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good quality of materials, and neatness of typography, shall be care. fully attended to.

III. As the work, on account of engravings, &c. will be attended with considerable expence, the publisher wishes to see 500 names on his list before he can commence the publication. When Vol. I. is printed, if not before, the price and extent of this valuable work will be more accurately ascertained.

IV. It is not expected to exceed 3 dollars 50 cents per vol. and per. haps may be delivered to subscribers for less than 3 dollars each volume, delivered as published, and to be paid for on delivery; neatly bound and lettered, unless preferred in boards, which can be mentioned at the time of subscribing.

V. For every five subscribed for, or purchased, and for which se. curity shall be given for payment, the sixth copy will be delivered gratis.

VI. Payment of the postage of letters, in which subscribers' names are contained, will be expected from those who obtain subscriptions.

VII. The Volumes will be packed and delivered to orders; but the subscribers will recollect that they must divide the expences of freight and carriage among themselves, which will be but a trifle to each person.

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Baxter's Miscellanies, Containing Call to the Unconverted; Converse with God in Solia tude, and Dying Thoughts. Price 1 dollar-bound in 1 volume. Miscellaneous Works of the Rev.

Charles Buck, (Author of the Theological Dictionary:) containing the Youmg Christian's Guide, or, suitable Directions, Cautions, and Encouragement, to the believer on his first entrance into the divine life- A treatise on Religious Experience; in which its Nature, Evidences, and Advantages, are considered - Together with Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Eatertaining: alphabetically arranged, and interspersed with a variety of useful observations: in 3 volumes, price 3 dollars.

The Young Christian's Guide,

“We cannot recollect when we have read a performance of this na. ture, that has afforded us a higher degree of satisfaction; or which, in our opinion, is better calculated for the instruction and entertainment of young people. We shall be truly sorry, if it be not introduced into many religious families, and particularly into the numerous seminaries in and about the metropolis." Bib. and Theo. Review.

“ This is a useful and sensible book. The christian will read it with pleasure and benefit. Every page contains admonitions which must be appropriate; and the statements and directions are throughout illus, trated and enforcerl, by Anecdotes of eminent Christians.”

Eclectic Reviete

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Y serious and judi I n d. Trons, evangelical and

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Treatise on Religious Experience.

“We doubt not this book will be perused with great advantage by all classes of Christians. The reader will find many serious and judicious remarks. The whole is, in our opinion, pious, evangelical and useful.”

Evangelical Revies. “ We recommend this Work to serious minds, as likely to prove of considerable use and benefit.”

Eclectic Revier. “There is much in this book on which every Christian may meditate with advantage: much seriousness and sincerity of mind: mucb selection on religious subjects: much knowledge of the human heart,

and of the manner in which divine grace affects and improves it, are · here displayed."

British Critica


« This work is well calculated for young persons, and may prove in pany cases a very acceptable present to them, as it conveys much instruction mingled with entertainment. It will also serve for a pleasing companion to the traveller in the chaise, or the stage-coach. In short, it affords a copious fund of rational amusement for a leisure hour. We have no doubt but it will obtain, as it certairly merits, an extensive circulation.”

Evangelical Revico.

Helps to Composition;

Or, six hundred Skeletons of Sermons, several being the substance of Sermons preached before the University, by the Rev. Charles Si. meon, M. A. Fellow of King's College, Cambridge: from the second London edition, in 5 large octavo vols. at 2 dollars 50 cents per rolume, to subscribers....will shortly go to press. The work contains, besides the Skeletons, Claud's Essays, and ten complete Sermons on the Christian Armour. Also, a Sermon on the Gospel Message. This work is contemplated for press in a few weeks.

Christian Memoirs, In the form of a New Pilgrimage to the Heavenly Jerusalem, containing, by way of Allegorical Narrative, a great variety of Dialogues on the most interesting subjects....and adventures of eminently Reli. gious William Shrubsole, late minister at Bethel Chapel, Sheerness. From the third London edition, with the Life of the Author, 1 dollar 25 cents.

JUST PUBLISHED, The Christian Preacher, Or, Discourses on Preaching, by several eminent Divines. English and Foreign; revised and abridged, with an appendix, on the choice of Books: by Edward Williams, D. D. Author of the abridgment of Owvcn on the Hebrews, as &c. in one neat 12mo vol.

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