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Thy grace directs our wandering will,
And warns us, lest seducing ill
Allure our souls aside.

3 Thy smiles, with a reviving light,
Cheer the long, darksome hours of night,
And gild the thickest gloom;
Thy watchful love, around our bed,
Doth softly, like a curtain, spread,
And guard the peaceful room.

4 To thee, our lives, our all, we owe,
Our peace and sweetest joys below,

And brightest hopes above;
Then let our lives and all that's ours,
Our souls and all our active powers,
Be sacred to thy love.


God just and wise in afflicting.

1 IF Providence to try my heart,
Afflictions should prepare,
To God submissive may I bend,
And keep me from despair.

C. M.


2 Whate'er he orders must be just;
Then let me kiss the rod,
Nor, poorly sunk, at all distrust
The goodness of my God.

3 The mind to which I owe my own, To guide this mind is wise;

And he, to whom my faults are known,
The fittest to chastise.

4 Then, till life's latest sands are run,
O teach me, Power Divine,
Still to reply, Thy will be done,
Whate'er becomes of mine.


Divine Goodness in Affliction.

1 GREAT Ruler of all nature's frame,
We own thy power divine;

We hear thy breath in every storm,
For all the winds are thine.

C. M.

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2 Wide as they sweep their sounding way,
They work thy sovereign will;
And, awed by thy majestic voice,
Confusion shall be still.

3 Thy mercy tempers every blast
To those who seek thy face;
And mingles, with the tempest's roar,
The whispers of thy grace.

4 Those gentle whispers let me hear,
Till all the tumult cease;

And gales of Paradise shall lull
My weary soul to peace.

C. M.


Trust in Him at all Times.

1 GOD's power directs the rushing wind,
Or tips the bolt with flame;
His goodness breathes in every breeze,
And warms in every beam.


2 For me, O Lord! whatever lot
The hours commissioned bring,-
Do all my withering blessings die,
Or fairer clusters spring, -


O grant that still, with grateful heart,
My years resigned may run :
'Tis thine to give, or to resume;
And may thy will be done.


The One Living and True God.

1 THE God who reigns alone O'er earth, and sea, and sky, Let man with praises own,

And sound his honors high.

6s. M.


2 Him all in heaven above,
Him all on earth below,
The exhaustless Source of love,
The great Creator, know.
3 He formed the living flame,
He gave the reasoning mind,
Then only he may claim

The worship of mankind.


4 So taught his only Son,

Blest messenger of grace!
The Eternal is but one,
No second holds his place.




God unchangeable.

THROUGH endless years thou art the same,
O thou Eternal God!
Each future age shall know thy name,
And tell thy words abroad.

C. M.

2 The strong foundations of the earth
Of old by thee were laid;

By thee the beauteous arch of heaven,
With matchless skill, was made.


TATE & BRady.

3 Soon shall this goodly frame of things,
Created by thy hand,

Be, like a vesture, laid aside,
And changed at thy command.

4 But thy perfections, all divine,—
Eternal as thy days,-
Through everlasting ages shine,
With undiminished rays.

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S. M.


God wise and merciful in Chastisement.

How gracious and how wise
Is our chastising God!

And O how rich the blessings are,
That blossom from his rod!


2 He lifts it up on high
With pity in his heart,
That every stroke his children feel
May grace and peace impart.



Instructed thus, they bow,
And own his sovereign sway;
They turn their erring footsteps back
To his forsaken way.

His covenant love they seek,
And seek the happy bands,
That closer still engage their hearts
To honor his commands.

5 Our Father, we consent To discipline divine;

And bless the pains that make our souls Still more completely thine.


S. M.


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COMMIT thou all thy griefs
And ways into His hands,
To his sure trust and tender care,
Who earth and heaven commands;

2 Who points the clouds their course,
Whom winds and seas obey;
He shall direct thy wandering feet,
He shall prepare thy way.

3 No profit canst thou gain
By self-consuming care;
To him commend thy cause,
Attends the softest prayer.

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Then on the Lord rely,
So safe shalt thou go on;
Fix on his work thy steadfast eye,
So shall thy work be done.

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