Works, Volume 3

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Pagina 209 - ... his light : he sanctified him in his faithfulness, and meekness, and chose him out of all men. By him he made us to hear his voice, and caused by him the law of life and knowledge to be given.
Pagina 279 - Tickletoby being come to the place, they all rushed on a sudden into the road to meet him, and in a frightful manner threw fire from all sides upon him and his filly foal, ringing and tingling their bells, and howling like so many real devils, Hho, hho, hho, hho, brrou, rrou, rrourrs, rrrourrs, hoo, hou, hou hho, hho, hhoi.
Pagina 209 - A man fearing and loving God, who found favour in the sight of all flesh, well-beloved both of God and man; whose memorial is blessed. God made him like to the glorious saints, and magnified him so, that his enemies stood in fear of him...
Pagina 322 - The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ; The devil was well, the devil a monk was he.
Pagina 261 - Cremera, that comes out of the lake of Beccano. Now from this same country of Ennasin, in case of need, above three hundred thousand, all relations and of one family, might march out. Their degrees of consanguinity and alliance are very strange ; for being thus akin and allied to one another, we found that none was either father or mother, brother or sister, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece...
Pagina 225 - ... two. If he take another, chop his head off with his own ; and henceforth serve me all those losers of hatchets after that manner." Having said this, Jupiter, with an awkward turn of his head, like a jackanapes swallowing of pills, made so dreadful a phiz that all the vast Olympus quaked again.
Pagina 226 - Honest fellow, said Mercury, I leave it thee : take it ; and because thou hast wished and chosen moderately, in point of hatchet, by Jupiter's command, I give thee these two others ; thou hast now wherewith to make thyself rich : be honest.

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