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Praise for Preserving Grace.

To God the only wise,
Our Saviour and our King,
Let all the saints below the skies
Their humble praises bring.


S. M.

2 T is his almighty love,
His counsel and his care,
Preserves us safe from sin and death,
And every hurtful snare.


3 He will present our souls
Unblemished and complete,
Before the glory of his face,
With joys divinely great.

4 Then all the chosen seed
Shall meet around the throne,
Shall bless the conduct of his grace,
And make his wonders known.

5 To our Redeemer, God,
Wisdom and power belong,
Immortal crowns of majesty
And everlasting song.


Joyful Praise.

1 LET us with a joyful mind
Praise the Lord, for he is kind,
For his mercies shall endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.

7s. M.


2 Let us sound his name abroad,
For of gods he is the God,
Who by wisdom did create
Heaven's expanse and all its state;

3 Did the solid earth ordain
How to rise above the main :
Who, by his commanding might,
Filled the new-made world with light;

4 Caused the golden-tressed sun All the day his course to run; And the moon to shine by night, 'Mid her spangled sisters bright.

5 All his creatures God doth feed,
His full hand supplies their need;
Let us, therefore, warble forth
His high majesty and worth.


Praise to God always, for all Things.

1 PRAISE to God, immortal praise,
For the love that crowns our days:
Bounteous Source of every joy,
Let thy praise our tongues employ!

7s. M.


2 All that spring with bounteous hand
Scatters o'er the smiling land;
All that liberal autumn pours
From her rich, o'erflowing stores;-

3 These to thee, our God! we owe,
Source whence all our blessings flow;
And for these our souls shall raise
Grateful vows and solemn praise.

4 Yet should rising whirlwinds tear
From its stem the ripening ear;
Should the fig-tree's blasted shoot
Drop her green, untimely fruit;

5 Should thine altered hand restrain
The early and the latter rain,
Blast each opening bud of joy,
And the rising year destroy ;·

6 Still to thee our souls shall raise
Grateful vows and solemn praise;
And, when every blessing 's flown,
Love thee for thyself alone.

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L. M.


Praise at Morning, Noon, and Night.

1 WHEN, Wakened by thy voice of power,
The hour of morning beams in light,
My voice shall sing that morning hour,
And thee, who mad'st that hour so bright.


2 The morning strengthens into noon;
Earth's fairest beauties shine more fair;
And noon and morning shall attune
My grateful heart to praise and prayer.

3 When, 'neath the evening western gate,
The sun's retiring rays are hid,
My joy shall be to meditate,
E'en as the pious patriarch did.

4 As twilight wears a darker hue,
And gathering night creation dims,
The twilight and the midnight too
Shall have their harmonies and hymns.

5 So shall sweet thoughts, and thoughts sublime,
My constant inspirations be;
And every shifting scene of time
Reflect, my God, a light from thee.


C. M.

The Divine Bounty inspiring Gratitude.

1 OUR Souls with pleasing wonder view
The bounties of Thy grace,

How much bestowed, how much reserved
For them that seek thy face!

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2 Thy liberal hand with worldly bliss Öft makes their cup run o'er;

And in the covenant of thy love
They find diviner store.

Thine eyes shall read those grateful thoughts
No language can express;

Yet when our liveliest thanks we pay,
Our debts do most increase.

4 Since time's too short, all-gracious God,
To utter half thy praise,

Loud to the honor of thy name
Eternal hymns we'll raise

C. P. M.


Praise for God's Love.

1 My God! thy boundless love I praise: How bright on high its glories blaze, How sweetly bloom below!


It streams from thine eternal throne;
Through heaven its joys for ever run,
And o'er the earth they flow.

2 'T is love that paints the purple morn,
And bids the clouds, in air upborne,
Their genial drops distil;
In every vernal beam it glows,
And breathes in every gale that blows,
And glides in every rill.

3 It robes in cheerful green the ground,
And pours its flowery beauties round,
Whose sweets perfume the gale:
Its bounties richly spread the plain
With blushing fruit, and golden grain,
And smile on every vale.

4 But in thy word I see it shine
With grace and glories more divine,
Proclaiming sins forgiven;

There Faith, bright cherub, points the way
To realms of everlasting day,

And opens all her heaven.

5 Then let the love that makes me blessed With cheerful praise inspire my breast, And ardent gratitude;

And all my thoughts and passions tend
To thee, my Father and my Friend,
My soul's eternal good.



Universal Praise.

YE boundless realms of joy,
Exalt your Maker's fame;
His praise your song employ
Above the starry frame;
And seraphim,

H. M.

Your voices raise,

Ye cherubim


To sing his praise.

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