The Life of Titian: with Anecdotes of the Distinguished Persons of His Time, Volume 2

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H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1830

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Pagina 364 - ... an intimate friend or inveterate foe were in the room with you; they exert a kind of fascinating power ; and there is that exact resemblance of individual nature which is always new and always interesting...
Pagina 373 - ... a hand, or an eye, and had acquired patience to finish a single figure, before they undertook to paint extensive compositions. They knew that though Fame is represented with her head above the clouds, her feet rest upon the earth. Genius can only have its full scope, where, though much may have been done, more remains to do ; where models exist chiefly to show the deficiencies of art, and where the perfect idea is left to be filled up in the painter's imagination.
Pagina 358 - It is difficult, nay, impossible, to say which is the finest in this respect : but either one or the other (whichever we turn to, and we can never be satisfied with looking at either — so rich a scene do they unfold, so serene a harmony do they infuse into the soul) is like a divine piece of music, or rises " like an exhala.tion of rich distilled perfumes.
Pagina 141 - It is situated in the extreme part of Venice, upon the sea, and from it one sees the pretty little island of Murano and other beautiful places. This part of the sea, as soon as the sun went down, swarmed with gondolas adorned with beautiful women, and resounded with the varied harmony and music of voices and instruments, which till midnight accompanied our delightful supper.
Pagina 27 - Ch' un marmo solo in se non circonscriva Col suo soverchio; e solo a quello arriva La man che ubbidisce all
Pagina 359 - Everywhere tone, not form, predominates — there is not a distinct line in the picture, — but a gusto, a rich taste of colour is left upon the eye as if it were the palate, and the diapason of picturesque harmony is full to overflowing. " Oh Titian and Nature ! which of you copied the other...
Pagina 379 - The principle of universal suffrage, however applicable to matters of government which concern the common feelings and common interests of society, is by no means applicable to matters of taste, which can only be decided upon by the most refined understandings.
Pagina 27 - Ch' a lui mi levo per divin concetti E quivi informo i pensier tutti ei detti, Ardendo, amando per gentil persona. Onde se mai da due begli occhi il guardo Torcer non so, conosco in lor la luce, Che mi mostra la via, che a Dio mi guide; E se nel lume loro acceso io ardo, Nel nobil foco mio dolce riluce La gioia che nel cielo eterna ride...
Pagina 62 - Raffaelle and Titian seem to have looked at nature for different purposes; they both had the power of extending their view to the whole; but one looked only for the general effect as produced by form the other as produced by colour.
Pagina 27 - Amor dunque non ha, né tua beltate o durezza o fortuna o gran disdegno, del mio mal colpa, o mio destino o sorte; se dentro del tuo cor morte e pietate porti in un tempo, e che '1 mio basso ingegno non sappia, ardendo, trarne altro che morte.

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