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3 The vices of the mind he heals,
And cures the pains that nature feels,
Redeems the soul from death, and saves
Our wasting life from threatening graves.

4 Our youth decayed, his power repairs;
His mercy crowns our growing years;
He satisfies our mouth with good,
And fills our hopes with heavenly food.

5 He sees the oppressor and the oppressed,
And often gives the sufferers rest;
But will his justice more display
In the last great rewarding day.


Loving-Kindness of God.

1 FATHER! to thy kind love we owe
All that is fair and good below;
Bestower of the health that lies
On tearless cheeks and cheerful eyes!

L. M.

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2 Giver of sunshine and of rain!

Ripener of fruits on hill and plain!
Fountain of light, that, rayed afar,
Fills the vast urns of sun and star!

3 Who send'st thy storms and frosts to bind The plagues that rise to waste mankind; Then breathest o'er the naked scene Spring gales, and life, and tender green.

4 Yet deem we not that thus alone
Thy mercy and thy love are shown;
For we have learned, with higher praise,
And holier names, to speak thy ways.

5 In woe's dark hour, our kindest stay!
Sole trust when life shall pass away!
Teacher of hopes that light the gloom
Of death, and consecrate the tomb!

6 Patient, with headstrong guilt to bear.
Slow to avenge, and kind to spare;
Listening to prayer, and reconciled
Full quickly to thy erring child!


God is everywhere.

1 FATHER and Friend! thy light, thy love,
Beaming through all thy works, we see;
Thy glory gilds the heavens above,
And all the earth is full of thee.

L. M.


2 Thy voice we hear, thy presence feel,
Whilst thou, too pure for mortal sight,
Involved in clouds, invisible,
Reignest the Lord of life and light.

3 We know not in what hallowed part
Of the wide heavens thy throne may be;
But this we know, that where thou art,
Strength, wisdom, goodness, dwell with thee.

4 And through the various maze of time,
And through the infinity of space,
We follow thy career sublime,
And all thy wondrous footsteps trace.

5 Thy children shall not faint nor fear,
Sustained by this delightful thought,
Since thou, their God, art everywhere,
They cannot be where thou art not.

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God incomprehensible.

1 GREAT God! in vain man's narrow view
Attempts to look thy nature through ;
Our laboring powers with reverence own,
Thy glories never can be known.

L. M.


2 Not the high seraph's mighty thought, Who countless years his God has sought, Such wondrous height or depth can find, Or fully trace thy boundless mind.

3 And yet thy kindness deigns to show Enough for mortal minds to know; While wisdom, goodness, power divine, Through all thy works and conduct shine.


O may our souls with rapture trace
Thy works of nature and of grace;
Explore thy sacred truth, and still
Press on to know and do thy will.

C. P. M.


The Good Providence of God.

1 GREAT Source of unexhausted good,
Who giv'st us health, and friends, and food,
And peace, and calm content!
Like fragrant incense to the skies,
Let songs of grateful praises rise,
For all thy blessings lent.


2 Through all the dangers of the day, Thy providence attends our way, To guard us and to guide;

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