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SCHOOL CLASSICS are not always edited with reference to school needs. It is hoped, therefore, that the distinctive features of this book may point so unmistakably to its origin in the schoolroom as to render unnecessary any apology for adding one more edition of Cicero to those already in use. As every teacher of the subject knows, Cicero makes difficult reading at first for the average boy or girl; hence, in this day of crowded curricula, to lessen these early difficulties somewhat is a legitimate aim. If in pursuit of this aim the present editor has departed froin familiar methods, it is hoped that his deviations from the beaten track may be justified by the results attained.

The Orations contained in this selection are given in their chronological order, as laid down on the first page of the Introduction. In the expectation, however, that the usual order of study will be observed by those who use the book, the Catilinarians are treated in a more elementary manner than the other speeches. For the necessary historical background the Appendices, if the teacher think proper, as well as the Introduction through the sketch of Cicero's life, should be mastered before the text is begun.

College requirements do not demand a close acquaintance with ancient rhetoric. Hence it has been thought sufficient to treat but one Oration—that in favor of the Manilian Law—with especial reference to its rhetorical structure.

In the matter of quantity, too, it has seemed best, in spite of some modern precedents, to follow the recommendations of the Committee of Ten. The opinion expressed by the Latin Confer

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