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Present Tense, am taught. Singular.

Plural. 1. Doceor,

Docemur, 2. Docēris, v. docere,

Docemini, 3. Docetur;


Imperfect, was taught. 1. Docėbar,

Docebamur, 2. Docēbāris, v. docebāre,

Docebamini, 3. Docebatur ;


Perfect, have been taught. 1. Doctus sum, v. fui,

Docti sumus, d. fuimus, 2. Doctus es, v. fuisti,

Docti estis, v. fuistis, 3. Doctus est, v. fuit;

Docti sunt, v. fuerunt v. fuere,

Pluperfect, had been taught. 1. Doctus eram, v. fueram,

Docti eramus, v. fueramus, 2. Doctus eras, v. fueras,

Docti eratis, v. fueratis, 3. Doctus erat, v. fuerat;

Docti erant, v. fuerant,

Future, shall, or will be taught. 1. Docébor,

Docebimur, 2. Doceberis, v. docebere,

Docebimini, 3. Docebitur ;



Augeo, to increase.
Algeo, to be cold.
Fulgeo, to shine.
Frigeo, to be cold.
Indulgeo, to indulge,
Lugeo, to mourn.
Mulgeo, to milk.
Tergeo, to wipe.
Turgeo, to swell.
Urgeo, to press.

Compleo, to fill.
Deleo, to blot out.
Fleo, to weep.
Adoleo, to grow up.
Aboleo, to abolish.
Absoleo, to grow out of use.
Insoleo, to grow into use.
Exoleo, to fade.

Maneo, to stay.
Neo, to spin.
Hæreo, to stick,
Adhæreo, to adhere.
Detorqueo, to wrest.

Foveo, to cherish.
Moveo, to move.
Voveo, to vow.
Devoveo, to devote.
Faveo, to favour.
Caveo, to beware of..
Ferveo, to be hot.
Conniyeo, to wink.

Mereor, to deserve.
Polliceor, to promise.
Tueor, to defend.
Reor, to think.
Misereor, to pily,
Fateor, to confess.
Profiteor, to profess.
Confiteor, to confess.


Present Tense, may, or can be taught, 1. Docear,

Doceamur, 2. Doceāris, v. doceäre,

Doceamini, 3. Doceatur;


Imperfect, might, &c. be taught, 1. Docerer,

Doceremur, 2. Docerēris, v. docerere,

Doceremini, 3. Doceretur ;


Perfect, may have been taught. 1. Doctus sim, v, fuerim,

Docti simus, v. fuerimus, 2. Doctus sis, v. fueris,

Docti sitis, v. fueritis, 3. Doctus sit, v. fuerit;

Docti sint, v. fuerint. Pluperfect, might, &c. have been taught. 1. Doctus essem, v. fuissem, Docti essemus, v. fuissemus, 2. Doctus esses, v. fuisses,

Docti essetis, v. fuissetis, 3. Doctus esset, v. fuisset;

Docti essent, v. fuissent.

Future, shall have been taught. 1. Doctus fuero,

Docti fuerimus, 2. Doctus fueris,

Docti fueritis, 3. Doctus fuerit;

Docti fuerint,


2. Docère, v. etor, be thou taught, Docemini, be ye taught,
3. Docetor, let him be taught ; Docentor, let them be taught,

Pres. Docēri, to be taught,
Perf. Esse, v. fuisse doctus-a-um, to have been taught,
Doctum iri, to be about to be taught.

Perf. Doctus-a-um, taught.

Doceodus-a-um, to be taught.

Ego doceo. Egodoceor Docti sumus. Doceat ille. Doceremur, Tu doctus es. Illi docebantur. Nos docuimus. Docenda est. Petrus docebitur, Ille doctus fuerit. Doceamur nos. Ille docebat. Illa docebit. Docti fuerint. Docetor, Docentor. Doctus. Docebaris. Tu docebare. Doce. Ego docerer. Vos doceremini. Docerere. Tu amas. Tu docendus es. Docebitis. Amabitis,

Nos amemur Vos docemini. Amator. Docemini. Illa est aman. da. Amer. Ego amabor. Tu ameris. Illi amati sint. Docear, Amantor Nos amabimur.



Facio, to do, to make.
Jacio, to throw.

Pres. Indic.

Perf. Indic. Supine. Pres. Infin.
Allicio, to allure.

Légi, Lectum,

Lěgěre, to read.
Elicio, to draw out.
Fodio, to dig.

Fugio, to fly.

Present Tense, read, or am reading.
Capio, to take.

Rapio, to snatch.

1. Lego, I read, Cupio, to desire.

Legimus, we read, Pario, to bring forth. 2. Legis, thou readest,

Legitis, ye read,
3. Legit, he reads;
Quatio, to shake.

Legunt, they read.

Imperfect, read, or did read.
Arguo, to argue.

1. Legebam, I read, or did read, Legebamus, we did read, Batuo, to beat.

2. Legebas, thou didst read, Legebatis, ye did read, Induo, to put on clothes. 3. Legebat, he read, or did read; Legebant, they did read. Exuo, to put off clothes.

Perfect, have read. Minuo, to lessen. 1. Légi, I have read,

Legimus, we have read,
Spuo, to spit.
2 Legisti, thou hast read,

Legistis, ye have read,
Statuo, to ordain.
Sternuo, to sneeze.
3. Legit, he has read ;

Legērunt, v. ere, they have read. Suo, to stich.

Pluperfect, had read. Tribuo, to give, to divide. 1 Legěram, I had read,

Legeramus, we had read,
Fluo, to flow.

2. Legeras, thou haust read, Legeratis, ye had read,
3. Legerat, he had read;

Legerant, they had read.
Bibo, to drink.

Future, shall, or will read. Scribo, to write. 1. Lěgam, I shall read,

Legēmus, we shall read, Nubo, to be married. 2. Leges, thou shalt read,

Legetis, ye shall read,
Accumbo,to recline attable. 3. Leget, he shall read ;

Legent, they shall read.
Dico, to say.

Duco, to lead.
Vinco, to conquer.

Present Tense, may, or can read.
Parco, to spare.
1. Legam, I may read,

Legamus, we may read,
Ico, to strike.
2. Legas, thou mayst read,

Legatis, ye may read,
3. Legat, he may read ;

Legant, they may read.
Nosco, to know.

Imperfect, might, &c. read. Dignosco, to distinguish.

1. Lěgěrem, I might read, Ignosco, to pardon.

Legěrēmus, we might read, Cresco, to grow.

2. Legeres, thou mightest read, Legeretis, ye might read, Quiesco, to rest.

3. Legeret, he might read ; -, Legerent, they might read. Scisco, to ordain.

Perfect, may have read. Suesco, to be accustomed. 1. Lēgerim, I may have read, Legerimus, we may have read, Agnosco, to own.

2. Legeris, thou mayst have read, Legeritis, ye may have read, Cognosco, to know. 3. Legerit, he may have read; Legerint, they may have read. Recognosco, to review.

Pluperfect, might, &c. have read.
Pasco, to feed.
Disco, to learn.

1. Légissem, I might have read, Legissemus, we might have read,

2. Legisses, thou mightest have read, Legissetis, ye might have read, Do. Scando, to climb.

3. Legisset, he might have read ; Legissent, they might have read. Edo, to eat.

Future, shall have read. Ascendo, to mount. 1. Legero, I shall have read, Legerimus, we shall have read, Accendo, to kindle. 2. Legeris, thou shalt have read. Legeritis, ye shall have read, Descendo, to go down. 3. Legerit, he shall have read ; Legerint, they shall have read. Defendo, to defend. Offendo, to strike against.

IMPERATIVE MOOD. Mando, to chew.

2. Lege, v. legito, read thou, Legito, v. legitote, read ye,
Divido, to divide.
3. Legito, let him read;

Legunto, let them read.
Rado, to shave.
Claudo, to close.

Plaudo, to clap hands for Pres. Legere, to read. Perf. Legisse, to have read.
Ludo, to play.


Esse lecturus, to be about to read. Fuisse lecturus, to have been Trudo, to thrust.

about to read. Lædo, to hurt.

PARTICIPLES. Rodo, to gnaw.

Pres. Legens, reading. Fut. Lecturus, about to read. Rego, to rule, to govern.

Porrigo, to stretch out.

Legendum-di-do-dum-do, reading, of reading, &c.
Cingo, to bind.
Fligo, to dash upon.

Jungo, to join.

Former. Lectum, to read. Latter. Lectu, to read, or to be read.


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Present Tense, am read.

Plural. 1. Legor, I am read,

Legimur, 2. Legeris, v. legere, thou art read, Legimini, 3. Legitur, he is read;


Imperfect, was read. 1. Legebar,

Legebamur, 2. Legebaris, v. legebare,

Legebamini, 3. Legebatur;


Perfect, have been read. 1. Lectus sum, v. fui,

Lecti sumus, v. fuimus, 2. Lectus es, v. fuisti,

Lecti estis, v. fuistis, 3. Lectus est, v. fuit;

Lecti sunt, v. fuerunt, v. fuere.

Pluperfect, had been read. 1. Lectus eram, v. fueram,

Lecti eramus, v. fueramus, 2. Lectus eras, v. fueras,

Lecti eratis, v. fueratis, 3. Lectus erat, v. fuerat;

Lecti erant, v. fuerant,

Future, shall be read. 1 Legar,

Legemur, 2. Legeris, v. legere,

Legemini, 3. Legetur;



Present Tense, may, or can be read. 1. Legar,

Legamur, 2. Legaris, v. legare,

Legamini, 3. Legatur ;


Imperfect, might, &c. be read. 1. Legerer,

Legeremur, 2. Legereris, v. lege rere,

Legeremini, 3. Legeretur,


Perfect, may have been read. 1. Lectus sim, o. fuerim,

Lecti simus, v. fuerimus, 2. Lectus sis, v. fueris,

Lecti sitis, v. fueritis, 3. Lectus sit, v. fuerit;

Lecti sint, v. fuerint. Pluperfect, might, &c. have been read. 1. Lectus essem, v. fuissem, Lecti essemus, v. fuissemus, 2. Lectus esses, v. fuisses,

Lecti essetis, v. fuissetis, 3. Lectus esset, v. fuisset;

Lecti essent, v. fuissent.

Future, shall have been read. 1. Lectus fuero,

Lecti fuerimus, 2. Lectus fueris,

Lecti fueritis, 3. Lectus fuerit;

Lecti fuerint.

Mungo, to wipe the nose.
Tego, to cover.
Ungo, to anoint.
Surgo, to rise.
Pergo, to go forward.
Fingo, to feign.
Pingo, to paint.
Stringo, to bind.
Frango, to break.
Ago, to do.
Diligo, to love.
Tango, to touch.
Pungo, to prick, or sting.
Pango, to fix, to compose.
Spargo, to spread.
Mergo, to dip, or plunge.

Traho, to draw.
Veho, to carry.

Colo, to adorn, to inhabit.
Alo, to nourish.
Molo, to grind.
Pello, to thrust.
Fallo, to deceive.
Tollo, to take away.

Gemo, to groan.
Fremo, to rage, or roar.
Vomo, to vomit.
Demo, to take away.
Promo, to bring out.
Sumo, to take.
Como, to deck, to dress.
Emo, to buy.

Pono, to put, to place.
Gigno, to beget.
Cano, to sing
Sperno, to disdain,or slight.
Sino, to permit.
Sterno, to lay flat.

Carpo, to pluck.
Clepo, to steal.
Repo, to creep.
Rumpo, to break.

Quæro, to seek.
Tero, to wear, to bruise.
Verro, to sweep.
Uro, to burn.
Gero, to carry
Curro, to run.
Sero, to sow.

Arcesso, to call, or send for
Capesso, to take.
Facesso, to do, to go away.
Lacesso, to provoke.
Flecto, to bow.
Plecto, to plait,
Necto, to knit.
Meto, to reap, or mow.
Peto, to seek, pursue.
Mitto, to send.

Vo. Vivo, to live. Solvo, to loose. Volvo, to roll.

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INFINITIVE MOOD. Pres. Legi, to be read. Perf. Esse, v. fuisse lectus-a-um, to have been read. Fut. Lectum iri, to be about to be read.


Perf. Lectus-a-um, read.
Fut. Legendus-a-um, to be read.




PRINCIPAL PARTS. Custodio, to keep.

Pres. Indic. Dormio, to sleep.

Perf. Indic.

Supine. Pres. Infin.
Erudio, to instruct.

Audio, Audivi, Auditum, Audire, to hear.
Grunnio, to grunt.
Hinnio, to neigh.

Impedio, to hinder.

Present Tense, hear, or am hearing.
Lippio, to be dim sighted.

Mugio, to bellow.
Munio, to fortify.
1. Audio, I hear,

Audimus we hear,
Nutrio, to nourish.
2. Audis, thou hearest,

Auditis, ye hear, Obedio, to obey 3. Audit, he hears ;

Audiunt, they hear. Punio, to punish.

Imperfect, heard, or was hearing. Rugio, to roar like a lion. 1. Audiebam, I heard,

Audiebamus, we heard, Sævio, to rage.

2. Audiebas, thou didst hear, Audiebatis, ye heard, Nescio, not to know. 3. Audiebat, he heard ;

Audiebant, they heard.
Servio, to serve.

Perfect, have heard.
Tussio, to cough.
Vestio, to clothe.
1. Audivi, I have heard,

Audivimus, we have heard,
2. Audivisti, thou hast heard, Audivistis, ye have heard,
Singultio, to sob.
3. Audivit, he has heard ;

Audivérunt, v.ivēre, they have heard. Sepelio, to bury.

Pluperfect, had heard. Venio, to come.

1. Audivěram, I had heard, Audiveramus, we had heard, Veneo, to be sold.

2. Audiveras, thou hadst heard, Audiveratis, ye had heard, Salio, to leap.

3. Audiverat, he had heard ; Audiverant, they had heard.

Future, shall, or will hear.
Amicio, to cover.
Vincio, to tie.
1. Audiam, I shall hear,

Audiemus, we shall hear,
Sancio, to ratify.
2. Audies, thou shalt hear,

Audietis, ye shall hear, 3. Audiet, he shall hear ;

Audient, they shall hear.
Cambio, to change money.

Sepio, to hedge.
Haurio, to draw out.

Present Tense, may, or can hear.
Sentio, to perceive. 1. Audiam, I may hear,

Audiamus, we may hear, Raucio, to be hoarse.

2. Audias, thou mayest hear, Audiatis, ye may hear,
Sarcio, to mend.
3. Audiat, he may hear ;

Audiant, they may hear.
Farcio, to cram.
Fulcio, to prop.

Imperfect, might, &c. hear.
1. Audirem, I might hear,

Audirēmus, we might hear, Cæcutio, to be dim sighted. 2. Audires, thou mightest hear, Audiretis, ye might hear, Gestio, to leap for joy.

3. Audiret, he might hear; Audirent, they might hear. Glocio, to cluck as a hen.

Perfect, may, or can have heard. Dementio, to be mad.

1. Audiverim, I may have heard, Audiverimus, we may have heard, Ineptio, to play the fool. 2. Audiveris, thou mayest have heard, Audiveritis, ye may have heard, Prosilio, to leap forth. 3. Audiverit, he may have heard ; Audiverint, they may have heard. Ferocio, to be fierce.

Pluperfect, might, &c. have heard. DEPONENTS, of the 4th. Conjugation.

1. Audivissem, I might have heard, Audivissemus, we might have heard, Blandior, lo flatter.

2. Audivisses, thou mightest have heard, Audivissetis, ye might have heard, Largior, to give liberally.

3. Audivisset, he might have heard ; Audivissent, they might have heard. Mentior, to lie.

Future, shall have heard. Molior, to attempt some- 1. Audivero, I shall have heard, Audiverimus, we shall have heard,

thing difficult. 2. Audiveris, thou shalt have heard, Audiveritis, ye shall have heard, Partior, to divide.

3. Audiverit, he shall have heard ; Audiverint, they shall have heard. Potior, to enjoy.

Sortior, to cast lots.
Metior, to measure. 2. Audi, v. audito, hear thou, Audite, v. auditote, hear ye,
Ordior, to begin.
3. Audito, let him hear;

Audiunto, let them hear.
Experior, to try.

Opperior, to wait for one.

Pres. Audire, to har. Perf. Audivisse, to have heard. of the 3d. Conjugation. Fut. Esse auditurus, to be about to hear. Fuisse auditurus, to have Vescor, to feed.

been about to hear. Medeor, to heal.

Reminiscor, to remember.
Trascor, to be angry.

Pres. Audiens, hearing. Fut. Auditurus, about to hear.
Ringor, to grin.

Divertor, to turn aside.

Audiendum-di-do-dum-do, hearing, of hearing, &c.
Prævertor, to get before.
Diffiteor, to deny.

Defetiscor, to be weary. Former. Auditum, to hear. Latter. Auditi, to hear, or to be heard.



EXERCISES. Amplector, to embrace. Fungor, to discharge an Revertor, to return. [office.

[blocks in formation]

Labor, to slide.
Ulciscor, lo rerenge.
Utor, to use.
Loquor, to speak.
Sequor, to follow.
Queror, to complain.
Nitor, to endeavour.
Paciscor, to bargain.
Gradior, to go.
Proficiscor, to go ajourney.
Nanciscor, to get.
Patior, to suffer.
Apiscor, to get.
Comminiscor, to devise.
Fruor, to enjoy
Obliviscor, lo forget.
Expergiscor, to awake.
Morior, to die.
Nascor, to be born.
Orior, to rise.

Present Tense, am heard. Singular.

Plural. 1. Audior,

Audimur, 2. Audiris, v. audire,

Audimini, 3. Auditur ;


Imperfect, was heard. 1. Audiebar,

Audiebamur, 2. Audiebaris, v. audiebare, Audiebamini, 3. Audiebatur ;


Perfect, have been heard. 1. Auditus sum, v. fui,

Auditi sumus, v. fuimus, 2. Auditus és, v. fuisti,

Auditi estis, v. fuistis, 3. Auditus est, v. fuit;

Auditi sunt, v, fuērunt, v. fuere.

Pluperfect, had been heard. 1. Auditus eram, v. fueram, Auditi eramus, v. fueramus, 2. Auditus eras, v. fueras,

Auditi eratis, v. fueratis, 3. Auditus erat, v. fuerat;

Auditi erant, v. fuerant.

Future, shall be heard. 1. Audiar,

Audiēmur, 2. Audieris, v. audiere,

Audiemini, 3. Audiet ur ;


Present Tense, may, or can be heard. 1. Audiar,

Audiamur, 2. Audiaris, v. audiäre,

Audiamini, 3. Audiatur;


Imperfect, might, &c. be heard. 1. Audirer,

Audiremur, 2. Audireris, v. audirere,

Audiremini, 3. Audiretur ;


Perfect, may have been heard. 1. Auditus sim, v. fuerim,

Auditi simus, v. fuerimus, 2. Auditus sis, v. fueris,

Auditi sitis, v. fueritis, 3. Auditus sit, v. fuerit;

Auditi sint, v. fuerint. Pluperfect, might, &c. have been heard. 1. Auditus essem, v. fuissem, Auditi essemus. v. fuissemus, 2. Auditus esses, v. fuisses,

Auditi essetis, v. fuissetis, 3. Auditus esset, v. fuisset;

Auditi essent, v. fuissent.

Future, shall have been heard. 1. Auditus fuero,

Auditi fuerimus, 2. Auditus fueris,

Auditi fueritis, 3. Auditus fuerit;

Auditi fuerint.

Ego lego, legebam, legi, legam, legeram, Nos legimus, legebamus, legimus, legeramus, legemus. Ego legam, legerem, legerim, legeres, legissem, legero. Nos legamus, legeremus, legerimus, legissemus, legissetis. Ego audio, audiebam, audivi, audiveram, audiam. Nos audimus, audiebamus, audivimus, audiveramus, audiemus. Ego audiam, audirem, audiverim, audivissem, audivero. Nos audiamus, audiremus, audive. rimus, audivissemus, audiverimus, audi, audite, audiens, audito, audiunto, auditum. Lege, legite, lecturus. Legito, legunto, lectu. Legens, legendum, lectum. Ego legor, legebar, lectus

sum, lectus eram, legar. Nos legimur, legebamur, lecti sumus, lecti eramus, legemur. Ego legar, legerer, lectus sim, lectus essem, lectus fuero. Nos legamur, legeremur, lecti simus, lecti essemus, lecti fuerimus. Legere tu. Legimini vos. Legitor. Leguntor. Ego audior, audiebar, auditus sum, auditus eram, audiar.

IMPERATIVE MOOD 2. Audire, v. auditor, be thou heard, Audimini, be ye heard, 3. Auditor, let him be heard ; Audiuntor, let them be heard.

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