Proteins: Structure and Function

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Wiley, 1 set 2005 - 520 pagine
Proteins: Structure and Function is a comprehensiveintroduction to the study of proteins and their importance tomodern biochemistry. Each chapter addresses the structure andfunction of proteins with a definitive theme designed to enhancestudent understanding. Opening with a brief historical overview ofthe subject the book moves on to discuss the ‘buildingblocks’ of proteins and their respective chemical andphysical properties. Later chapters explore experimental andcomputational methods of comparing proteins, methods of proteinpurification and protein folding and stability.

The latest developments in the field are included and keyconcepts introduced in a user-friendly way to ensure that studentsare able to grasp the essentials before moving on to more advancedstudy and analysis of proteins.

An invaluable resource for students of Biochemistry, MolecularBiology, Medicine and Chemistry providing a modern approach to thesubject of Proteins.

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David Whitford, Queen Mary & Westfield College, London, UK.

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