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Stand up, and bless the Lord ;

The Lord your God adore;
Stand up, and bless his glorious name,

Henceforth for evermore.

C. M. 22. BRYANT.

Invoking Compassion. 1 O God! whose dread and dazzling brow

Love never yet forsook,
On those who seek thy presence now,

In deep compassion look;
2 For many a frail and erring heart

Is in thy holy sight, · And feet too willing to depart

From the plain way of right. 3 Yet, pleased the humble prayer to hear,

And kind to all that live, Thou, when thou seest the contrite tear,

Art ready to forgive.
4 Lord, aid us with thy heavenly grace

Our truest bliss to find ;
In mercy view our erring race,

So feeble and so blind.

H. M.


Sabbath Morning.
WELCOME, delightful morn!

Sweet day of sacred rest,
I hail thy kind return;

Lord, make these moments blest;
From the low train I soar to reach
Of mortal toys,

Immortal joys.


Now may the King descend,

And fill his throne of grace;
Thy sceptre, Lord, extend,

While saints address thy face;
Let sinners feel

And learn to know Thy quickening word, And fear the Lord. 3 Descend, celestial Dove!

With all thy quickening powers ;
Disclose a Saviour's love,

And bless these sacred hours :
Then shall my soul Nor Sabbaths be
New life obtain,

Enjoyed in vain.

L. M.



The Place of Prayer.

i If, in a temple made with hands,

God speaketh still his high commands,
Let me to that blest place repair,

That I may learn my duty there. 2 If, in the ailments of the soul,

There be a power that makes it whole,
Let me to that pure fount apply,

Lest the neglected spirit die. 3 If there be still a sacrifice,

That may to God with favor rise,
Let me present a contrite heart,

Ere from this temple I depart.
4 If, in the dread of death's dark hour,

The word of life hath soothing power,
To hear that word, my spirit, haste,
Ere yet the pains of death I taste.

5 Where God would have the offering made,

There be the willing tribute paid,
Till to his name I consecrate
The worship of an endless state.

8 & 7s. M.



Surrounding the Mercy-Seat.

1 Far from mortal cares retreating,

Sordid hopes and fond desires, Here, our willing footsteps meeting,

Every heart to heaven aspires. From the Fount of glory beaming,

Light celestial cheers our eyes ; Mercy from above proclaiming

Peace and pardon from the skies.

2 Who may share this great salvation ?

Every pure and humble mind; Every kindred, tongue, and nation,

From the dross of guilt refined : Blessings all around bestowing,

God withholds his care from none; Grace and mercy ever flowing

From the fountain of his throne.

3 Every stain of guilt abhorring,

Firm and bold in virtue's cause, Still thy providence adoring,

Faithful subjects to thy laws, Lord! with favor still attend us,

Bless us with thy wondrous love ; Thou, our sun and shield, defend us; All our hope is from above.

8 & 75. M. 26.

WESLEY'S COL For the Spirit of Love. i Love divine, all love excelling,

Joy of heaven, to earth come down! Fix in us thy humble dwelling,

All thy faithful mercies crown. Father! thou art all compassion,

Pure, unbounded love thou art; Visit us with thy salvation,

Enter every longing heart. 2 Breathe, O breathe thy loving Spirit

Into every troubled breast; Let us all in thee inherit,

Let us find thy promised rest.
Come, almighty to deliver,

Let us all thy life receive;
Graciously come down, and never,
Never more thy temples leave.
L. M.


The House of God.

i Lo, God is here! let us adore,

And humbly bow before his face:
Let all within us feel his power,

Let all within us seek his grace.
2 Lo, God is here! him day and night

United choirs of angels sing:
To him, enthroned above all height,

Heaven's host their noblest homage bring. 3 Being of beings! may our praise

Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill :
Still may we stand before thy face,
Still hear and do thy sovereign will.

L. M. 28.

PIERPONT. For a Blessing on the House of Prayer. 1 0, bow thine ear, Eternal One!

On thee our heart adoring calls;
To thee, the followers of thy Son,
We bend within these sacred walls.

2 Here let thy holy days be kept;

And be this place to worship given, Like that bright spot where Jacob slept,

The house of God, the gate of heaven. 3 Here may thine honor dwell; and here,

As incense, let thy children's prayer,
From contrite hearts and lips sincere,

Rise on the still and holy air.
4 Here be thy praise devoutly sung;

Here let thy truth beam forth to save,
As when, of old, thy Spirit hung

On wings of light o'er Jordan's wave. 5 And when the lips, that with thy name

Are vocal now, to dust shall turn,
On others may devotion's flame
Be kindled here, and purely burn.
78. M.


Lowly Praise.
1 LORD!, in heaven, thy dwelling-place,

Hear the praises of our race,
And, while hearing, let thy grace
Dews of sweet forgiveness pour;
While we know, benignant King,
That the praises which we bring

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