapia, ae, f., a stock, race, famhastening, haste.

ily, lineage, pedigree. Propěre, adv. (propěrus), hastily, Proscribo, ĕre, psi, ptum, tr. (pro in haste, speedily, quickly.

+ scribo), to publish anything Propěro, āro, ävi, ätum, tr. and by writing, to post up, advertise;

intr. (propěrus), to make haste, to proscribe, outlaw; to conhasten, quicken, accelerate;

fiscate. to prepare, make, or do in Proscriptio, onis, f. (proscrībo), haste.

à making known publicly by Propinquus, a, um, adj. (prope), writing; a written public notice

near, neighboring ; kindred, re- of sale, an advertisement; prolated. Propinquus, i, m., a re- scription, outlawry, confiscation.

lation, relative, kinsman. Prospecto, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. Propior, us, gen. oris, adj. (pro- freq. (prospicio), to look forth,

pe), super. proximus or prox- look out; to look at, view; to ůmus, nearer, nigher, closer; look around, about; to look formore nearly related ; later, more ward to, to hope, await. recent; more nearly resembling, Prospectus, üs, m. (prospicio), a more like.

look-out, distant view, prospect, Propius, adv. (comp. of prope), sight.

more nearly, nearer, closer. Prosper and Prospěrus, a, um, Propono, ère, posui, positum, tr. adj., favorable, fortunate, pros

(pro + pono), to put forth, ex- perous, lucky. pose to view; to propose, offer, Prospěre, adv. (prospěrus), favorpresent, display; to show, pub- ably, luckily, fortunately, prosIish, declare, point out, repre- perously.

men. .

Prosum, desse, fui,

-, irreg. intr.

in public; in behalf, at the ex(pro + sum), to do good, be use- pense, in the name, or by order ful or serviceable; to benefit, of the state ; generally, univer

profit; to avai), be profitable. sally. Prověnio, ire, vēni, ventum, intr. Publico, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (pub

(pro + venio), to come forth, ap- licus), to confiscate; to make pear, spring up, arise, originate; public or common. to happen, occur; to thrive, Publicus, a, um, adj. (popŭlus), prosper, succeed.

public, common, of or belonging Providens, tis, part. and adj. (pro- to the state; general.

video), provident, foreseeing, Publius, i, m., a Roman praeno

prudent. Providenter, adv. (provĩdens), Pudet, uit, puditum est, impers.,

providently, with foresight, pru- to be ashamed. Me pudet=I dently.

am ashamed. Providentia, ae, f. (provîdeo), Pudicitia, ae, f. (pudicus), mod

foresight, forethought, forecast, esty, chastity, virtue. prudence, precaution, provi- Pudor, oris, m. (pudeo), shame, dence.

a sense of shame, modesty; deProviděo, ére, vidi, visum, tr. cency, propriety:

and intr. (pro + video), to look Puer, ěri, m., a boy, a child; a forward, foresee; to provide, servant, slave. take care, guard against; to pre- Pueritia, ae, f. (puer), boyhood, pare, to see to, look after; to childhood. perceive, discern.

Pugna, ae, f. (pugno), a battle, Provincia, ae, f. (provinco), a fight, engagement, combat.

province; charge, office, duty. Pugno, äre, ävi, ätum, intr. (pugProxime or Proxėme, adv. (prox- nus, the fist), to fight, contend,

imus), nearest, next, next to. combat, engage. Pugnatur, the See Prope.

battle is fought, they fight. Proximus or Proxŭmus, a, um, Pulcher (or Pulcer), chra, chrum,

adj. (super. of propior), very adj., beautiful, fair, handsome, near, nearest, next, last; nearly excellent, noble, glorious. related, very intimate. A8 a Pulsus, a, um, part. from Pello. noun, one's nearest relative, in- Pulvinus, i, m., a cushion, pillow, timate friend.

bolster. Prudens, tis, adj. (contracted from Pulvis, ėris, m., dust, powder.

provždens), prudent, foreseeing, Punicus, a, um, adj., Punic, Carwise, discreet; sagacious, judi- thaginian. Punica fides, Punic cious, sensible; skilful, expe- faith, i. e. bad faith, perfidy. rienced, versed.

Puto, äre, ävi, ätum, tr., to trim, Prudenter, adv. (prudens), pru- prune, lop; to reckon, count,

dently, sagaciously, wisely, dis- value, estimate ; to think, poncreetly, skilfully.

der, consider, reflect upon; to Psallo, ĕre, -, -, to play on a judge, believe, imagine, sup

stringed instrument; to sing and pose.

play; to sing to the cithăra. Pubes and Puber, ěris, adj., grown

up, of ripe age, adult. Puběres, um, m., grown - up persons, adults.

Q., an abbreviation of the praenoPublice, adv. (publicus), publicly, men Quintus.

20 Sal.




Qua, adv. (properly ablat. from saepissime, as often as possi

qui, sc. via or parte), where, ble. wherever, in what way, in which Quamobrem, conj. (quis + obt place; whence.

res), why, wherefore, therefore, Quacumque or Quacunque, adv. for which reason.

(quâcumque, sc. via or parte), Quamplures, a, or Quam plures, wherever, wheresoever, whence- adj. pl., very many, very much.


properly Quadraginta, indecl. num. adj. Quam primum, as soon as pos(quattuor), forty.

sible. Quadrātus, a, um, part. and adj. Quamquam, conj., although,

(quadro), squared, square, quad- though, however. rate. Quadrātum agmen, an Quamvis, adv. and conj. (quam + army advancing in regular or- vis, from volo), as much as you der of battle, the whole body will, very much, exceedingly, forming a parallelogram, with

so, however; although, the baggage in the centre.

though. Quaero, ěre, sivi, situm, tr., to Quando, adv. and conj., when, seek, look for; to get, earn,

since. procure, acquire, obtain; to ex- Quantum, adv. (quantus), how amine into, inquire into judi- much, as much, so much, as cially, to institute an investiga- much as. tion, to investigate; to ask, de- Quantus, a, um, adj., how great, mand, inquire, require.

how much, so ich; after tanQuaesitor, õris, m. (quaero), a tus, as. Quanti, at what price,

seeker, searcher, investigator, at how much. Quanto - tanto, examiner.

by how much — by so much Quaeso, ĕre, ivi or ii, –, (old the - the.

form for quaero), to beg, pray, Quapropter, conj. (qui + propter), beseech, entreat.

why, wherefore; wherefore, on Quaestio, onis, f. (quaero), a seek- which account, therefore.

ing; an inquiry, investigation, Quāre, conj. (qui +res), whereexamination; a question; a fore, for which reason; why. trial, prosecution. Quaestionem Quartus, a, um, num. adj. (quatexercere, to conduct a trial.

tuor), the fourth. Quaestor, oris, m. (quaero), a Quasi, conj., as, as if, as it were, quaestor, a Roman magistrate just as if, like.

With numerals, whose duties corresponded very about, nearly, almost.

Quasi nearly to those of a modern

vero, as if indeed. paymaster and quartermaster. Quatridňum, i, n. (quattuor + Quaestor pro praetore, a quaes- + dies), the space of four days, tor with praetorian power.

four days. Quaestus, üs, m. (quaero), gain, Quattăor or Quatăor, indecl. num.

acquisition, profit, advantage, adj., four. a business, occupation, employ- Que, enclitic conj., and, also; que ment.

et, et

que, both - and. Qualis, e, adj., of what kind or Queo, ire, ivi, itum, irreg. intr.,

sort, what, what kind of a; of to be able; I, thou, etc., can. such a sort as, such as.

Queror, i, questus, dep., to comQuam, adv. and conj., how, how plain, lament, bewail.

much, as, as much; than, as. Qui, quae, quod, rel. and adj. Tam quam,


pron., who, which, what. Quo

SO as.



in war.

eo, in what degree in that means, indeed, in fact; for, bedegree =the -- the.

cause, since, inasmuch as, as. Qui, adv. (old ablat. from qui), Quippe qui, because he, since he, how, in what way, why.

inasmuch as he. Quia, conj., because.

Quirites, ium, m. pl., Romans. Quicumque, quaecumque, quod- See note on line 24, page 34.

cumque, rel. pron. (qui + cum- Quis, quae, quid, interrog. and que), whoever, whatever, who- indef. pron., who ? which? what? soever, whatsoever; every one one, any one. Quid, accus. of

who, everything that, all that. specification, why? wherefore ? Quidam, quaedam, quoddam or Quisnam or Quinam, quaenam,

quiddam, indef. pron. (qui + quodnam or quidnam, interrog. dam), a certain one, some one, pron. (quis + nam), who? which? In the plural, some.

what? The nam has the force Quidem, adv., indeed, truly, cer- of "pray." tainly, at least. Ne quidem, not Quispiam, quaepiam, quodpiam,

quidpiam or quippiam, indef. Quios, ētis, f., rest, repose, ease, pron., any one, some one. quiet, peace.

Quisquam, quaequam, quidQuiesco, ĕre, ēvi, ētum, intr. quam.or quicquam, indef. pron.

(quies), to rest, repose, keep (quis + quam), any, any one, quiet.

anybody, some one, something, Quiētus, a, um, adj. (quiesco), at anything.

rest, quiet, calm, tranquil; Quisque, quaeque, quodque, peaceful, neutral, taking no part quidque or quicque, indef. pron.

(quis + que), every one, every Quilïbet, quaelibet, quodlibet or man, everybody, each, every,

quidlibet, indef. pron. (qui + everything. Optimus quisque = libet), any one you please, any all the good, all the best.

one, no matter who, any, all. Quisquis, quaequae, quodquod, Quin, conj. (qui + ne, non), that quidquid quicquid, indef. rel.

not, but that, but, indeed, really ; pron. (quis + quis), whoever, with the indicative, why not? whosoever, whatever, whatsoQuin ergo, why not then. Quin ever; any one who. Quoquo etiam (quinetiam), moreover, be- modo, in whatever manner. sides.

Quivi. See Queo. Quindécim, indecl. num. adj. Quivis, quaevis, quodvis or quid

(quinque + decem), fifteen. vis, indef. pron. (qui + vis Quinetiam or Quin etiam, conj., from volo), any one you please, moreover, besides,

whoever, any

one, anything, Quinquaginta, indecl. num. adj. anything whatever. (quinque), fifty.

Quo, adv. (properly ablat. from Quinque, indecl. num. adj., five. qui), whither, where. Quinquennium, i, n. (quinquen- Quo, conj. (properly ablat. from

nis), the space of five years, five qui), wherefore, whence, why, on years.

which account, for which reason; Quintus, a, um, num. adj. (quin- because; that, to the end that, in que), the fifth.

order that, by which, that by Quintus, i, m., a Roman praeno- this (=ut eo, especially after

comparatives.) Quippe, adv. and conj., surely, Quoad, conj. (quo + ad), as long certainly, to be sure, by all

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as, till, until.


Quocumque, adv. (quo+cumque), account, calculation; an affair,

wherever, whithersoever, to business, transaction, matter; whatever place.

relation, reference, respect; a Quod, conj. (qui), because, that, in regard, consideration, care, re

that, as, since; in regard to; spect; course, mode, means, man

wherefore, why; although. ner, way, method, measure, plan; Quodni, more correctly Quod ni, a ground, motive, reason.

but if not, but unless, and if Ratus, a, um, part. and adj. from not.

Reor, thinking, judging, supQuodsi, more correctly Quod si, posing; fixed, settled, established,

but if, if now, if then, and if. valid, sure, firm. Quominus, more correctly Quo Receptus, ūs, m. (recipio), a fall

minus, conj. (by which the less), ing back, a retreat; a refuge; a that not; from, after verbs of retraction. hindering, preventing, etc., as, Receptus, a, um, part. from ReNeque superbia obstabat, quo cipio. minus imitarentur, nor did pride Recípio, ĕre, cēpi, ceptum, tr. (re hinder them from imitating (lit. + capio), to take back, retake,

that they should not imitate). regain, recover, receive, admit. Quomodo, adv., more correctly Se recipere, to betake one's self,

Quo modo, in what manner, in retire, retreat ; to undertake, enwhat way, how.

gage, promise. Quoniam, conj. (quum +jam), Recito, áre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ret

since, as, because, whereas. cito), to read out, read aloud, Quoquam, adv. (quo + quam), to recite.

any place, anywhere, whither- Recte, adv. (rectus), in a straight soever.

line; rightly, correctly, properly, Quoque, conj. (quo + que), also, duly, well.

likewise, too. It immediately fol- Rector, oris, m. (rego), a ruler, lows the emphatic word.

director, governor, leader. Quotidiānus, a, um, adj. (quo- Rectus, a, um, adj. (rego), right, tidie), daily, every day.

correct, proper ; straight, right. Quotidie, adv. (quot+dies), every Also a participle, day, daily.

Recupěro, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (re Quousque, adv. (quo +- usque), + capio), to get again, regain,

how long, how far. Quum, adv. and conj. See Cum. Recūso, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (re +

causa), to decline, reject, refuse,

deny, object. R.

Reddo, ĕre, didi, ditum, tr. (ret

do), to give back, return, restore, Radix, icis, f., a root; the foot or render, give, deliver, resign ; to base of a hill, etc.

make, cause, render; to repay, Ramus, i, m., a branch, bough. recompense. Rapina, ae, f. (rapio), robbery, Reděo, ire, ii, itum, irreg. intr.

rapine, plundering, pillage. (ret eo), to come back, return, Rapio, ĕre, pui, ptum, tr., to come again. seize and carry off, tó snatch, Rediens, euntis, part. from Retear, drag or hurry away; to deo. carry off by force, to rob, ravish, Redimo, ĕre, émi, emptum, fr. plunder, pillage, steal.

(re temo), to buy back, ransom, Ratio, onis, f. (reor), a reckoning, release, redeem; to buy off, res


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