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Object of this chapter to consider essential principles of Christianity

apart from dogmatic theology, 343.-And prevalent errors regarding

them, 343.-Influence of views of religion on individuals and

national character, 343.—Christianity affords the governing idea of

life, 345.-Obedience to God's will; rule of moral, physical and intel-

lectual life, 345.-Sectarian views, 346.-Peculiarity of Christianity

lies in its motives to action, 347.-Love of God its fundamental

principle, 348.-How adulterated by superstition, 349.-Errors, 350.

Substitution of means for the end, 350.- General consequences, 351.

-Misapprehension of the object of Christianity, 352.-Doctrines

derived from Scripture, 353.-Grounds for toleration, 353.-Intole-

rance consistent in the Church of Rome, 354.-Inconsistent in

Protestants, 355.-Assumption of infallibility, 355.-Possibility

of error to be always borne in mind, 356.-Argument_summed up,

359.-Meaning of faith as used in Scripture, 359.-True end of

Christianity, 360.-The moral regeneration of man,360.-Evidences

of religion, 360.-Historical and critical, 361.-Moral evidence, 361.

Study of Scripture, 362.-General method of study, 363.-Definite

object in study, 363.-The general purport and spirit of Scripture

the only safe ground for conclusions, 363.-Danger of resting

doctrines on individual texts, 363.-Use of moral evidence in the

interpretation of Scripture, 364.-Objections answered, 364.-

Principles not minute rules to be sought for, 366.-The Bible to

be studied with reference to other knowledge, 366.—Spirit in which

it should be studied, 367.—Caution to the young, 368.—Practical

influence of the errors pointed out, 368.-Separation of religion

from secular life, 369.-Influence of women in religion, 371.-

Religious education of children, 373.-Religion, the crowning aim

of self-education, 373.-Its practical influence, 373.-Its inestimable

benefits, 374,

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