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Thy grace directs our wandering will,
And warns us, lest seducing ill

Allure our souls aside.

3 Thy smiles, with a reviving light,
Cheer the long, darksome hours of night,

And gild the thickest gloom ;
Thy watchful love, around our bed,
Doth softly, like a curtain, spread,

And guard the peaceful room.

4 To thee, our lives, our all, we owe,
Our peace and sweetest joys below,

And brightest hopes above;
Then let our lives and all that's ours,
Our souls and all our active powers,

Be sacred to thy love.

C. M. 200.

West Boston Col. God just and wise in afflicting. 1 If Providence to try my heart,

Afflictions should prepare,
To God submissive may I bend,

And keep me from despair.

2 Whate'er he orders must be just;

Then let me kiss the rod,
Nor, poorly sunk, at all distrust

The goodness of my God.
3 The mind to which I owe my own,

To guide this mind is wise;
And he, to whom my faults are known,

The fittest to chastise.

4 Then, till life's latest sands are run,

O teach me, Power Divine,
Still to reply, Thy will be done,

Whate'er becomes of mine.


C. M.

DODDRIDGE. Divine Goodness in Affliction.

i Great Ruler of all nature's frame,

We own thy power divine;
We hear thy breath in every storm,

For all the winds are thine.

2 Wide as they sweep their sounding way,

They work thy sovereign will;
And, awed by thy majestic voice,

Confusion shall be still.

3 Thy mercy tempers every blast

To those who seek thy face;
And mingles, with the tempest's roar,

The whispers of thy grace.
4 Those gentle whispers let me hear,

Till all the tumult cease;
And gales of Paradise shall lull

My weary soul to peace.

C. M.



Trust in Him at all Times.

1 God's power directs the rushing wind,

Or tips the bolt with flame;
His goodness breathes in every breeze,

And warms in every beam.

2 For me, O Lord! whatever lot

The hours commissioned bring, — Do all my withering blessings die,

Or fairer clusters spring, — 3 O grant that still, with grateful heart,

My years resigned may run: 'Tis thine to give, or to resume;

And may thy will be done.

6s. M.


DRUMMOND. The One Living and True God. i The God who reigns alone

O’er earth, and sea, and sky,
Let man with praises own,

And sound his honors high. 2 Him all in heaven above,

Him all on earth below,
The exhaustless Source of love,

The great Creator, know. 3 He formed the living flame,

He gave the reasoning mind,
Then only he may claim

The worship of mankind. 4 So taught his only Son,

Blest messenger of grace!
The Eternal is but one,

No second holds his place.

[blocks in formation]

C. M. 204.


God unchangeable. 1 Through endless years thou art the same,

O thou Eternal God!
Each future age shall know thy name,

And tell thy words abroad.

2 The strong foundations of the earth

Of old by thee were laid;
By thee the beauteous arch of heaven,

With matchless skill, was made.

3 Soon shall this goodly frame of things,

Created by thy hand,
Be, like a vesture, laid aside,

And changed at thy command.

4 But thy perfections, all divine, –

Eternal as thy days,Through everlasting ages shine,

With undiminished rays.

S. M.



God wise and merciful in Chastisement.


How gracious and how wise

Is our chastising God!
And O how rich the blessings are,

That blossom from his rod!


He lifts it up on high

With pity in his heart,
That every stroke his children feel

May grace and peace impart.

Instructed thus, they bow,

And own his sovereign sway;
They turn their erring footsteps back

To his forsaken way.
His covenant love they seek,

And seek the happy bands,
That closer still engage their hearts

To honor his commands.



Our Father, we consent

To discipline divine; And bless the pains that make our souls

Still more completely thine.

S. M.






Commit thou all thy griefs

And ways into His hands, -
To his sure trust and tender care,

Who earth and heaven commands;
Who points the clouds their course,

Whom winds and seas obey ;
He shall direct thy wandering feet,

He shall prepare thy way.
No profit canst thou gain

By self-consuming care;
To him commend thy cause,

- his ear
Attends the softest prayer.
Then on the Lord rely,

So safe shalt thou go on;
Fix on his work thy steadfast eye,

So shall thy work be done.



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