Works, Volume 2

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Pagina 73 - Scripture's sake ; and then the Chaldee and Arabic likewise, and that thou frame thy style in Greek in imitation of Plato, and for the Latin after Cicero. Let there be no history which thou shalt not have ready in thy memory; unto the prosecuting of which design, books of cosmography will be very conducible and help thee much.
Pagina 75 - But because, as the wise man Solomon saith, Wisdom entereth not into a malicious mind, and that science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul ; it behoveth thee to serve, to love, to fear God, and on Him to cast all thy thoughts and all thy hope, and, by faith formed in charity, to cleave unto Him, so that thou mayest never be separated from Him by thy sins.
Pagina 74 - ... to the study of the Holy Scriptures: first in Greek, the New Testament with the Epistles of the Apostles; and then the Old Testament in Hebrew. In brief, let me see thee an abyss and bottomless pit of knowledge.
Pagina 21 - With these words he did cry like a cow; but on a sudden fell a laughing like a calf, when Pantagruel came into his mind. Ha, my little son, said he, my childilolly, fedlifondy, dandlichucky, my ballocky, my pretty rogue!
Pagina 74 - ... ground, all the various metals that are hid within the bowels of the earth, together with all the diversity of precious stones that are to be seen in the orient and south parts of the world; let nothing of all these be hidden from thee. Then fail not most carefully to peruse the books of the Greek...
Pagina 73 - Nor must any adventure henceforward to come in public or present himself in company, that hath not been pretty well polished in the shop of Minerva. I see robbers, hangmen, free-booters, tapsters, ostlers, and such like, of the very rubbish of the people, more learned now than the doctors and preachers were in my time. What shall I say? The very women and children have aspired to this praise and celestial manna of good learning.
Pagina 260 - ... the other blood which runneth through the veins. The lights never cease with its lappets and bellows to cool and refresh it; in acknowledgment of which good the heart, through the arterial vein, imparts unto it the choicest of its blood. At last it is made so fine and subtle within the rete mirabile, that thereafter those animal spirits are framed and composed of it ; by means whereof the imagination, discourse, judgment, resolution, deliberation, ratiocination, and memory have their rise, actings,...
Pagina 123 - ... at his need, of which the most honourable and most ordinary was in manner of thieving, secret purloining, and filching, for he was a wicked lewd rogue, a cozener, drinker, roysterer, rover, and a very dissolute and debauched fellow, if there were any in Paris; otherwise, and in all matters else, the best and most virtuous man in the world; and he was still contriving some plot, and devising mischief against the Serjeants and the watch.

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