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We are persuaded now,

That nothing can divide
Thy children from thy boundless love,

Displayed in Him who died ;-
Who died to make us sure

Of mercy, truth, and peace,
And from the power and pains of sin

To bring a full release.


C. M.

FROTHINGHAM. “ He took bread and gave thanks.” i The Son of God


thanks Before the bread he broke ; How high that calm devotion ranks

Among the words he spoke! 2 Thanks, ʼmid those troubled men;

Thanks, at that deathly hour ;The world's dark prince advancing then

With all his rage and power. . 3 Thanks, o'er that loaf's dread sign;

Thanks, o'er that bitter food; — And o’er the cup, that was not wine,

But sorrow, fear, and blood. 4 And shall our griefs resent

What God appoints as best, When he, in all things innocent,

Was yet in all distressed ? 5 Shall we unthankful be

For all our blessings round, When in the press of agony

Such room for thanks he found ?

6 O shame us, Lord, whate'er

The fortunes of our days, -
If, chastened, we are weak to bear,

If, favored, slow to praise !

C. M.



Song of the Lamb.

i Come, let us join our cheerful songs

With angels round the throne; Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,

But all their joys are one.

2 Worthy the Lamb that died, they cry,

To be exalted thus ;
Worthy the Lamb, our lips reply,

For he hath died for us.

3 Let all who dwell above the sky,

In air, on earth, in seas, Conspire to lift his glories high,

And speak his endless praise.

C. M.



Close of Communion.

1 COME, and before we bid adieu,

And the communion end,
Come, in a hymn the praise renew

Of our exalted Friend.

2 Though in the blissful realms above

His brighter glories shine;
Though there the soul, with purer love,

Shall hail the light divine;

3 Yet there are mild enlivening rays

Diffused around us here;-
And the kind tokens he conveys

Make his remembrance dear.

4 O let us, then, his praise repeat

In our most grateful strains,
Till with his people we shall meet

In glory, where he reigns.


C. M.


For the Communion.

i O God, accept the sacred hour

Which we to thee have given ;
And let this hallowed scene have power

To raise our souls to heaven.

2 Still let us hold, till life departs,

The precepts of thy Son, Nor let our thoughtless, thankless hearts

Forget what he has done.
3 His true disciples may we live,

From all corruption free,
And humbly learn, like him, to give

Our powers, our wills, to thee.



8 &78. M.

After Communion.

i From the table now retiring,

Which for us the Lord hath spread,
May our souls, refreshment finding,

Grow in all things like our Head.


2 His example by beholding,

May our lives his image bear; Him our Lord and Master calling,

His commands may we revere. 3 Love to God and men displaying,

Walking steadfast in his way, Joy attend us in believing,

Peace from God through endless day.

7 & 6s. M. 348.

FROM THE GERMAN. “ He bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.” i O SACRED Head, now wounded,

With grief and shame weighed down, So scornfully surrounded,

With thorns thine only crown, How art thou pale with anguish,

With sore abuse and scorn! How do those features languish,

Which once were fair as morn! 2 What language shall I borrow

To thank thee, dearest Friend, For this thy dying sorrow,

This love that knew no end? O make me thine for ever!

And should I fainting be, Lord, let me never, never Outlive my love to thee! 78. M.


Communion Hymn.
1 Jesus, we thy promise claim;

We are met in thy dear name;
In the midst do thou appear,
Manifest thy presence here!

2 Sanctify us, Lord, and bless;

Breathe thy spirit, give thy peace; Thou thyself within us move;

Make our feast a feast of love! 3 Give to us thy humble mind,

Patient, fearless, just, and kind;
Meek and lowly let us be,

Full of goodness, full of thee.
4 Still, O Lord, our faith increase,

Give to us the fruits of peace,
And may love the token be,

That we have communed with thee. 5 Make us all in thee complete;

Make us all for glory meet, -
Meet to appear before thy sight,
Partners with the saints in light.

78. M. 350. PIERPONT.

Communion Hymn. i While to lips with praise that glow

This communion cup we press,
Holy Father, let us grow
More like Him we here confess.

2 Reconcile us by thy Son,

In whose name on thee we call ;
Make us perfect, all in one,

We in him, and thou in all.
3 While we here remember thee,

Who wast for our ransom slain,
Let thy love, thy purity,
Saviour, in our souls remain.

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