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5 Lord of the nations! thus to thee
Our country we commend;
Be thou her refuge and her trust,
Her everlasting friend.


Remembrance of our Fathers.

1 IN pleasant lands have fallen the lines.
That bound our goodly heritage;
And, safe beneath our sheltering vines,
Our youth is blessed, and soothed our age.

L. M.

2 What thanks, O God, to thee are due, That thou didst plant our fathers here, And watch and guard them as they grew, A vineyard to the Planter dear!


3 The toils they bore our ease have wrought; They sowed in tears, in joy we reap; The birthright they so dearly bought, We'll guard till we with them shall sleep.

4 Thy kindness to our fathers shown,

In weal and woe, through all the past, Their grateful sons, O God, shall own, While here their name and race shall last.

C. M.


God our Deliverer.

1 O LORD, our fathers oft have told,
In our attentive ears,


Thy wonders in their days performed,
Ånd in more ancient years.

2 T was not their courage, nor their sword, To them salvation gave;

'T was not their number, nor their strength, That did their country save :

3 But thy right hand, thy powerful arm,-
Whose succor they implored;
Thy providence protected them,
Who thy great name aɖored.

4 As thee their God our fathers owned, So thou art still our King;

O, therefore, as thou didst to them,
To us deliverance bring.

5 To thee the glory we 'll ascribe,
From whom salvation came;
In God, our shield, we will rejoice,
And ever bless thy name.

8 & 68. M.


Prayer for our Country.

1 FROM foes that would the land devour;
From guilty pride, and lust of power;
From wild sedition's lawless hour;
From yoke of slavery;

From blinded zeal, by faction led;
From giddy change, by fancy bred;
From poisoned error's serpent head,-
Good Lord, preserve us free!


2 Defend, O God, with guardian hand,
The laws and rulers of our land,
And grant thy churches grace to stand
In faith and unity!

Thy Spirit's help of thee we crave, That thy Messiah, sent to save, Returning to the world, might have A people serving thee!


The Pilgrim Fathers.

1 GONE are those great and good
Who here, in peril, stood

And raised their hymn.
Peace to the reverend dead!
The light, that on their head
Two hundred years have shed,
Shall ne'er grow dim.

6 & 4s. M.

2 Ye temples, that to God Rise where our fathers trod,


Guard well your trust,
The faith, that dared the sea,
The truth, that made them free,
Their cherished purity,
Their garnered dust.

3 Thou high and holy One, Whose care for sire and son All nature fills;


While day shall break and close,
While night her crescent shows,
O let thy light repose

On these our hills!



The Mariner's Hymn.

1 LORD of the wide extended main !

Whose power the winds and seas controls, Whose hand doth heaven and earth sustain, Whose spirit leads believing souls;

L. M.


2 Throughout the deep thy footsteps shine:
We own thy way is in the sea,
O'erawed by majesty divine,
And lost in thine immensity!

3 Thy wisdom here we learn to adore,
Thine everlasting truth we prove,
Amazing heights of boundless power,
Unfathomable depths of love.

4 Infinite God! thy greatness spanned
These heavens, and meted out the skies;
Lo! in the hollow of thy hand
The measured waters sink and rise.

5 Thee to perfection who can tell?
Earth and her sons beneath thee lie,
Lighter than dust within thy scale,
And less than nothing in thine eye.

1. M.


The Mariner's Hymn.

1 GLORY to thee, whose powerful word
Bids the tempestuous wind arise;
Glory to thee, the sovereign Lord
Of air, and earth, and seas, and skies!


2 Let air, and earth, and skies obey,
And seas thine awful will perform;
From them we learn to own thy sway,
And shout to meet the gathering storm.

3 What though the floods lift up their voice,
Thou hearest, Lord, our louder cry;
They cannot damp thy children's joys,
Or shake the soul when God is nigh.

4 Roar on, ye waves! our souls defy
Your roaring to disturb our rest;
In vain to impair the calm ye try,
The calm in a believer's breast.

730. Worship at Sea.

HEAVE, mighty ocean, heave, And blow thou boisterous wind, Onward we swiftly glide, and leave Our home and friends behind.


S. M.


2 Away, away, we steer,
Upon the ocean's breast;
And dim the distant heights appear,
Like clouds along the west.

3 There is a loneliness

Upon the mighty deep;
And hurried thoughts upon us press,
As onwardly we sweep.

4 But there is hope and joy,
Wherever we may be;
Danger nor death can e'er destroy
Our trust, O God, in thee.

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