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That the churches of Christ are indebted to the labours of the Rev. Dr. Watts for a very large portion of the valuable evangelical and lyric poetry in the English language, is a proposition which few will be disposed to doubt. To this sweet singer in Israel, millions now in glory, and millions still on earth, have been, and are yet, under lasting obligations for the spiritual edification which they have derived from his incomparable Psalms and Hymns. It is probably no exaggeration to say, that the inspirations of his pious muse will continue to direct and to animate the souls of men, until the devotions of the church militant shall be superseded by the exalted harmony of the upper temple.

It is due to the Rev. Dr. Rippon to state, that the utility of Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns has been greatly promoted by his arrangement; and also by the enlarging and perfecting the various Tables and Indexes

. These, as they came from the hand of Dr. Watts, were so exceedingly deficient, that they must have continued comparatively useless, but for the skill and industry of Dr. Rippon. To the sacred poetry of Dr. Watts, Dr. Rippon has added an invaluable collection of nearly six HUNDRED Hymns, more than two hundred of which were composed by himself, Dr. John Ryland, or other eminent members of the Baptist denomination. For a more ample account of his labours in this department, the reader is referred to the Prefaces of former editions, in lieu of which, this condensed statement is intended to be an economical substitute.

At the instance of the present editor, the former publisber introduced a variety of improvements into the last edition, some of which were, incorporating the duplicate , Indexes of First Lines; of General Contents; of Scriptures and of Subjects, which were inconveniently scat"tered through the volume, into one complete set for the

whole book. The following are some of the additional emendations, which, it is believed, will render the present edition increasingly valuable.

1. The number of the page has been restored to its ap propriate place at the top of the page. The numbers of the Psalms and Hymns continue unaltered.

2. The confusion of numbers at the top of the page particularly in Rippon's Selection, is prevented, by omit ting the numbers on the inner margin.

3. Numerous typographical and grammatical errors and misprints in the Tables and Indexes have been corrected, and about PORTY PAGES, embracing duplicate Tables, Indexes, unnecessary Prefaces, &c. have been omitted in the former and present editions. This, in the thousands of copies which will probably be circulated, is an important item of economy, while it will render the work more simple, and therefore more useful.

4. The Table of Psalms has been placed before the Table of Hymns as the most appropriate position, and the Index of Scriptures and Index of Subjects are put in juxtaposition with the Table of First Lines, Table of Scriptures, and Table of Psalms and Hymns, at the commencement of the volume.

5. Nine Hymns, which, in former editions, have been repeated in different parts of the book, are here omitted, and other evangelical hymns, from approved authors, have been substituted.

6. The two pages, containing the Syllabus of the Arrangement, and the General Contents to Rippon's Hymns, are omitted, because they furnish no advantage which the Index of Subjects does not afford, and are therefore comparatively useless.

7. The metres of more than one hundred psalms and nymns have been adjusted according to the musical signatures of the most approved authors of psalmody.

8. As this edition has been prepared with special reference to the Baptist denomination, several of Dr. Watts's hymns which are deemed objectionable have been omitted, and other hymns on the same subject, and of decided excellence, have been substituted.

C. G. S.






1. 'To prevent confusion, simply mention THE NUMBER of the Psalms or Hymns.

2. The Hymns and Psalms may be found, as usual, by the Index of First Lines. a They may also be found, by the Tables which immediately follow, which give the numerical order of the former editions, and the Numbers which correspond with them, in the Arrange

4. Those verses in the Psalms and Hymns which are included in erotchets, thus [ ], may be omitted without disturbing the sense.

5. Hymns in the selection have their appropriate numbers
placed immediately over each Hymn.
6. The letters L. P. M. stand for Long Particular Metre.

S. P. M., or 6. 6.8, for Short Particular Metre.
H. M., or 6's and 8's, for Hallelujah Metre.
L. M. 6 lines, for Long Metre 6 lines.
L. C. M. for Long Common Metre.

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The Figures express the Numbers of the Psalms and Hymns as

they are now arranged.

... 845

A debtor to mercy alone 941|Are all the foes of Sion....... 493 A fulness resides in Jesus our.. 868 Are sinners now so senseless.. 492 A good high-priest is come .... 908 Arise, my gracious God.... 405 Above these heavens

960 Arise, my soul, my joyful ..... 138 Absent from flesh! O blissful.. 660 Arise, my tenderest thoughts .. 760 Adam our father and our head. 234 As on the cross the Saviour.... 798 Adam our father ......

756 As showers on meadows ..., 927 Adore and tremble for our God. 29 Ascend thy throne, Almighty.. 1088 Afflicted saint, to Christ draw.. 841 Asham'd of Christ ! my soul... 998 Ah! I shall soon be dying ....1268 Assist us, Lord, thy name to... 1045 Ah! wretched souls, who .1053|Astonish'd and distressed... 758 Alas! and did my Saviour... 327 At anchor laid, remote from... 930 Alas! what hourly dangers....1039 At thy command, our dearest.. 551 All glory to thy wondrous..... 697 Attend, my ear; my heart.....1291 All hail incarnate God........1148 Attend, ye children of your....1188 All hail the power of Jesus.... 895 Attend, while God's exalted... 149 All mortal vanities begone..... 274 Awake, awake, the sacred.... All ye that love the Lord...... 407 Awake, awake, thou mighty...113 Almighty Father, gracious..... 755 Awake, my heart, arise, my... 156 Almighty Maker, God ........1063 Awake, my soul, in joyful..... 731 Almighty Maker of my frame. , 1261 Awake, my soul! stretch......1024 Almighty Ruler of the skies... 588 Awake, my zeal, awake....... 63' Aloud we sing the wondrous.. 976 A wake, our drowsy souls. Am I a soldier of the cross..... 946 Awake, our souls, and bless.... 88. Amid the splendours of the.... 730 Awake, our souls, away... 35 Amidst thy wrath, remember... 379 Awake, sweet gratitude ! and . 871 Among the assemblies of the... 620 Awake, ye saints, and raise....1304 Among the princes, earthly... 50 Awake, ye saints, to praise.... 47 And are we wretches yet...... 325 Away from every mortal care.. 428 And art thou with us ,

842 Away, my unbelieving fear....1004 And be it so; that, till this.... 948 Awhile remain'd the .........1259 And can my heart aspire...... 996 And did the holy and the just. . 1203 Backsliders, who your misery.. 894 And have I, Christ, no love.., 970 Backward with humble shame. 82 And is the gospel peace and... 884 Before Jehovah's awful throne. 60 And is this life prolong’d to.... 636 Before thy throne, eternal.....1142 And must I part with all...... 999 Begin, my tongue, some....... 209 And must this body die.... 674 Begone, unbelief! my Saviour. 1008 And now the scales have left .. 353 Begone, ye gilded..

1238 And will the eternal King.....1016 Behold how sinners disagree... 296 And will the God of grace. 490 Behold! long wished for.. .1218 And will the Judge descend, ..1290 Behold the blind their sight... 240 And will th' offended God.....1017 Behold th' expected time......1137 Angels! roll the rock away.... 860 Behold the glories of the Lamb 278 Another six days' work is....,1066 Behold, the grace appears..... 215



Behold the lep'rous Jew ...... 820 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly... 41 Behold the lofty sky.......... 436 Come, humble sinner, in, ....,1073 Bebold the love, the generous.. 317 Come, let me love ! or is my., 969 Behold the morning son....... 437 Come, let our voices join to... 450 Behold the potter and the clay. 126 Come, let us join a joyful tune. 540 Behold the rose of Sharon here. 560 Come, let us join our cheerful. 271 Bebold the sin-atoning Lamb.. 897 Come, let us lift our joyful.... 422 Behold the sons, the heirs of... 947 Come, let us lift our voices.... 653 Behold the sure foundation.... 479 Come, Lord ! and help us to... 950 Betald! the woman's promis'd. 219 Come, Lord, and warm each... 1301 Bebold the wretch whose lust. 322 Come see on bloody Calvary... 1196 Bebold thy waiting servant.... 208 Come, sinners, saith the..... 832 Bebold what wondrous grace.. 164 Come, sound his praise abroad. 449 Beset with snares on every....1015 Come, thou fount of every..... 1227 Bless, O my soul, the living... 25 Come, thou long-expected... 880 Bless'd are the bumble souls... 389 Come, thou soul-transforming, .1086 Bless'd are the sons of God.... 812 Come, weary souls, with sins.. 835 Blesa'd are the sons of peace.. 416 Come, we that love the Lord.. 302 Bless'd are the souls that hear. 113 Come, ye sinners, poor and.... 833 Bless'd are the undefiled in.... 399 Come, ye that fear the Lord...1155 Bless'd be the everlasting God. 239 Come, ye that love the.... 893 Blee'd be the Father and his.. 694 Compared with Christ, in all.. 922 Bless'd be the tie that binds... 972 Consider all my sorrows, Lord. 623 Blesed Jesus, source of grace.. 926 Curst be the man, for ever .... 770 Bless'd is the man for ....... 162 Biex'd is the man who shuns.. 400 Daughters of Zion, come...... 564 Bless'd is the man whose...... 306 David rejoic'd in God his.... 253 Bless'd is the man whose heart. 1241 Day of judgment, day of...... 1295 Bless'd is the nation where. ... 14 Dead be my heart to all below. 1120 Bless'd men, who stretch......1010 Dear Friend of friendless...... 984 Bless'd morning, whose young. 443 Dear Lord! and shall thy Spirit 931 Bless'd Redeemer, how divine. 107 Dear Lord, and will thy....... 1164 Bless'd with the joys of....... 86 Dear Lord, behold our sore.... 373 Blood has a voice to pierce the. 142 Dear Lord! though bitter is... 98% Blow ye the trumpet, blow.... 775 Dear Lord! why should I.....1006 Bright King of glory, dreadful. 211 Dear Refuge of my weary soul. 1034 Broad is the road that leads to. 94 Dear Saviour! make me wise.. 962 Buried beneath the....... 530 Dear Saviour, we are thine.... 799 Buried in shadows of the night. 179 Dear Saviour! when my.... But few among the carnal wise 127 Dear Shepherd of thy people...1058

Dearest of all the names above. 145 Ca creatures to perfection find 42 Dearest Saviour, help thy...... 1083 Children, in years and... 589 Death cannot make our souls. . 654 Children of the heavenly King. 958 Death may dissolve my body.. 658 Christ and his cross is all our.. 118 Death! 'tis a melancholy day.. 650 Christ our passover is slain. ... 904 Death, with his dread...... . 1257 Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day 859 Deceiv'd by subtle snares of... 199 Come, all barmonious tongues. 252 Deep are the wounds which... 906 Come and behold the place.... 531 Deep in our hearts let us...... 230 Come, children, learn to fear... 590 Deep in the dust before thy.... 83 Come, dearest Lord, descend.. 453 Deluded souls! who think to..1118 Come, every pious beart....... 1207 Depraved minds, on ashes..... 876 Come, gracious Spirit....... 925 Descend, celestial Dove.... .. 1186 Come, Holy Spirit, dove divine. 525 Descend from heav'n.. 344 Come, guilty souls, and flee....1094 Descend, Holy Spirit, the. 932 Come, happy souls, approach.. 224 Did Christ o'er sinners weep., 1085 Come bither, all ye weary.v... 196 Dismiss us with thy blessing., 1106 Come, Holy Spirit, come...... 929 Do I believe what Jesus saith., 340

... 990

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