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ANDREWS, EDWARD, becomes a minister, p. 21.
Atheists, awful examples, 39;
Advice to youth, 81;
Aldridge, Moses, 96;
Anecdote respecting N. England, 207; do. in re-

lation to appointing meetings, 209; do.
relative to a meeting at Brand, 210; do.
of a barber whose mind was awakened by
John Churchman's manner of calling the

days of the week, 227.
Advice and caution against stage plays, &c., 284.

Baptism, Water, remarks on, 171.
Browning, John, interesting account of, 193; anec-

dote of him, 194; his sickness and death;

his testimony against grave stones, ib.
Banishment of a number of Friends, in 1777, for

their testimony, 291.
Barclay, John, Selections from his letters and

papers, 380; testimony concerning him,
382; his “Accounts of time,” 385; remarks
on pursuit of business, 387; death of his fa-
ther, 390; enters a Solicitor's office, 392;
dissatisfied with the business on religious
ground, 393; leaves it, 395; remarks on
levity, ib.; do. about changing his dress,
398, 401, 405, 415; on business, 402; Ad-
dress to young persons, 406; Letter to T.
Shillitoe, encouraging him in his testimo-
ny against fashionable and costly furniture,
&c., 409; on the leadings of the Holy
Spirit, 411; on prayer, 414, 417; danger
of relying on human attainments, 415;
Letter to a person under convincement,
427; marriage and removal to Cornwall,
436, death of his wife, 437, his appear-
ance as a minister, 437; on the superiori-
ty of divine illuminations, 441; acknowl-
edged as a minister, 445; visits meetings
in Devon, Dorset and Hants, 446; marries
again and settles at Alton in Hampshire,
448; visit to Friends in Scotland, 450;
visits Berks, Bedford, &e., 452; removal
to Croydon, 455; visits Dorset, Hants,
Surrey, Sussex, Kent, &c., 455; remarks
on the state of Society in England in 1831,
457; attacked with sickness, 463; goes
to Brighton 468; writes from there to his
monthly meeting, ib.; testimony to plain-
ness, &c., does not originate in notion,
470; letter to a zealous minister of another
society, 473; visits the families at Stoke
Newington, 474; letter to his monthly
meeting, ib.; last illness and death, 477.

Chalkley, Thomas, Testimony concerning him, 1;

Journal-persecutions while a boy--re-
proves a profane man-convictions on the
sin of gaming, 3; exercises of mind, 4;

pressed by a man-of-war-distinction be-
tween the voice of Christ and of Satan;
exhorts people to repentance, 5; travels
as a minister-embarks for America, 6;

prayer, 7; refutes the charge of
disowning the bible, 9; returns to Eng-
land, 10; dream of the intemperate doc-
tor, 11; lays his concern to remove to
America before the monthly meeting-
great deliverance, 13; conversation with
the Governor of Bermuda, 14; visits
North Carolina, 15; New York and New
England, 16; dread of the Indians-re-
markable preservation from them, 17;
visits Maryland and Delaware, and has
a controversy with a priest, 18; visits
the Senecas and Shawanese Indians on
the Susquehanna, 20; visits the West
Indies, 21; chased by privateers, 22, 23;
arrives in Ireland—visits England and
Holland, 25; returns to America-death
of his wife, 27; second marriage, 30;
trades to Bermuda-great storms-re-
markable hurricane, 31; testifies against
drinking healths—relieved from starva-
tion by taking a dolphin, 32; sails to Bar-
badoes and England in 1717,

33; defends
the simplicity of Friends, 37; testifies
against dancing, 38; death of two athe-
ists he removes to Frankford, 39; un-
justly censured for his services, 41; epis-
tle to Friends in Barbadoes, 42; visits
Long Island, 43; replies to a letter on
water baptism, 44; advice to parents to
train their children in reading the Scrip-
tures great losses and trials, 46; letter
from his father-increased losses, 48;
letter to two women Friends, 49; do. to
a person in the ministry, 50; visits meet-
ings in New Jersey and Delaware, 53;
remarks on the separation of a minister
in Barbadoes, 54; letter to a young man
under conviction, 55; meets with a se-
rious accident, 57; visits meetings in
Maryland and Pennsylvania, 57; visit to
Long Island, 59; epistle to the quarterly
meeting at Flushing, 62; visits meetings
in New Jersey, 65; death of his father,
and account of his last illness, 66; voyage
to Barbadoes, 72; another voyage, 76;
another, 77; visits meetings in Pennsyl-
vania, 78; sails for Barbadoes, 79; sails
again, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92;
account of the death of his son, George
Chalkley, 94; sails to Dublin, 95; to
Barbadoes, 96; is shot at for exhorting
to kindness toward the negroes, 96; ar-
rives in London, 98; visits meetings in
England, 99; returns to Philadelphia,
100; visits mcetings, 101-2-3; in New
England, 104; visit to New Jersey, Ma-
ryland and Virginia, 107-8; epistle to





Friends of Opeckon, 108; visit to the

slaves, 248; concern to go to Barba-
Virgin Isles, 113; service in Tortola, 114;

does from which he is released, 250;
sickness and death there, 114; God's

epistle to Friends of Uwchland, 251;
great love to mankind through Jesus

account of his illness in 1761 and exo"
Christ our Lord, 115; Exhortation to

pressions therein, 251; remarkable
Youth, 121; Address to People of Hol-

views respecting the state of Society,
land, 123; Observations on Christ's Ser.

253; visits Salem Quarter and some
mon on the mount, 127; Scruples about

other meetings, 255; death of his wife
the Common Prayer, 144; Letter on the

and testimony concerning her, 256;
sad effects of Intemperance, 148; Letter

visits to meetings in New Jersey, 259;
to Aquila Paca, 152; Christ's Kingdom

do. in Pennsylvania, 260; last journey
Exalted, 153; Considerations respecting

to the eastern shore of Maryland, 263;
Christ's ministers, 162; concerning Elec-

illness, 264; death, 265.
tion and Reprobation, 167; Letter to Cot-

ton Mather, 170; Free thoughts to free
thinkers, 172.

Dream, remarkable of a Physician who was
Churchman, Joho, his life, 176; early sense of di- drowned, 11.

vine visitation, 177; dealings of the Doe, Mary, her preservation from the Indians, 17.
Lord with him, 178; death of his father Dancing testified against, 38.
and his own depressed state, 180; im- Dickinson, Jonathan, relates the death of two im-
portance of the example of elderly

pious persons, 39.
Friends, 181 ; his marriage, 181; ap- Discipline, Origin and design of, 101 ; neglect of
pointed an elder, 183; exercises prepa-

it a cause of dull meetings, 228.
ratory to his appearance as a minister,

183, 185; acknowledged as such, 186;
his first religious visit, 187; introduced Election and Reprobation, 167.
into great conflict of mind, 188; visits Epistle to Friends in Barbadoes, 42; Flushing
meetings in Chester and Philadelphia quarterly meeting, 62; of Opeckon, 108;
counties, 189; goes to western part of

do. to Friends of Twisk by John Church-
Maryland, 190; to New Jersey, 191; man, 225; do. to Friends in Wiltshire,
visit to the eastern shore of Maryland, 230; do. to Friends in Pennsylvania &c.,
193; his visit to New England, 194; 235; to Friends at Uwchland, 251; do. of
remarkable draft to visit persons in a

meeting for sufferings in Philadelphia 1776
certain direction, 195; visit to Long to Friends, 288.
Island, 198; incident in his ministry,

199; visit to families in Philadelphia, Faith and works united in the true Christian, 40.
200; addresses the legislature there, Free thoughts to free thinkers, 172.

visits meetings in Pennsylvania
and New Jersey, 202; prospect of his

visit to Great Britain, 203; proceeds God's great love to mankind through Jesus Christ
therein, 205; exereises in London, ib.;

our Lord, 115.
do. in Bristol, 207; anecdote respect- Gardiner, Peter, Account of, 237.
ing New England, ib., respecting ap-

pointing meetings, 209; do. in relation
to a meeting at Brand, 210; conversa- Indians in New England_dread of them and re
tion between a knight and one of his

markable preservation, 17; T. Chalkley
tenants, 215; visit to Ireland, 216; is

preaches to the Senecas and Shawanese, 20.
remarkably directed in nominating Intemperance, sad effects of, 11, 148; Intempe-
Friends to visit families, 216; is sin-

rate man reclaimed and becomes a
gularly led to make a religious visit to

Friend, 212; John Churchman's re-
a family, 219; returns to England, 220;

marks respecting it, 252.
a significant dream, 221; do. respect-

ing meetings for discipline, 222; goes
to the Continent, 223; epistle to friends Lloyd, Elizabeth, sails to England with T. Chalk-
at Twisk, 225; anecdote of a barber

ley, 11.
whose mind was awakened by J. C.'s Letter of T. Chalkley to E. Levis and J. Fenn,
manner of calling the days of the week,

49; do. to a person in the ministry, 50.
227; returns to England, ib.; goes to Lightfoot, Thomas, his death and burial, 58.
Wales, 229; epistle to Friends in Wilt- Lord, James, his death and burial, 75.
shire, 230; returns to America, 233;

Address to the legislature of Pennsyl-
vania on the subject of war, 235; epis- Mather, Cotton, letter to him, 170.
tle to Friends, ib.; Account of Peter Meeting at St. Christophers, 93; Meetings, atten-
Gardiner, 237; attends a treaty with dance of-conversation between a Knight
the Indians at Easton, 239; remarks

and his tenant, 215.
made in his public testimony, 243; Ministry, Gospel, without money or price, 21, 30,
visits meetings in Pennsylvania, and

162 163.
New Jersey, 245; goes to Maryland Morris, Sarah, Memoir of, 478.
and Virginia, 247; visits such as hold Morris, Susannah, remarkable account of, 315.


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