The Oxford Companion to English Literature

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Margaret Drabble
Oxford University, 2006 - 1172 pagine
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The first edition of The Oxford Companion to English Literature, edited by Sir Paul Harvey, was published in 1932, and quickly established itself as as the standard source of reference for scholars, students, and general readers alike. In 1985, under the editorship of Margaret Drabble, thetext was thoroughly and sensitively revised to bring it up to date without losing its essential character, or the lightness of touch that made it such a pleasure to dip into. The sixth edition, published in 2000, was extensively revised, expanded, and updated. Almost 600 new entries covered new writers, genres, and issues, and existing entries were reworked to incorporate the latest scholarship. The text was written by a team of more than 140 contributors under MargaretDrabble's editorial direction, including Brian Aldiss, Lisa Appignanesi, Jonathan Coe, Penelope Fitzgerald, Roy Porter, and Salman Rushdie. In addition to the extensive coverage of writers, works, literary theory, allusions, and characters, there are sixteen featured entries on key topics includingblack British literature, fantasy fiction, and modernism. The Companion remains an unrivalled work that places English literature in its widest context: no other book offers such extensive exploration of the classical roots of English literature, and the European and non-European works and writersthat have influenced its development. The sixth edition is now being reissued to ensure that it remains absolutely up to date: the invaluable appendices - the chronology, and lists of winners of major literary awards - have been updated, as have many of the entries. Informed by the latest scholarly thinking, and comprehensivelycross-referenced to guide the reader to topics of related interest, the Companion retains its position as the best guide to English literature available.

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Review: The Oxford Companion to English Literature

Recensione dell'utente  - Scott Golden - Goodreads

It's somewhat dated, Anglo-centric, Euro-centric, and -- as might be expected -- largely disregards 'genre fiction'; but, I'm still a sucker for these type of encyclopedias. A great big summary of literature that was either written in, or translated into the English language. Leggi recensione completa

Review: The Oxford Companion to English Literature

Recensione dell'utente  - Phildobbin - Goodreads

essential companion to anybody who cares about books & their authors... Leggi recensione completa


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Margaret Drabble is a distinguished novelist and biographer. Her many novels include Jerusalem the Golden, The Needle's Eye, The Seven Sisters, and The Red Queen. She has also written biographies of Arnold Bennett and Angus Wilson.

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