Lexicon Balatronicum: A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, University Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence

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C. Chappel, 1811 - 221 pagine

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Pagina 11 - seated on the stools. The person intended to be ducked plays the Ambassador, and after repeating a ridiculous speech dictated to him, is led in great form up to the throne, and seated between the king and queen, who rising suddenly as soon as he is seated, he falls backwards into the tub of water.
Pagina 11 - Arthur! if during this ceremony the person introduced laughs or smiles (to which his majesty endeavours to excite him, by all sorts of ridiculous gesticulations), he changes place with, and then becomes, king Arthur, till relieved by some brother tar, who has as little command over his muscles as himself. ARTICLES. Breeches; coat, waistcoat, and articles.
Pagina 41 - appointment, either by day or by night, in every place whatever. I will take my prince's part against all that shall oppose him, or any of us, according to the utmost of my ability ; nor will I suffer him, or any one belonging to us, to be abused by any strange abrams, rufflers, hookers,
Pagina 41 - him? that is, Why do not you set Dun to arrest him ? Hence it became a cant word, and is now as old as since the days of Henry VII. Dun was also the general name for the hangman, before that of Jack Ketch. And presently a halter got, Made of the best strong hempen
Pagina 11 - on board ships in the warm latitudes. It is thus managed : A large tub is filled with water, and two stools placed on each side of it. Over the whole is thrown a tarpaulin, or old sail : this is kept tight by two persons, who are to represent the king and queen of a foreign country, and
Pagina 41 - upon their heads; and at the fair there are sold rams horns, and every sort of toy made of horn ; even the gingerbread figures have horns. The vulgar tradition gives the following history of the origin of this fair; King John, or some other of our ancient kings, being at the palace of . Eltham, in this neighbourhood, and having been
Pagina 11 - dressed, having a large wig made out of oakum, or some old swabs, is seated on the side, or over a large vessel of water. Every person in his turn is to be ceremoniously introduced to him, and to pour a bucket of water over him, crying,
Pagina 11 - England and France (sons of St. Anthony), whose swine were permitted to feed in the streets. These swine would follow any one having greens or other provisions, till they obtained some of them; and it was in those days considered an act of charity and religion to feed them.
Pagina 38 - a man who had no right to the privilege of the chase, was obliged to cut or law his dog: among other modes of disabling him from disturbing the game, one was by depriving him of his tail: a dog so cut was called a cut or curtailed dog, and by contraction a cur. A cur is figuratively
Pagina 66 - in his hand, at which he seems to work, the woman all the while beating him with a ladle; a smock displayed on a staff is carried before them as an emblematical standard, denoting female superiority: they are accompanied by what is called the rough music, that is,

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