Ancient Art and Its Remains, Or, A Manual of the Archæology of Art

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B. Quaritch, 1852 - 636 pagine


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Pagina 213 - Recherches pour servir à l'histoire de l'Egypte pendant la domination des Grecs et des Romains...
Pagina 217 - Voyage à l'oasis de Thèbes et dans les déserts situés à l'orient et à l'occident de la Thébaïde, fait pendant les années 1815, 1816, 1817 et 1818 par M. Frédéric CAILLIAUD (de Nantes) ; rédigé et publié par M. Jomard ; contenant : 1° le Voyage à l'oasis du Dakel, par M.
Pagina 108 - ... hominis autem imaginem gypso e facie ipsa primus omnium expressit ceraque in eam formam gypsi infusa emendare instituit Lysistratus Sicyonius, frater Lysippi de quo diximus.
Pagina 130 - Cyzicus (§. 1 53), whose reliefs, representing, in numerous mythological and historical groups, examples of the piety of sons toward their mothers, are deserving of notice as a work of fine conception and skilful invention towards the end of this period. 1. Plin. xxxvi, 4, 10: Zethus et Amphion ac Dirce et taurus, vinculumque, ex eodem lapide, Rhodo advecta opera Apollonii et Taurisci.
Pagina 575 - ... the colossal group on Monto Cavallo. The distinction between Polydeuces the boxer, and Castor in his equestrian costume, is only to be found where they are represented in heroic circumstances, not where they are exhibited as objects of worship, as the Athenian Anakes and as genii of light in its rising and setting, (whereby they also admit of a reference to the destinies of the life of man). 1. Corinthian coins. Medea §. 412, 5.
Pagina 463 - R. 3.) the Pallas Promachos of Phidias, and is probably to be restored in many statues of Pallas executed after a sublime model, which exhibit a somewhat more combative action than usual in the bold sweep of the aegis, and the whole bearing of the body, and are distinguished by the particularly powerful and athletic form of the limbs. Where, therefore, 5 Athena appears, in smaller...
Pagina 477 - Other attitudes which indicate more \ movement and action, notwithstanding the particular charms which they unfold, have not the same pervading and uniform fulness of beauty as the chief statues before described. To this class belong those crouching in the bath, girding themselves with the cestus, putting on a shoulder-belt or sandals. The Anadyomenc, in the strict sense, is not a subject for the plastic art.
Pagina 626 - Description of the plates of fresco decorations and stuccos in — Italy, with an essay on the Arabesques of the Ancients as compared with those of Raphael and his school, by Hittorff L.
Pagina 206 - Mém. sur les antiq. chrétiennes. Peintures des catacombes. P. 1836. Deux Mém. Pierres sépuicr. 1836. [Trois. Mém. objets déposés dans les tombeaux ant qui se retrouvent en tout ou en partie dans les cimetières chrétiens. 1838.] But newly formed subjects also, such as the good shepherd, appear to have been conceived at this time in an artistic manner. Rumohr describes a meritorious statue of the good shepherd at Rome, Ital. Forsch, is 168 ; a good figure of the kind as a sarcophagus in the...
Pagina 188 - Dioscorides, who engraved the head of Augustus with which the emperor himself sealed, was the 2 most distinguished worker of the time in intaglios. But still more important than the stones preserved under his name, is a series of cameos which represent the Julian and Claudian families at particular epochs, and besides the splendour of the material and dexterity in using it, are also in many other re3 spects deserving of admiration. In all the principal works of the kind the same system prevails of...

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