Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Volumi 1-3

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Robert H. Perry, Don W. Green, James O. Maloney
McGraw-Hill, 1997 - 400 pagine
This is the new edition of chemical and process engineers' favorite reference. Previous editions of this authoritative, comprehensive handbook have sold more than 887,000 copies. This Seventh Edition contains 50% new or revised material, including new information on condensers, reboilers, evaporators, and vessels; multicomponent and enhance distillation including azeotropic, extractive, and reactive methods; gas absorption processes with data on plate performance, plate design, and packed towers, super-critical fluid and membrane separation processes; biochemical separation processes; materials of construction; and materials for process applications. The Handbook is once again the standard in the field--with all the facts, figures, methods, and data engineers rely on and need.

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Gas Absorption and GasLiquid System Design James R Fair D E Steinmeyer
Physical and Chemical Data Peter E Liley George H Thomson D G Friend
LiquidLiquid Extraction Operations and Equipment Lanny A Robbins

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Informazioni sull'autore (1997)

ROBERT H. PERRY is Partner at Gibson & Perry, an executive search firm.

Robert Perry was chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma.

Donald W. Green is chair and the Deanne E. Ackers distinguished professor of chemical and petroleum engineering at the University of Kansas.

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