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For Jesus brings us near

And makes our cause his own.

Strangers no more,
To thee we come,


To thee ourselves we join,
And love thy sacred name;
No more our own, but thine,
We triumph in the claim.
Our Father-King, Our souls embrace,
Thy covenant-grace Thy titles sing.

And find our home,
And rest secure.

4 May all the nations throng
To worship in thy house;
And thou attend the song,
And smile upon their Vows;
Indulgent still, To join the choir
On Zion's hill.

Till earth conspire

L. M.


God's Temples everywhere.

1 WHERE ancient forests widely spread,
Where bends the cataract's ocean-fall;
On the lone mountain's silent head,
There are thy temples, God of all!


2 All space is holy, for all space

Is filled by thee;- but human thought
Burns clearer in some chosen place,
Where thine own words of love are taught.

3 Here be they taught; and may we know
That faith thy servants knew of old,
Which onward bears, through weal or woe,
Till death the gates of heaven unfold.

Nor we alone; may those whose brow
Shows yet no trace of human cares
Hereafter stand where we do now,
And raise to thee still holier prayers.

C. M.


The Sabbath of the Soul.

1 O FATHER! though the anxious fear
May cloud to-morrow's way,
No fear nor doubt shall enter here,
All shall be thine to-day.


2 We will not bring divided hearts
To worship at thy shrine;
But each unworthy thought departs,
And leaves this temple thine.

3 Then sleep to-day, tormenting cares, Of earth and folly born;

Ye shall not dim the light that streams
From this celestial morn.

4 To-morrow will be time enough
To feel your harsh control;
Ye shall not violate this day,
The Sabbath of the soul.

C. M.


"Lord, teach us to pray."

1 LORD! when we bend before thy throne, And our confessions pour,

Teach us to feel the sins we own,

And shun what we deplore.


2 When our responsive tongues essay
Their grateful songs to raise,
Grant that our souls may join the lay,
And rise to thee in praise.


3 When we disclose our wants in
May we our wills resign;
And not a thought our bosoms share,
Which is not wholly thine.

4 Let faith each meek petition fill,
And waft it to the skies;
And teach our hearts 't is goodness still
That grants it or denies.

10s. M.

41. DR. JOHNSON, fr. Boethius.

Imploring Divine Light.

1 O THOU whose power o'er moving worlds presides,
Whose voice created, and whose wisdom guides!
On darkling man in pure effulgence shine,
And cheer the clouded mind with light divine!

2 'T is thine alone to calm the pious breast With silent confidence and holy rest;

From thee, great God! we spring, to thee we tend, Path, motive, guide, original, and end.

L. M.


The Joys of Worship.

1 GREAT God! attend, while Zion sings
The joy that from thy presence springs;
To spend one day with thee, on earth,
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth.


2 Might I enjoy the meanest place
Within thy house, O God of grace,
Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power,
Should tempt my feet to leave thy door.

3 God is our Sun,
God is our Shield,
All needful grace he will bestow,
And crown that grace with glory too.

7s. M.

he makes our day;

4 O God! our king, whose sovereign sway
The glorious hosts of heaven obey,
Thy willing servants may we be,
For blest are they who trust in thee.


he guards our way;

78. M.



1 COME, my soul! thy suit prepare;
God delights to answer prayer:
Thou art coming to thy King;
Large petitions with thee bring.

2 Lord, I come to thee for rest;
Take possession of my breast;
There thy sacred right maintain,
And without a rival reign.

3 While I am a pilgrim here,
Let thy love my spirit cheer;
Be my guard, my guide, and friend,
To my earthly journey's end.


Lowly Worship.

1 WHEN before thy throne we kneel, Filled with awe and holy fear,


Teach us, O our God! to feel
All thy sacred presence near.

2 Check each proud and wandering thought
When on thy great name we call ;
Man is naught,-is less than naught:
Thou, our God, art all in all.

3 Weak, imperfect creatures, we
In this vale of darkness dwell;
Yet presume to look to thee,
'Midst thy light ineffable.

O receive the praise that dares
Seek thy heaven-exalted throne;
Bless our offerings, hear our prayers,
Infinite and Holy One!


The Peace and Comfort of Worship.


1 AWAY from every mortal
From this world's worthless joys afar, -
Away from earth our souls retreat,
And wait and worship near thy feet.

L. M.


2 Within the temple of thy grace
We bow before our Father's face;
Thy grace and glory we adore,
And learn the wonders of thy power.

Here, when our spirit faints and dies,
And conscience smarts with inward stings,
The Sun of righteousness shall rise,
With healing beams beneath his wings.

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