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8 Greek Ollendorff.* Being a Progressive Exthe Principles of the Greek Grammar. By ASAHEL C. Professor of Greek Language in the University of 12mo. 871 pages.

ology and Crito.* With Notes by W. S. TYLER ofessor of Greek in Amherst College. 12mo.

s Memorabilia of Socrates. With N nction by R. D. C. ROBBINS, Professor of Languag College. 12mo. 421 pages.

Anabasis. With Explanatory Notes for the u nd Colleges. By JAMES R. BOISE, Professor of Greel ersity of Michigan. 12mo. 393 pages.

Edipus Tyrannus. With Notes for the Use nd Colleges. By HOWARD CROSBY, Professor of Greek ersity of New York. 12mo. 188 pages.

ebrew and Syriac.

Hebrew Grammar. Seventeenth Edition, with and Additions, by Dr. E. RODIGER. Translated by T. Professor of Hebrew in Rochester Theological SemYork. 8vo. 861 pages.

s Syriac Grammar. Translated from the GerENOCH HUTCHINSON. With a Course of Exercises in nmar, and a Chrestomathy and brief Lexicon pron slator. 8vo. 867 pages.

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mugnon Avita, Critical zou Lapranawory, a divaioví, trougiapuivai

and Historical Indexes, and a Map of Gaul. By J. A. SPENCER, D.D. 12mo. 408 pages.

Cicero's Select Orations. With Notes for the use of Schools and Colleges. By E. A. JOHNSON, Professor of Latin in the Uniersity of New York. 12mo. 459 pages.

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