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2 Thanks we give, and adoration,
For thy Gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound.

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8 & 7s. M

Universal Praise.

I PRAISE to thee, thou great Creator!
Praise to thee from every tongue;
Join, my soul, with every creature,
Join the universal song.


2 For ten thousand blessings given,
For the hope of future joy,
Sound his praise through earth and heaven,
Sound Jehovah's praise on high.



8 & 7s. M.



MAY the grace of Christ, our Saviour,
And the Father's boundless love,
With the Holy Spirit's favor,
Rest upon us from above.

Thus may we abide in union

With each other and the Lord; And possess, in sweet communion, Joys which earth cannot afford.

8 & 7s. M.


Reliance for the Future.

1 GRACIOUS Source of every blessing!
Guard our breasts from anxious fears;
May we, still thy love possessing,
Sink into the vale of years.


2 All our hopes on thee reclining,
Peace companion of our way,
May our sun, in smiles declining,
Rise in everlasting day.


For a Blessing on the Word.

THY gracious aid, great God, impart,
To give thy word success;
Write all its precepts on the heart,
And deep its truths impress.

C. M.


2 O, speed our progress in the way
That leads to joys on high,
Where knowledge grows without decay,
And love shall never die!

C. M.


Universal Praise.

1 O ALL ye nations, praise the Lord,
Each with a different tongue;
In every language learn his word,
And let his name be sung.


2 His mercy reigns through every land,
Proclaim his praise abroad:
For ever firm his truth shall stand;
Praise ye the faithful God.

10s. M.


For the Peace of the Church.

1 RESTORE, O Father! to our times restore
The peace which filled thine infant Church of yore,
Ere lust of power had sown the seeds of strife,
And quenched the new-born charities of life.


2 O never more may differing judgments part
From kindly sympathy a brother's heart;
But, linked in one, believing thousands kneel,
And share with each the sacred joy they feel.

3 From soul to soul, quick as the sunbeam's ray,
Let concord spread one universal day;
And faith by love lead all mankind to thee,
Parent of peace, and fount of harmony!


Closing Hymn.

1 ISRAEL'S Shepherd, guide us, feed us,
Through our pilgrimage below,
And beside the waters lead us,
Where thy flock rejoicing go.

8 & 7s. M.

2 Lord, thy guardian presence ever,
Meekly kneeling, we implore;
We have found thee, and would never,
Never wander from thee more.


8 & 7s. M.


Peace be with you.

1 PART in peace! is day before us?
Praise his name for life and light;
Are the shadows lengthening o'er us?
Bless his care who guards the night.


2 Part in peace! with deep thanksgiving, Rendering, as we homeward tread, Gracious service to the living,

Tranquil memory to the dead.

3 Part in peace! such are the praises
God, our Maker, loveth best;
Such the worship that upraises
Human hearts to heavenly rest.

C. P. M.



True Wisdom.


1 BE it my only wisdom here,
To serve the Lord with filial fear,
With loving gratitude;
Superior sense may I display,
By shunning every evil way,
And walking in the good.


2 O may I still from sin depart!
A wise and understanding heart,
Father, to me be given!
And let me through thy Spirit know
To glorify my God below,
And find my way to heaven.

S. M.


Ark of Safety.

O CEASE, my wandering soul,
On restless wing to roam;

All this wide world, to either pole,
Has not for thee a home.


2 Behold the ark of God;
Behold the open door;
O haste to gain that dear abode,
And rove, my soul, no more.

3 There, safe thou shalt abide,
There, sweet shall be thy rest,
And every longing satisfied,
With full salvation blest.


Devout Aspiration.

1 How blest are they, O gracious Lord, Who fear thy name, and keep thy word; Thy wisdom guides, thy power defends Their life, till life its journey ends.

L. M

2 O that my soul, with awful sense
Of thy transcendent excellence,
May close the day, the day begin,
Watchful against each darling sin.

3 Never, O never from my heart
May this great principle depart,
But act, with unabating power,
Within me to my latest hour!


7 & 6s. M.


Praise for Salvation.

1 To Thee be praise for ever,
Thou glorious King of kings!
Thy wondrous love and favor
Each ransomed spirit sings.

2 We'll celebrate thy glory,

With all thy saints above,
And shout the joyful story
Of thy redeeming love.


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