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4 Lord, how thy wonders are displayed, Where'er I turn my eye,

If I survey the ground I tread,
Or gaze upon the sky!

5 There's not a plant or flower below,
But makes thy glories known;
And clouds arise and tempests blow
By order from thy throne.

6 His hand is my perpetual guard;
He keeps me with his eye:
Why should I, then, forget the Lord,
Who is for ever nigh?



S. M.



"What is Man, that Thou art mindful of him?"

O LORD! Our Heavenly King,
Thy name is all divine;
Thy glories round the earth are spread,
And o'er the heavens they shine.


When to thy works on high
I raise my wondering eyes,
And see the moon in brightness walk
Across the kindling skies,-

3 When I behold the stars,
Those radiant files of light,
Lord! what is man, and all his power,
To thy resistless might?

Lord! what is feeble man,
That thou shouldst love him so?
Next to thine angels is he placed,
And lord of all below.

5 How rich thy bounties are!
How wondrous are thy ways!
Thus from decaying dust to form
A monument of praise.


Goodness of God.

1 THY goodness, Lord! our souls confess; Thy goodness we adore;

A spring whose blessings never fail,
A sea without a shore!

C. M.


2 Sun, moon, and stars thy love declare In every golden ray;

Love draws the curtains of the night,
And love brings back the day.

3 Thy bounty every season crowns,
With all the bliss it yields;
With joyful clusters loads the vines,

With strengthening grain, the fields.

4 But chiefly thy compassion, Lord!
Is in the Gospel seen;
There, like a sun, thy mercy shines,
Without a cloud between.

C. M.


God in Nature.

1 THERE is a book, who runs may read,
Which heavenly truth imparts,
And all the lore its scholars need,
Pure eyes and Christian hearts.


2 The works of God above, below,
Within us, and around,

Are pages in that book, to show
How God himself is found.

3 The glorious sky, embracing all,
Is like the Maker's love,
Wherewith encompassed, great and small
In peace and order move.

4 The dew of heaven is like thy grace;
It steals in silence down;
But where it lights, the favored place
By richest fruits is known.

5 One name, above all glorious names,
With its ten thousand tongues,
The everlasting sea proclaims,
Echoing angelic songs.

6 The raging fire, the roaring wind,
Thy boundless power display;
But in the gentler breeze we find
Thy Spirit's viewless way.

7 Thou, who hast given me eyes to see And love this sight so fair,

Give me a heart to find out thee,
And read thee everywhere!


Consider the Lilies.

1 Lo, the lilies of the field!

How their leaves instruction yield!
Hark to nature's lesson given
By the blessed birds of heaven!

7s. M.


Every bush and tufted tree
Warbles trust and piety:

Children, banish doubt and sorrow,-
God provideth for the morrow.

2 One there lives, whose guardian eye
Guides our earthly destiny;

One there lives, who, Lord of all,
Keeps his children lest they fall:
Pass we, then, in love and praise,
Trusting him, through all our days,
Free from doubt and faithless sorrow,-
God provideth for the morrow.

L. M.



Goodness of God.

1 GOD, thou art good! each perfumed flower,
The waving field, the dark green wood,
The insect fluttering for an hour,
All things proclaim that God is good.

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2 I hear it in each breath of wind:
The hills that have for ages stood,
And clouds with gold and silver lined,
All still repeat that God is good.

3 Each little rill, that many a year
Has the same verdant path pursued,
And every bird, in accents clear,
Joins in the song that God is good.

4 The countless hosts of twinkling stars,
That sing his praise with light renewed;
The rising sun each day declares,
In rays of glory, God is good.

5 The moon, that walks in brightness, says
That God is good! and man, endued
With power to speak his Maker's praise,
Should still repeat that God is good.



God our Shepherd. Psalm 23.

THE Lord my shepherd is,
I shall be well supplied:
Since he is mine, and I am his,
What can I want beside?

S. M.

123 He leads me to the place

Where heavenly pasture grows, Where living waters gently pass, And full salvation flows.



3 If e'er I go astray,

He doth my soul reclaim,
And guides me in his own right way,
For his most holy name.

While he affords his aid,
I cannot yield to fear;

Though I should walk thro' death's dark shade,
My Shepherd's with me there.

5 In sight of all my foes

Thou dost my table spread; My cup with blessings overflows, And joy exalts my head.

6 The bounties of thy love

Shall crown my following days; Nor from thy house will I remove, Nor cease to speak thy praise.

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