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3 "O holy, holy, holy Lord,
Whom heavenly hosts obey,
The world is with the glory filled
Of thy majestic sway!"

4 The Apostles' glorious company,
And prophets crowned with light,
With all the martyrs' noble host,
Thy constant praise recite.

5 The holy Church throughout the world,
O Lord, confesses thee,
That thou Eternal Father art,
Of boundless majesty.

11s. M.



Glad Worship.

I APPROACH not the altar with gloom in thy soul,
Nor let thy feet falter from terror's control;
God loves not the sadness of fear and mistrust;
O serve him with gladness, the Loving and

2 His bounty is tender, his being is love;

His smile fills with splendor the blue arch above; Confiding, believing, O enter always

His courts with thanksgiving, his portals with praise!

3 Come not to his temple with pride in thy mien,
But lowly and simple, in courage serene;
Bring meekly before him the faith of a child,
Bow down and adore Him with heart undefiled!

L. M.


Praise to the Creator.

1 BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,
Ye nations bow with sacred joy;
Know that the Lord is God alone;
He can create, and he destroy.


2 His sovereign power, without our aid,
Made us of clay, and formed us men;
And when like wandering sheep we strayed,
He brought us to his fold again.

3 We are his people, we his care,
Our souls, and all our mortal frame;
What lasting honors shall we rear,
Almighty Maker, to thy name?

4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs;
High as the heavens our voices raise;
And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,
Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise.

5 Wide as the world is thy command, Vast as eternity thy love,

Firm as a rock thy truth shall stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.

8 & 7s. M.


For the Gifts of the Spirit.

1 HOLY Spirit! source of gladness, Shine amid the clouds of night; O'er our weariness and sadness


Breathe thy life, and shed thy light!

Send us thine illumination,

Banish all our fears at length, Rest upon this congregation, Spirit of unfailing strength!

2 Let that love, which knows no measure, Now in quickening showers descend, Bringing us the richest treasure

Man can wish or God can send;
Hear our earnest supplication,
Every struggling heart release;
Rest upon this congregation,
Spirit of eternal Peace!

L. M.


Coming in the Name of Jesus.

1 GREAT God! the followers of thy Son,
We bow before thy mercy-seat,
To worship thee, the Holy One,
And pour our wishes at thy feet.


2 O grant thy blessing here to-day;
O give thy people joy and peace;
The tokens of thy love display,
And favor, that shall never cease.

3 We seek the truth which Jesus brought;
His path of light we long to tread;
Here be his holy doctrines taught,
And here their purest influence shed.

4 May faith, and hope, and love abound;
Our sins and errors be forgiven;
And we, in thy great day, be found
Children of God, and heirs of heaven.

10s. M.


The Return of the Sabbath.

1 AGAIN the day returns of holy rest,
Which, when he made the world, Jehovah blest,
When, like his own, he bade our labors cease,
That we might think of him, and be at peace.

2 Let us devote this consecrated day

To learn his will, and all we learn obey;
So shall he hear and help us while we raise
Our meek petitions and our psalms of praise.


3 Father of heaven! in whom our hopes confide, Whose power defends us, and whose precepts guide,


In life our Guardian, and in death our Friend, Glory supreme be thine, world without end.

L. M.


The Gate of Heaven.

1 OUR Father God! not face to face
May mortal sense commune with thee,
Nor lift the curtains of that place
Where dwells thy secret majesty.
Yet wheresoe'er our spirits bend
In reverent faith and humble prayer,
Thy promised blessing will descend,
And we shall find thy spirit there.

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2 Lord! be the spot where now we meet
An open gateway into heaven;
Here may we sit at Jesus' feet,

And feel our deepest sins forgiven.

Here may desponding care look up,
And sorrow lay its burden down;
Or learn of him to drink the cup,
To bear the cross, and win the crown.

3 Here may the sick and wandering soul,
To truth still blind, to sin a slave,
Find better than Bethesda's pool,
Or than Siloam's healing wave.
And may we learn, while here apart
From the world's passion and its strife,
That thy true shrine's a loving heart,
And thy best praise a holy life!

L. M.


O Lord! make clean our Hearts.

1 O FATHER! with protecting care
Meet us in this, thy house of prayer;
Assembled in Messiah's name,
Thy promised blessing here we claim


2 But, chiefest, in our cleansed breast,
Eternal! let thy spirit rest;
And make our secret soul to be
A temple pure, and worthy thee.

3 So, in the last and dreadful day,
When earth and heaven shall melt away,
Thy flock, redeemed from sinful stain,
Shall swell the sound of praise again.


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