Green Barbarians: Live Bravely on Your Home Planet

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Simon and Schuster, 29 dic 2009 - 288 pagine
Sandbeck preaches a return to a more primitive way of life—a life with more joy and fewer household products. Green Barbarians demonstrates that by mustering a bit of courage and relying less on many modern conveniences, we can live happier, safer, more ecologically and economically responsible lives..

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I really wanted to like this book. I have always agreed that dirt is good for you; my Grandma always said kids grow on dirt. But I had to stop reading halfway through the book when Sandbeck made the ... Leggi recensione completa

Review: Green Barbarians: Live Bravely on Your Home Planet

Recensione dell'utente  - Michelle Lynn - Goodreads

The author is a gardener (landscape architect) by trade, not a scientist, researcher, doctor or academic. Much of her knowledge is based on non-peer-reviewed information or outdated scientific ... Leggi recensione completa


The Barbarian Body
At the Barbarians Table
The Barbarians Kitchen
The Barbarian Bathroom
Barbarian Laundry
Barbarically Healthy
Barbarian Pets
In Conclusion

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Ellen Sandbeck is an organic landscaper, worm wrangler, writer, and graphic artist who lives with (and experiments on) her husband and an assortment of younger creatures -- which includes two mostly grown children, a couple of dogs, a small flock of laying hens, and many thousands of composting worms -- in Duluth, Minnesota. She is the author of Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles and Eat More Dirt.

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