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Sustiněo, ēre, tinui, tentum, tr. | Taeda, ae, f., the pitch-pine tree;

(sub + teneo), to uphold, bear a torch, firebrand. up, support, maintain, sustain; ! Taedet, duit, or taesum est, imto check, restrain, hold back; to pers., it disgusts, offends, wearies. undergo, endure, withstand ; to Taedet me=I am weary of, defer, delay.

disgusted with. Sustollo, ĕre, -, -, tr. (sub + Taedium, i, n. (taedet), weariness,

tollo), to lift, raise, or take up; irksomeness, tediousness; loath

to take away, remove, destroy. ing, disgust. Suthul, indecl., n., a town in Nu- Taeter, tra, trum, adj. See Teter. midia.

Talis, e, adj., such, of such a kind, Suus, a, um, po88e88. adj. pron. sort, or quality, such-like; so

(sui), his, her, its, their; his own, distinguished, great or eminent. etc.; hers, theirs. Suum, sua, Tam, adv., so, so much, so very. one's own, one's property, effects, Tamen, conj., notwithstanding, rights. Sui, one's friends, rela- nevertheless, for all that, yet,

tives, people, party, soldiers. still, however. Syphax, ācis, m., a king of Nu- Tametsi, conj. (tamen + etsi),

midia, conquered by Scipio. though, although, notwithstandSyrtis, is, f., a sand-bank in the

ing that. sea, quicksands, syrtis; partic- Tamquam or Tanquam, adv. (tam ularly two sandy gulfs on the + quam), as if, as, just as, as it northern coast of Africa, Syrtis were, so to speak. major, now Sidra, and Syrtis Tana, ae, m., a river of Numidia. minor, pow Cabes.

Tandem, adv. (tam + dem), at

length, at last, finally; pray, T.


Tantum, adv. (tantus), only, alone, T., an abbreviation of Titus.

merely; so, so much, so long, so Tabernacŭlum, i, n. (taberna), a greatly, to such a degree. tent.

Tantummodo or Tantum modo, Tabes, is, f. (tabeo), a wasting adv. (tantum + modo), only,

away, consumption, corruption; alone, merely. a wasting disease, a plague, pes- Tantus, a, um, adj., so great, so tilence.

much, so many, such. Tanto, Tabesco, ĕre, tabui, -, intr. incho. ablat., by so much, the.

(tabeo), to melt away; to waste, Tarde, adv. (tardus), slowly, tarpine, dwindle away; to decay,

dily. languish, decline, fade.

Tardus, a, um, adj., slow, tardy, Tabúla, ae, f., a board, plank; à sluggish ; dull, stupid.

tablet, writing-tablet; a picture, Tarquinius, i, m., Lucius Tarpainting. Tabúlae, pl., writings, quinius, confederate with Catirecords, accounts. Tabulae no- line. vae, new accounts, an abolition Tectum, i, n. (tego), a roof, house, of debts.

dwelling, abode, shelter. Taceo, ēre, ui, itum, intr., to be Tectus, a, um, part. from Tego.

silent, hold one's peace, say Tego, ĕre, texi, tectum, tr., to nothing.

cover, hide, conceal, cloak, disTacitus, a, um, adj. (taceo), silent, guise ; to defend, protect, shelter.

in silence, stili, quiet, mute; Telum, i, n., a missile, weapon ; a unmentioned; concealed, unob- dart, spear, javelin ; agger, served.

poniard, sword.


Toměre, adv., by chance, at ran- | Terentius, i, m., Cnaeus Teren

dom, without design, intent, or tius, a Roman senator.
purpose; casually, fortuitously, Tergum, i, n., the back. A (ab)
rashly, thoughtlessly, inconsid- tergo, from behind, hehind, in

the rear.
Temeritas, ātis, f. (teměre), te- Terra, ae, f., the earth, the land ; a

merity, rashness, heedlessness, country. Orbis terrae (terrarum),

thoughtlessness, foolhardiness. the earth, the whole world. Temperantia, ae, f. (tempěro), Terracinensis, is, m., a Terracin

moderation, temperance, sobrie- ian, an inhabitant of Terraty, discreetness.

Tempěro, āro, ävi, ätum, tr. and Terréo, ére, ui, itum, tr., to ter-

intr. (tempus), to temper, mix rify, affright, alarm, frighten.
in due proportion ; to mitigate, Terribilis, e, adj. (terreo), fright-
soften, regulate, moderate; to ful, terrible, dreadful, shock-
set bounds to, restrain; to be ing.

Terror, oris, m. (terreo), terror,
Tempestas, ātis, f. (tempus), time, affright, dread, alarm, dismay.

an occasion, season, period; a Tertius, a, um, num. adj. (ter), storm, tempest; commotion, dis- the third.

turbance, calamity, misfortune. Testamentum, i, n. (testor), a Templum, i, n., a temple; a con- testament, a last will.

secrated or sacred place, a sanc- Testis, is, m. and f., a witness. tuary.

Testor, äri, ātus, dep. (testis), to Tempto, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. freq. testify, witness, bear witness,

(tendo), to attack, assail, make attest; to show, prove, declare, an attempt upon; to try, exam- aver; to call to witness, appeal ine, prove, put to the test; to

to. attempt, essay; to urge, incite; Testūdo, inis, f., a tortoise; a tes

to tempt, sound, tamper with. tudo, a covering formed of the Tempus, õris, n., time; an occa- shields of the soldiers held over

sion, season, opportunity. In their heads; also, a movable tempore or ad tempus, in time, at shed under which besiegers the right time, seasonably.

Tendo, ĕre, tetendi, tensum or Teter, tra, trum, adj., foul, offen-

tentum, tr, and intr., to stretch sive, noisome, hideous, loath-
out, spread out, extend ; to go,
march, travel, direct one's course; Tetrarcha, ae, m., a tetrarch,
to exert one's self, contend, en- ruler of the fourth part of a

deavor, strive, aim at, tend. country.
Teněbrae, ārum, f. pl., darkness, Thala, ae, f., a town in Numidia.
gloom, obscurity.

Theraei, õrum or ön, m. pl., the Teněo, ére, ui, tentum, tr., to Theraeans, the inhabitants of

hold, keep, possess, occupy; to Thera, an island near Crete. detain, delay; to restrain, ab- Thesaurus, i, m., a hoard, store; stain, refrain; to guard, defend, a treasure; a treasury, treasuremaintain; to reach, attain, ob- chamber, magazine, repository, tain; to hold out, last, endure, store-house. continue; to grasp, compre- Thirmida, ae, f., a town in Numihend.

dia. Tento, āre, ävi, ätum. See Temp- Thrax, ācis, adj., Thracian. As to.

a noun, a Thracian.


Tiberius, i, m., a Roman praeno- tract; a territory; district, re

men, abbreviated Tib. or Ti. gion; course, direction, progress. Timěo, ēre, ui, -, tr. and intr., Tractus, a, um, part. from Traho.

to fear, be afraid, dread; to fear Trado, ĕre, didi, ditum, tr. (trans for, be fearful for.

+ do), to give over, consign, Timidus, a, um, adj. (timeo), deliver; to give up, surrender;

timid, fearful, afraid, faint- to betray; to intrust, commit, hearted, cowardly.

confide, transmit, hand down; to Timor, oris, m. (timeo), fear, leave, bequeathe.

dread, apprehension, alarm. Tradūco or Transdūco, ĕre, xi, Tisidium, i, n., a town in the ctum, tr. (trans + duco), to lead north of Africa.

across, carry over, convey across; Titus, i, m., a Roman praenomen. to transport, transfer. Togātus, a, um, adj. (toga), wear-Traho, ěro, xi, ctum, tr., to draw,

ing the toga. As a noun, a Ro- drag, haul; to draw together, man citizen, one of the distinc- contract; to drag away violenttive features of whose dress was ly, to carry off, plunder; to disthe toga.

sipate, squander; to draw off, Tolěro, āre, ävi, ätum, tr., to divert; to refer, impute, ascribe,

bear, endure, tolerate; to main- attribute; to draw out, protract, tain, support, sustain, preserve, put off, delay, retard; to weigh, nourish.

ponder, imagine, fancy; to deTollo, ère, sustůli, sublatum, tr., rive, deduce, form.

to lift up, raise, elevate; to take Trames, itis, m. (trameo), a crossaway, remove, make away with; way, by-path, foot-path. to kill, destroy. Ad caelum tol- Tranquillus, a, um, adj., tranlere, to extol to the skies.

quil, still, calm, quiet, peaceful. Toreuma, åtis, n., work executed Transdũco, ère. See Tradūco. in relief, embossed work.

Transēo, ire, ii, itum, irreg. intr. Tormentum, i, n. (torqueo), an (trans teo), to go or pass over; to

engine for hurling missiles, a cross over; to pass, pass through. hurling-engine.

Transfěro, ērre, túli, lātum, Torpesco, ĕre, pui, intr. incho. irreg. tr. (trans + fero), to carry

(torpeo), to grow stiff or numb, or bring over, convey, transport, to become torpid, languid, or transfer; to put off, postpone,

dull; to grow slack or inactive. defer. Torquātus, i, m., Lucius Manlius Transfūga, ae, m. (transfugio), Torquatus, consul in B. C. 65.

a deserter, who goes over to the Torquätus, i, m., Titus Manlius

enemy. Torquatus, a Roman dictator. Transfúgio, ĕre, fûgi, fugitum, Totiens or Toties, adv. (tot), so intr. (trans + fugio), to desert, often, so many times.

go over to the enemy. Totus, a, um, gen. totius, all, the Transigo, ére, égi, actum, tr. whole, total, entire.

(trans + ago), to drive through, Tracto, äre, ävi, ätum, freq. to stab, pierce; to finish, con

(traho), to touch, take in hand, clude, complete; to transact, achandle, manage, wield ; to exer- complish, settle, adjust; pass; cise, transact; to treat, conduct spend, lead. one's self towards; to treat, dis- Transpădānus, a, um, adj. (trans

+ pădānus), beyond the Po, Tractus, ūs, m. (traho), a draw- transpadane. Transpadāni, ing, draught; a stretch, extent, örum, m. pl., the nations, peo


21 Sal.


ple, or dwellers beyond the assign, impart, allot, bestow, atPo.

tribute; to grant, yield, concede, Transvěho, ĕre, vexi, vectum, tr. allow.

(trans + veho), to carry, con- Tribus, ûs, f., a tribe, a division duct, or convey over or across; of the Roman people. There to transport. Transvěhor = to were in all thirty-five tribes. travel, ride, or sail over.

Tridőum, i, n. (tres + dies), the Transversus, a, um, adj. (trans- space of three days, three days.

verto), turned across; going or Triginta, num. adj. indecl., thirty. lying across, athwart, cross- Triplex, icis, adj. (tres + plico), wise, cross, transverse, oblique, threefold, triple, three. at right angles; astray.

Tristitia, ae, f. (tristis), sadness, Transverto,ěre, ti, sum, tr. sorrow, grief, melancholy, de

(trans + verto), to turn or direct jection.

across, to turn away, avert. Triumpho, āre, ävi, ätum, intr. Transvorsus. See Transversus. (triumphus), to triumph, to hold Trepido, äre, ävi, ätum, intr. or celebrate a triumph.

(trepidus), to hurry with alarm, Triumphus, i, m., a triumph, to be in a state of alarm, to triumphal procession, the tribustle about anxiously, be in umphal entrance of a general a state of confusion or trepida- into Rome after having obtained tion; to be flurried, agitated; to an important victory. tremble, fear, be afraid, be Triumvir, iri, m. (tres + vir), & alarmed.

triumvir, one of a commission Trepidus, a, um, adj., restless, of three to attend to some public

agitated, anxious, solicitous, business. Triumviri coloniis disturbed, alarmed, in a state of deducendis, three commissioners trepidation ; frightened, afraid, for leading out à colony and disdismayed; fearful, trembling tributing the land among its with fear; alarming, causing members. Triumviri capitales, alarm.

superintendents of public priTres, tria, num. adj., three.

sons, who performed many of Tribunātus, ūs, m. (tribūnus), the the duties of modern police ma

office of a tribune,the tribuneship. gistrates. Tribunicius, a, um, adj. (tribū- Trojānus, a, um, adj. (Troja),

nus), of or belonging to a tri- Trojan. Trojāni, örum, m. pl., bune, tribunitial.

the Trojans. Tribūnus, i, m. (tribus), a tri- Trucido, äre, ävi, ätum, tr., to

bune; properly, the chief_or cut to pieces, to slay or kill representative of a tribe. Tri.

cruelly, to slaughter, butcher, būni plebis, tribunes of the

massacre; to demolish, ruin, deplebeians, whose office it was to stroy. defend the rights and interests of Tu, tui, pers. pron., m. and f., thou, the Roman plebeians against the you. Tute, you yourself. patricians. Tribūni militares Tuba, ae, f., a trumpet. or militum, military tribunes, Tubicen, inis, m. (tuba), a trumofficers of the army, six to each peter. legion. Tribūni aerarii, tri. Tuěor, ēri, tuïtus and tutus, dep., bunes of the treasury or pay- to look upon, see, behold, view, masters, who assisted the quaes- watch, regard, consider, examtors,

ine; to uphold, maintain, guard, Tribŭo, ère, ui, ūtum, tr., to give, protect, defend.



Tugurium, i, n., a hut, cottage. Etruscan, Etrurian. Tusci, Těli. See Fero.

örum, m. pl., the Tuscans, EtrusTullianum, i, n. (Tullius), the cans, Etrurians.

dungeon of the state-prison in Tute, you, yourself. See Tu. Rome, built by King Servius Tute, adv. (tutus), safely, secureTullius.

ly, in safety, in security. Tullius, i, m. See Cicero. Tutor, äri, ätus, dep. freq. (tueor), Tullus, i, m., Lucius Volcatius to watch, guard, keep, defend, Tullus, a Roman consul in B. C.

protect, ward off, avert. 66.

Tutus, a, um, adj. (tuěor), safe, Tum, adv., then, at that time,

secure, sure, protected; watchthereupon, next, hereupon, more- ful. over, furthermore, besides. Tum Tuus, a, um, po88. adj. pron. (tu),

— tum, or cum-tum, both thy, thine, thine own; your, and, not only — but also. Cum

yours, your own. tum maxime, both and particularly, not only — but es

pecially. Tumulosus, a, um, adj. (tumulus), hilly, full of hills.

Ubi, adv., where, in which place, Tumultus, äs or i, m. (tumeo), an wherever; when, whenever, as

uproar, violent commotion, dis- soon as. Ubi gentium, where turbance, tumult; insurrection, in the world. sudden war, civil war, sedition, Ubicumque, adv. (ubi + cumque), rebellion.

wherever, wheresoever; whenTumŭlus, i, m. (tumeo), a mound,

hill, hillock; a barrow, tumu- Ubique, adv. (ubi + que), everylus.

where, wherever, wheresoever. Tunc, adv., then, at that time. Also for et ubi, and where. Turba, ae, f., an uproar, disturb- Ubivis, adv. (ubi + vis, from volo),

ance, disorder, tumult; a crowd, where you please, anywhere,

throng, multitude, band, troop. everywhere. Turma, ae, f., a troop or squadron Ulciscor, i, ultus, dep., to avenge

of horse, consisting of thirty one's self on, take vengeance on, horsemen.

avenge, punish, revenge. It is Turmătim, adv. (turma), by sometimes used passively. troops or squadrons, in squad- Ullus, a, um, gen. ullius, adj.,

any, any one. Non ullus, no Turpilius, i, m. See Silanus. Turpis, e, adj., ugly, unsightly, Ulterior, us, adj. (comp. of ulter),

unseemly, filthy, foul; shame- farther, on the farther side, ulful, disgraceful, base, infamous, terior. Gallia ulterior, farther dishonorable.

Gaul, Gaul beyond the Alps. Turpitūdo, inis, f. (turpis), un- | Ultra, prep. with the accus., beyond,

sightliness, foulness, deformity; on the farther side of. baseness, shamefulness, disgrace, Ultra, adv., beyond, further, over, dishonor, infamy, turpitude.

more, besides. Per turpitudinem = basely, Ultro, adv., of one's own accord, shamefully, disgracefully.

voluntarily, unasked, without Turris, is, f., a tower; a military provocation; moreover, besides. tower; a castle, citadel.

Ultus, a, um, part. from Ulcis, Tuscus, a, um, adj., Tuscan,




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