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C. M.



Secret Prayer.

1 SWEET is the prayer whose holy stream
In earnest pleading flows;
Devotion dwells upon the theme,

And warm and warmer glows.

2 Faith grasps the blessings she desires;
Hope points the upward gaze;
And Love, celestial Love, inspires
The eloquence of praise.

3 But sweeter far the still, small voice,
Heard by no human ear,

When Jesus makes the heart rejoice,
And dries the bitter tear.

4 Not accents flow, nor words ascend;
All utterance faileth there;
But Christian spirits comprehend,
And God accepts the prayer.

C. M.



The transforming Vision of God.

1 My God, the visits of thy face

Afford superior joy

To all the flattering world can give,
Or mortal hopes employ.

2 But clouds and darkness intervene,
My brightest joys decline;
And earth's gay trifles oft ensnare
This wandering heart of mine.

3 Lord, guide this wandering heart to thee, Unsatisfied I stray;

Break through the shades of sense and sin
With thy enlivening ray.

4 O let thy beams resplendent shine,
And every cloud remove;
Transform my powers, and fit
For happier scenes above.

my soul

5 Then, though I sink in death's cold sleep, To life I shall awake;

And, in the likeness of my God,

Of heavenly bliss partake.

L. M.



Prayer for Divine Help.

1 BE with me, Lord, where'er I go;

Teach me what thou wouldst have me do;
Show me my weakness, let me see
I have my power, my all from thee.

2 Enrich me always with thy love;
My kind protection ever prove;
Thy signet put upon my breast,
And let thy Spirit on me rest.

3 Assist and teach me how to pray;
Incline my nature to obey;

What thou abhorr'st, that let me flee,
And only love what pleases thee.

4 O may I never do my will,
But thine, and only thine, fulfil;
Let all my time and all my ways
Be spent and ended to thy praise.

L. M.



The Mercy-seat.

1 FROM every stormy wind that blows,
From every swelling tide of woes,
There is a calm, a sure retreat;
'Tis found before the mercy-seat.

2 There is a place where Jesus sheds
The oil of gladness on our heads,-
A place of all on earth most sweet;
It is the heavenly mercy-seat.

3 There is a scene where spirits blend,
Where friend holds fellowship with friend;
Though sundered far, by faith they meet
Around one common mercy-seat.

4 There, there, on eagle wings we soar, And sin and sense molest no more;

And heaven comes down our souls to greet, And glory crowns the mercy-seat.

L. M.



Prayer for the right Use of Sickness.

1 FATHER, thy gentle chastisement
Falls kindly on my burdened soul;
I see its merciful intent

To warn me back to thy control;
And pray, that, while I kiss the rod,
I may find perfect peace with God."

2 The errors of my heart I know;
I feel my deep infirmities:
For often virtuous feelings glow,
And holy purposes arise,

But like the morning clouds decay,
As empty, though as fair, as they.

3 Forgive the weakness I deplore;
And let thy peace abound in me;
That I may trust myself no more,
But wholly cast myself on thee.
O let my Father's strength be mine,
And my devoted life be thine!

L. M.



Subjection to the Divine Will.

1 O THOU, who hast at thy command
The hearts of all men in thy hand!
Our wayward, erring minds incline
To have no other will but thine.

2 Our wishes, our desires, control; Mould every purpose of the soul; O'er all may we victorious be

That stands between ourselves and thee.

3 Thrice-blest will all our blessings be,
When we can look through them to thee;
When each glad heart its tribute pays
Of love, and gratitude, and praise.

4 And while we to thy glory live,
May we to thee all glory give,
Until the final summons come,
That calls thy willing servants home.

7 & 6s. M.



Confidence in God's Protection.

1 O MY Soul, unceasing pray;
In God alone confide;

He thy feeble steps shall stay,
Nor suffer thee to slide;
Lean on thy Redeemer's breast;
He thy spirit safely keep's;
Rest in him, securely rest;

Thy Watchman never sleeps.

2 Neither sin, nor earth, nor hell,
Thy Keeper can surprise;
Careless slumbers cannot steal
On his all-seeing eyes;
He is Israel's sure Defence;
Israel all his care shall prove,
Kept by watchful Providence,
And ever-waking Love.

3 See the Lord, thy Keeper, stand
Omnipotently near;

Lo, he holds thee by thy hand,
And banishes thy fear;
He shall bless thy going out,
He shall bless thy coming in,
Kindly compass thee about,
And guard from every sin.


L. M.


Trust in God.

1 Be still, my heart! these anxious cares To thee are burdens, thorns, and snares; They cast dishonor on thy Lord,

And contradict his gracious word.

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