Practical Astronomy with your Calculator

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Cambridge University Press, 2 feb 1989
Practical Astronomy with your Calculator, first published in 1979, has enjoyed immense success. The author's clear and easy to follow routines enable you to solve a variety of practical and recreational problems in astronomy using a scientific calculator. Mathematical complexity is kept firmly in the background, leaving just the elements necessary for swiftly making calculations. The major topics are: time, coordinate systems, the Sun, the planetary system, binary stars, the Moon, and eclipses. In the third edition there are entirely new sections on generalised coordinate transformations, nutrition, aberration, and selenographic coordinates. The calculations for sunrise and moonrise are improved. A larger page size has increased the clarity of the presentation. This handbook is essential for anyone who needs to make astronomical calculations. It will be enjoyed by amateur astronomers and appreciated by students studying introductory astronomy. • Clear presentation • Reliable approximations • Covers orbits, transformations, and general celestial phenomena • Can be used anywhere, worldwide • Routines extensively tested by thousands of readers round the world

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Solar The The The
The date ofEaster 3 Converting the date tothe day number
Converting decimal hoursto
Converting to thelocal UT 10 Converting UT tolocal civiltime
Converting between angles expressed
Horizon to equatorial coordinate
The apparentorbitofthe Sun 46 Calculatingtheposition ofthe
Calculatingorbitsmore precisely 48 Calculating theSuns distanceand angular size
Sunrise andsunset
The equation oftime
elongations The planets cometsand binary stars

Ecliptic to equatorial coordinate conversion
Equatorial to ecliptic coordinate conversion
Equatorial to galactic coordinate conversion
Galactic toequatorial coordinate conversion 31 Generalisedcoordinate transformations 32 angle between two celestial objects 33 Rising andsetting 34 ...
Geocentric parallax andthe figure of the Earth
Calculatingcorrections for parallax
Heliographic coordinates
Carrington rotation numbers
Selenographic coordinates
Atmospheric extinction
planetaryorbits 54 Calculatingthecoordinates of aplanet 55 Finding theapproximate positions oftheplanets 56 Perturbations ina planets orbit 57 distan...
phasesofthe planets
positionangle ofthe bright
The apparent brightnessofa planet
Parabolic orbits
Binarystar orbits
The Moons hourly motions phases oftheMoon positionangleof the Moons bright limb
Moonrise and moonset rules of eclipses 73 Calculating a lunareclipse 74 Calculating a solar eclipse

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