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3 Affection's wish, devotion's prayer,

Are in that holy strain;
And hope and love and trust are there,

And triumph, won through pain. 4 'T is Jesus and his faithful few

That soul-deep hymn who pour; O Christ! may we the song renew,

And learn to love thee more.

L. M. 327. Watts.

Institution of the Lord's Supper. 1 BEFORE the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and blessed and brake: What love through all his actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace he spake! 2 “ This is my body broke for sin ;

Receive and eat the living food”: Then took the cup, and blessed the wine, 6'T is the new covenant in


3 “Do this,” he said, “till time shall end,

In memory of your dying Friend;
Meet at my table, and record

The love of your departed Lord.”' 4 Jesus! thy feast we celebrate;

We show thy death, we sing thy name,
Till thou return, and we shall eat
The marriage supper of the Lamb.

C. M.

328. FROTHINGHAM. “ He was known of them in breaking of Bread." 1 "REMEMBER me," the Saviour said,

On that forsaken night,

When from his side his nearest fled,

And death was close in sight.

2 Through all the following ages' track

The world remembers yet;
With love and worship gazes back,

And never can forget.

3 But who of us has seen his face,

Or heard the words he said ?
And none can now his look retrace,

In breaking of the bread.

4 O blest are they who have not seen,

But yet believe him still! They know him when his praise they mean,

And when they do his will.
5 We hear his truth along our way,

We see his light above,
Remember, when we watch and pray,

Remember, when we love.

78. M.



“How much owest thou unto thy Lord ?”

1 GLORY of thy Father's face!

Fountain deep of love and grace!
Who, Lord, can repay thee thus,
As thou gav'st thyself for us?

2 What to thee should we reply,

Who for us didst bleed and die,
If thou shouldst the question make,
6 What have ye done for my sake?

3 Hard in heart, in action weak,
Lord, thy grace divine we seek:
Set us from our bondage free;
Draw us, and we follow thee.


“I have given you an Example." 1 YE followers of the Prince of Peace,

Who round his table draw! Remember what his spirit was,

What his peculiar law.

2 The love which all his bosom filled

Did all his actions guide;
Inspired by love, he lived and taught;

Inspired by love, he died.

3 Let each the sacred law fulfil;

Like his be every mind;
Be every temper formed by love,

And every action kind.

4 Let none who call themselves his friends,

Disgrace the honored name; But by a near resemblance prove

The title which they claim.


78. M.

Communion Hymn.
i Not with terror do we meet

At the board by Jesus spread;
Not in mystery drink and eat
Of the Saviour's wine and bread.

2 'T is his memory we record,

'Tis his virtues we proclaim;
Grateful to our honored Lord,
Here we bless his sacred name.

3 See hiin, on the dreadful day

Of his mortal agony,
Break the bread, and hear him say,

“ Eat of this, and think of me!”
4 See him standing on the brink

Of the tomb; and hark, he cries,
“ Take the cup, and, as ye drink,
O remember him who dies!”

5 Yes, we will remember thee,

Friend and Saviour; and thy feast
Of all services shall be
Holiest and welcomest.

L. M.

DUBLIN COL. “ This do in remembrance of me." 1 “Eat, drink, in memory of your friend!”

Such was our Master's last request;
Who all the pangs of death endured,

That we might live for ever blest.
2 Yes, we'll record thy matchless grace,

Thou dearest, tenderest, best of friends! Thy dying love the noblest praise

Of long eternity transcends. 3 ’T is pleasure more than earth can give,

Thy goodness through these veils to see;
Thy table food celestial yields,
And happy they who sit with thee.

4 But oh! what vast, transporting joys

Shall fill our breasts, our tongues inspire,
When, joined with the celestial train,
Our grateful souls thy love admire!

S. M.



Communion Hymn.

1 Our Heavenly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near ;
With both our friendship shall be sweet,

And our communion dear.


God pities all my griefs ;

He pardons every day;
Almighty to protect my soul,

And wise to guide my way.

3 Jesus, my living Head,

I bless thy faithful care ;
Mine advocate before the throne,

And my forerunner there.


Here fix my roving heart,

Here wait my warmest love,
Till the communion be complete

In nobler scenes above.

C. M.



Reflections on the Death of Jesus.

i With warm affection let us view,

With pious joy improve,
The peaceful and impressive scene

Of Jesus' dying love.

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