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Umbrānus, i, m., Publius Umbre- though; after expressions of fear

nus, confederate with Catiline. ing, that not. Umquam, adv., at any time, ever. Ut or Uti, adv., in what manner, Una, adv. (unus), together, along how; as; when, as soon as.

with, in company, at the same Uter, tris, m., a leather bag or time.

bottle. Unde, adv., whence, from which, Uter, tra, trum, gen. utrius, adj., from whom, by whom.

which of the two, which. Undïque, adv. (unde + que), from Uterque, utrăque, utrumque,

all sides, parts, or quarters, on gen. utriusque, adj. (uter+que), all sides, everywhere.

both one and the other, both, Universus or Ünivorsus, a, um, each. Quae utrăque, both of

adj. (unus + verto), all together, which. all taken collectively, whole, en- Uti, conj. and adv. See Ut. tire, collective, universal. Utica, ae, f., a city in the north Unquam. See Umquam.

of Africa. Unus, a, um, gen. unius, num. adj., Utilis, e, adj. (utor), useful, bene

one, alone, only, sole, single, uni- ficial, serviceable, salutary, profform; a, an, some one.

Unus et

itable, suitable. alter, one and another, some, a Utinam, adv. (uti + nam), 0 that!

would that! I wish that! Unusquisque, unaquaeque, etc., Utique, adv. (uti+que), in any

more correctly written unus case, at any rate, certainly, surequisque, una quaeque, etc., ly, assuredly, by all means. each, every, each one, every Utor, i, usus, dep., to use, make

use of; to enjoy, have, avail Urbānus, a, um, adj. (urbs), of or one's self of, employ, practise,

belonging to the city or town; exercise, manage; to treat, conpolished, refined, elegant, ur- duct one's self towards. bane.

Utpote, adv., namely, as being, as, Urbs, is, f., a city; the city, i. e. seeing that, inasmuch as, since. Rome.

Utpote qui, inasmuch as he or Urgěo, ēre, ursi, -, tr., to press, they.

drive, impel, urge; to press upon, Utrimque or Utrinque, adv. (uter bear hard or close upon; to be- + que), from or on both sides set, weigh down, burden, op- or parts. ouress; to push forward, urge on. Uxor, oris, f., a wife, spouse. b quam, adv., anywhere, in any

place, to any place. Usque, adv., as far as, all the way,

V. even, until; continuously, incessantly. Usque eo (all the way Vacèus, a, um, adj. (vaco), empty, to this), to such a degree.

void, clear, free from, devoid of, Usus, üs, m. (utor), use, applica- wanting, without; at leisure,

tion; service, benefit, utility; unoccupied, disengaged, idle. practice, exercise, experience, Vades, um, pl. of Vas. usage, custom; intercourse, fa- | Vado, ĕre, si, sum, intr., to go, to miliarity, intimacy; occasion, walk; to go hastily, advance. need, want, necessity.

Vadosus, a, um, adj. (vadum), Usus, a, um, part. from Utor. full of shallows or fords, shallow, Ut or Uti, conj., that, in order that, shoal. so that; even if, though, al- | Vaga, ae, f., a town Numidia.

Vagonses, ium, m. pl. (Vaga), the Vasto, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (vasinhabitants of Vaga.

tus), to lay waste, make empty, Vagor, äri, ätus, dep. (vagus), to desolate, devastate, ravage; to

stroll about, to ramble, wander, ruin, destroy. roam, rove, range.

Vastus, a, um, adj., waste, desert, Vagus, a, um, adj., wandering, desolate; vast, immense, enor

strolling about, rambling, rov- mous, huge, monstrous, insa

ing, roaming; uncertain, vague. tiable. Valens, tis, adj. (valeo), strong, Ve, enclitic conj., or.

stout, vigorous, robust; power- Vecordia, ae, f. (vecors), madness, ful, mighty; healthy, hale, folly, senselessness, silliness, inhearty.

sanity. Valèo, ēre, ui, -, intr., to be Vectigal, ālis, n. (veho), a toll,

strong or vigorous; to be able, tax, impost, tribute; revenue. to avail; to be well or in good Vectigālis, e, adj. (veho), tribuhealth; to have power, to be tary. powerful, influential, or effective; Vegěo, ère, -, -, intr., to excite, to prevail; to be worth.

quicken; to be lively, active. Valerius, i, m. See Flaccus. Veněmens, tis, adj., vehement, Validus, a, um, adj. (valeo), impetuous, eager, violent, ar

strong, powerful, vigorous ; well, dent; forcible, active, powerful,

healthy, sound; mighty, effective. strong. Vallum, i, n. (vallus), an earthen Vehementer, adv. (vehemens), ve

wall or rampart set with pali- hemently, eagerly, impetuously, sades; an intrenchment, bul- ardently, violently; strongly, wark, wall, rampart, fortifica- forcibly, powerfully; exceedtion.

ingly, extremely. Vanitas, åtis, f. (vanus), empti- Vel, conj., or; vel — vel, either —

ness, nothingness, nullity, unre- or; even. ality, falsity, deception, delu- Veles, itis, m., a kind of lightsion, vain-glory, vanity, levity. armed soldier, who attacked the Vanus, a, um, adj., empty, void, enemy out of the line of battle,

vacant; null, futile, groundless, a skirmisher. fruitless, vain; false, lying, de- Velitāris, e, adj. (veles), of the ceptive, delusive.

velītes, light. Varguntéius, i, m., Lucius Var- Velocitas, ātis, f. (velox), velocity,

gunteius, confederate with Cat- swiftness, fleetness, rapidity. iline.

Velox, öcis, adj., swift, quick, Varie, adv. (varius), variously, fleet, rapid, speedy.

diversely, in different ways. Velut or Velŭti, adv. (vel + ut, Varsus, a, um, adj., diverse, vary- uti), as, like, just as if, as if, as

ing, changeful, various, change- it were, as though. able, different; versatile; uncer- Venālis, e, adj. (venus), to be sold,

tain, doubtful, wavering, fickle. for sale; venal, that can be Vas, vadis, m. (vado), a bail, bought. surety, security.

Vendo, ĕre, dĩdi, ditum, tr. (conVas, vasis, n., plural, vasa, orum, tracted from venum + do), to

a vessel, dish; a utensil, imple- sell. ment.

Venēnum, i, n., a drug, medicine; Vastỉtas, åtis, f. (vastus), a waste, poison, venom.

desert; desolation, devastation, Venio, ire, veni, ventum, intr., to ruin, destruction.

come, arrive; to fall into.

Venor, åri, ätus, dep., to hunt. tual; right, proper, just ; veraVenter, tris, m., the belly, stom- cious. ach, pauuch; gluttony.

Vescor, i, -, dep., to live upon, Ventus, i, m., the wind.

eat, feed upon; to enjoy, use. Venus, ūs, or i, m. (found only in Vesper, ris, and ěri, m., the

dat., accus., and ablat.), sale. evening, even, eve, eventide. Venum ire or dari, sc. ad, to be Vesta, ae, f., Vesta, the goddess sold, put up for sale.

of the domestic hearth. Verber, ěris, n., a scourge, whip, Vester, tra, trum, po88. adj. pron.

lash; a blow, stroke, stripe. (vos), your, yours. Verběro, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (ver- Vestimentum, i, n. (vestis), cloth

ber), to beat,.lash, scourge, whip, ing, a garment, vestment. strike.

Vestio, ire, ivi, itum, tr. (vestis), Verbum, i, n., a word, expression, to clothe, dress, deck, adorn. saying, remark.

Veterānus, a, um, adj. (vetus), Vere, adv. (verus), truly, really, in veteran. fact; rightly, correctly.

Veto, äre, ui, itum, tr., to forbid. Vereor, ėri, itus, dep., to fear, Vetus, ėris, adj., old, aged.

reverence, revere; to dread, be vetustas, ātis, f. (vetus), old age;

afraid; to apprehend, suspect. antiquity; long duration. Veritas, ātis, f. (verus), truth. Vexillum, i, n. (veho), an ensign, Vero, adv. (verus), in truth, truly, standard, banner, flag, streamer.

certainly, surely, assuredly. Vexo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr., to moVero, conj. (verus), but, however. lest, annoy, vex, harass, disturb, Verso, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. freq. trouble, agitate ; to injure, dam

(verto), to turn, wind, twist, age. whirl; to disturb, agitate; to Via, ae, f., a way, road, path, meditate, reflect upon.

journey ; method, manner, Versor, äri, ātus, dep. (verso), to mode.

dwell, live, remain, be; to occu- Vicesimus or Vigesimus, a, um, py, busy one's self with, be en- num. adj. (viginti), the twentigaged in.

eth. Versus, ūs, m. (verto), a verse. Vici. See Vinco. Versus or Versum, adv. and prep. Vicinitas, ätis, f. (vicīnus), neigh

(verto), turned in the direction borhood, nearness, proximity, of, towards. Especially used vicinity; the neighbors. with verbs of motion after ad or Victor, õris, m. (vinco), a victor, in; in Galliam versus, towards .conqueror. Adj., victorious. Gaul. Prep. with accus., to- Victoria, ae, f. (vinco), victory.

wards. (So very rarely.) Victus, ūs, m. (vivo), sustenance, Verto, ĕre, ti, sum, tr. and intr., food, victuals, provisions; a way

to turn, turn around or about; or mode of living. to overturn, overthrow, subvert; Victus, a, um, part. from Vinco. to change, alter, transform ; to Vicus, i, m., a row of houses; a turn, depend on; to impute, as- street; a village, hamlet. cribe, appropriate; to turn out, Videlicet, adv. (videre + licet), it result.

is easy to see, it is clear or eviVerum, conj. (verus), but, yet, dent; clearly, plainly, evidently, still, however.

manifestly; of course, forsooth, Verum, i, n. (verus), the truth; in an ironical or sarcastic sense ;

rectitude, right, uprightness. to wit, namely. Verus, a, um, adj., true, real, ac- | Viděo, ére, vidi, visum, tr., to

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see, perceive, observe, look at; an avenger, punisher, revenger; to understand, comprehend; to a claimant, defender, protector, look to, see to, care for.

vindicator. Viděor, ēri, visus, pass. and dep., Vindịco, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (vim

to be seen, to be looked upon or + dico), to lay legal claim to, regarded; to seem, appear. Vi. make a claim upon; to demand, dētur, impers., it seems proper, claim, arrogate, assume, approseems good, pleases.

priate; to set free, deliver, libVigěo, ēre, ui, intr. to be live

erate, save; to avenge, revenge, ly or vigorous, to be strong; to punish, take vengeance on. Vinthrive, flourish, bloom; to pre- dicatum est=punishment was vail, be in repute.

inflicted. Aliquem in libertatem Vigesimus a, um. See Vicesi- vindicare, to assert or maintain mus.

the freedom of any one. Vigil, ilis, adj. (vigeo), awake, on Viněa, ae, f., a vineyard; a kind

the alert, watch, watchful, wake- of pent-house or shed, built like ful, vigilant. As a noun, an arbor, for sheltering

besiegers. watchman, sentinel.

See note on line 7, p. 29. Vigilia, ae, f. (vigil), a watching, Vinum, i, n., wine.

waking; wakefulness, sleepless- Violenter, adv. (viðlens), impetuness, vigil; a watch, guard ; ously, vehemently, violently, futhe watch, i. e. watchmen, senti- riously, forcibly. nels.

Violentia, ae, f. (viõlens), vioVigilo, äre, ävi, ätum, intr. lence, vehemence, impetuosity,

(vigil), to watch, to keep awake, ferocity. be wakeful; to be watchful, vig- Vir, viri, m., a man; a husband. ilant.

Vires, ium. See Vis. Viginti, num. adj. indecl., twenty. Virgo, inis, f. (vireo), a maiden, Vilis, e, adj., of small value, cheap; virgin.

paltry, common, mean, worth- Virgultum, i, n. (virgŭla), a bush, less, base, vile. Vile habere, to thicket, copse, brushwood, shrubhold cheap, despise.

bery. Villa, ae, f., a country-house, villa, Virilis, e, adj. (vir), of or belongcountry-seat, farm.

ing to a man, manly, virile; Villicus, i, m. (villa), the overseer male, masculine; manful, firm,

of a farm or estate, a steward. vigorous, bold, spirited. Vincio, ire, vinxi, vinctum, tr., Viritim, adv. (vir), man by man,

to bind, tie, encircle, wind about, from man to man, to each one fetter; to confine, restrain; to separately, singly, individufortify, secure, fasten.

ally. Vinco, ĕre, vici, victum, tr., to Virtus, ütis, f. (vir), manliness,

conquer, overcome, defeat, sub- manhood; strength, power, vigdue, vanquish; to overmatch, or, energy ; bravery, courage, exceed, excel, surpass; to pre- valor; merit, excellence, worth, vail, gain one's point, carry the goodness, virtue, virtuousness. day.

Emori per virtutem, to die braveVinctus, a, um, part. from Vincio. ly. Virtus animi, energy of mind, Vincŭlum, i, n. (vincio), a band, intellectual vigor.

bond, rope, cord, fetter, chain. Vis, vis, f., strength, power, In vincula ducere =to put in might, vigor, energy, ardor, prison.

fury, force, violence; effort, exVindex, icis, m. and f. (vindico), ertion ; quantity, number, abun

Vi or

call upon.


dance; notion, meaning, sense, , Volo, velle, volui, -, irreg. tr. import, nature, essence.

and intr., to wish, to will, be per vim, by force, forcibly. Vi. willing; to desire, intend, purres, pl., the bodily powers. Vis pose; to determine, ordain (in pulveris, a quantity (cloud) of proposing bills to the people); to dust. Summâ vi, with all one's think, maintain. Quid sibi vult, might or power.

what does he mean? what does Viso, ěre, si, sum, tr. intens. (vi- he want?

deo), to look at attentively, to Volturcius, i, m. See Vulturcius. view, behold, survey; to see to, Voltus, ús, m. See Vultus. look after; to go to see, to visit, Voluntarius, a, um, adj. (volun

tas), of one's own free will, wilVisus, a, um, part. from Viděo. ling, voluntary; spontaneous. Visus, ūs, m. (video), a seeing, Voluntarii, örum, m. pl. (sc.

looking; a look, glance; the fac- milites), volunteers. ulty of seeing, sight, vision; a Voluntas, ātis, f. (volo), will, sight, appearance, an appari- wish, desire, choice, inclination; tion, a vision. Qua visus erat = good-will, favor, affection. Vo

as far as the sight could reach. luntate, of one's own will, of one's Vita, ae, f. (vivo), life; a way or own accord, willingly, volunmode of life, course of life, ca- tarily. Voluntate or ex volun.

tate, according to one's wish or Vitabundus, a, um, adj. (vito), desire, at one's desire.

shunning, avoiding, evading, Voluptarius, a, um, adj. (voluptrying to escape.

tas), pleasant, agreeable, delightVitium, i, n., a fault, defect, blem- ful; pleasurable, devoted to

ish, imperfection; failing, error, pleasure, sensual, voluptuous. offence, crime, vice.

Voluptas, ātis, f., satisfaction, enVito, āre, ävi, ätum, tr., to shun, joyment, pleasure, delight. avoid, evade, escape.

Volux, ūcis, m., a son of Bocchus, Vivo, ěre, vixi, victum, intr., to king of Mauritania. live, be alive, have life.

Volvo, ĕre, volvi, volūtum, tr., Vivus, a, um, adj. (vivo), alive, to roll, turn about, turn round, living.

tumble down; to turn over or Vix, adv., with difficulty, hardly, revolve in the mind, to consider, scarcely, barely.

ponder, meditate or reflect upon, Vocabŭlum, i, n. (voco,) a word, to think over.

term, expression, name, designa- Vorsor, āri. See Versor. tion, appellation.

Vorsum. See Versum. Voco, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (vox), to Vorsus. See Versus.

call, call upon, summon, invoke; Vos, pl. of Tu, you, ye.

to call, name, denominate. Voster, tra, trum. See Vester. Volens, tis, part. and adj. (volo), Votum, i, n. (vověo), a solemn

willing, voluntary, eager, ready ; promise made to some deity, a favorable, well inclined; pleas- vow; a wish, desire, prayer. ant, agreeable. Volenti animo, Vox, vocis, f., a voice; a sound, tone, with willing mind, gladly.

cry, call; a word, saying, speech, Volgus, i, m. and n. See Vulgus. sentence, proverb, maxim. Volněro, āre. See Vulněro. Vulgus, i, m. and n., the great Volnus, ěris, n. See Vulnus. mass, the multitude, the people, Volo, äre, ävi, ätum, intr., to the public; a

mass, crowd, fy.

throng, multitude; the vulgar,

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