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ABBEY, (Fountain's,) Yorkshire, ruins of Arthur's seat, Edinburgh, engraving of May-

dew dancers at, 609.
Abgarus, portrait sent by Christ to, 63. Ash Wednesday, 197.
Abraham, his oak at Mamre, 1033.

Ashburnham family, 1376.
Actors, power formerly exercised over, by Ashburton, lord, (John Dunning,) died,
lord chamberlain, 1063.

notice of, 1087.
Adanson, Michael, naturalist, notice of, Ashmole, Elias, extracts from his diary,

1 305.
Addison, his library noticed, 696.

Ashton-under-line, custom at, 467.
Aeroslation, 1567.

Ashton Ralph, tradition concerning, 469.
Ague, charm for, 1560.

Asidew, Arsedine, or Orsden, explanation
Aguelar, baron, the miser, lottery 'anecdote of, 1376.
about, 1526.

Auckland, (Bishop,) custom at, 1043.
Alberoni, cardinal, notice of, 878.

Augsburg cathedral, engraving of a monu-
Aldhelm, bishop of Sherborne, 1308.

ment in, 1073.
Aleppo, thorns called Glastonbury brought Avingham fair and sports, 1653.
from, 1642.

Authors, curious instance of one, 1068;
Ales, local customs about, 675, 693.

instance of anxiety of one, 1315.
All-fools' day, 485, 487.

Autographs; of Browne Willis, 295, 296; of
Almondsbury, Gloucestershire, narrative Dr. R. Willis, bishop of Winchester, 296;
relating to, 1631.

of Benjamin West, 366 ; of earl of Mans-
Alnwick, Northumberland, the freeman's field,,396; of John Hampden, 476; of
well at, 249.

William Emerson, 690; of George Heriot,
Ambleside church, notice of, 1369.

Amsterdam, lotteries in, 1532.

Autumn, engraving of ancient dress for,
Anderson, Jem, champion for mayor of 1342.

Garrett, 834.
Andrew, Merry, derivation of, 503.

Baal, fires in honour of. See Fires.
Anglers, important to, 767.

Backsword or singlestick, notices of, 1907,
Angling, article on, 769.

1341, 1399.
Ann of Denmark,'notice of her jewels, 749. Bacon, gammon of, custom of eating at
Anthony, parish of, in Cornwall; accident Easter, 439; custom about flitch of
in church of, 663.

bacon, and engraving, 799; receipt for
Antigua in 1736, 1304.

making Somersetshire bacon, 813.
Antiquaries, remarks in favour of, 308.

lord, his singular recommendation
Apparitions, forged account of, in Ireland, about garden walks, 518; his plan of a
278, 281; at Woodstock, history of, 583; mansion house, 1621.
relating to death, &c. 1111; judicious Balcanquel, Dr., rules for Heriot's hospital
remarks on, quoted, 1011; farther notice, drawn by, 756.

Baldwin, Samuel, remarkable funeral willed
Apples, receipt for keeping, 1213.

by, 684.
see Cider.

Bales, Peter, curious caligraphy by, 1215.
Archery at White Conduit-house, 1564. Balmerino, lord, executed, notice of, 1096.
Argyle, earl of, notice of, 758, 759.

Band, Elizabeth, daughter of Heriot ; her
Arm-chairs, opera, 630.

sons provided for in their grandfather's
Armour, articles of, lottery prizes consisting hospital, 755.
of, 1411.

Bank of England, 'anecdote of clerks of,
Ardmore, bishopric of, 1034.

1447; singular details of forgery on, see
Arones, J., lottery fraud of, 1466.

Price, Charles.
Art, black, printing so called, 1240. Baptism ; of bells, 139 ; of Jews at Rome

before Easter Sunday, 437; a curious singular collision of flocks of, Dear Pres.
case of one, 899; a Welch one described,

ton, 1139.

Birds-nests, anecdote concerning, 238.
Barber-surgeons, 758.

Births, insurance of, 1436.
Barbers, numerous convictions of, in 1746, Bish, the last man, lottery puff, 1507.

Bishop Auckland, custom of, 1043.
Baretti, Joseph, notice of, 643.

Bishops, the devil called by king James a
Barming, Kent, custom of doleing at, 1627. busy bishop, 1230; notice of the boy
Barnwell, George, acting of at Christmas, bishop, 160].
effect of, 1651.

Black, lamp, receipt for, 266.
Barrington, viscount, expelled house of art, printing so called, 1240.
commons, 1447.

Blackberry jam, how to be prepared. 1116.
Bartholomew fair, 1196.

Blackburn weavers, memorial of their
Bartlemass, mayor of, mock election of at wretched state, 562.
Newbury, 1045.

Blackford, an able backsword player, 1341.
Bath anecdotes, 1659.

Blacking, burlesque company for making,
Battles, singular opening of one, 875; notice 1581.
of a great naval one, ib..

Blagden, Dr., and others, experiments on
Baubleshire, duke of, a remarkable charac heat, 776; his narrative, ib.

ter so called ; engraving and notice of, Bland, Mrs., notice of, 1201.

Blanks, lottery, 1447 ; one made a prize,
Baxter's “ World of Spirits,” anecdote 1466.
from, 1239

Blase, sir W. and lady, their equipage at
Beadle, parish, 1558.

mock election for Garrett, 851.
Bears, various descriptions of, 1560. Blind persons, remarks on their dreams,
Beasts, satire on over-fattening for the mar 1539.
ket, 1547.

Block, wetting the; shoemakers' custom of,
Beaucaire, in France, fair of, 1037.

Beaufoy, colonel, his account of a remark- Blood-showers, explanation of, U 27.
able storm, 553.

Bloomfield, (the poet,) an early amusement
Beaume, Sainte, near Marseilles, notice of, of, 901.

Blue-coat boys, tampered with about lottery
Beauty, supposed to be promoted by wash tickets, 1463 ; remarks on their singing
ing with May-dew,611.

Christmas carols, 1651.
Becket, Thomas à, engraving and notice of, Boadicea, 1198.

Boar's head at Christmas, 1649.
Beckford family, notice of, 1371.

Bochsa, Mr., 1599.
Bees, taking honey without killing them, Bolton-upon-Swale, Henry Jenkins bord is,

Bell-man's verses, 1594.

Bolton, duke of, 1975.
Bells, notices of, 135, 138; consecration

duchess of, (before Kitty Fisher.)
of, 136; description of passion bell, 392 ; advertisement by, 474.
how guarded in Lent, 434; England Bonaparte, 1070.
called the ringing island, 509; horse- | Books, advertisement of one in 1653, 1914;
racing for silver bells, 539; their redun lottery for, 1414 ; list of the books, 1418.
dant ringing and tolling, 744, 745, 907; Bosworth, battle of, 1104.
notice of Bow bells, 1256.

Bottesford, curious entry in church book of,
Beltain or Beltane, in Scotland, Scottish

May-day festival, 659.

Bow bells, notice of, 1256.
Ben, Old General, of Nottingham, 1569. Bowl, wassell, notice of, 7.
Bennet, old, the newscrier, notice of, 1275.

Bowls, long, 1070.
Bentinck, count, duke of Portland, 1374.

Bow yer, Wm., printer, notice of, 1557.
Benvenuti, bishop, costly mistake of, Boxeley, rood of, account of, 417.

Boy, the laughing, engraving of, 343.
Berkshire, derivation of the name, 1033.

bishop, notice of, 1601.
Berwick, duke of, notice of, 789, 1323. Boys, one said to be murdered by his
Bexhill, Sussex, notice of, 743.

school-master, 1371 ; notice and cut of
Beziers, in France, procession of the boys about a sugar hogshead, 1513.
camel in, 641.

climbing, remarks on, from 617 to
Biddenden, Kent, notice of, 442, 449.

626. See Chimney-sweepers.
Bills, exchequer, origin of, 29.

Bray, sir Reginald, notice of, 107).
Birds, amusement of shooting at a wooden Bridal, royal, 374.

one, 289 ; rearing and treatment of young Bridewell boys, former turbulence of, 1995.
ones, ib.; the eagle, a royal one, ib; | Bridgewater, duke of, canals by, 1966.

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Bright, Edward, the largest man, 1581. Cards, a child played for at, 1344.
Brighton, 1257.

Carlos, colonel, and Charles II., notice of
Brill, (The) Middlesex, Cæsar's camp

called, 1345, 1566.

Carna, goddess of the hinge, 727.
Brindley, James, civil engineer, died, notice Cars, travelling ones in Ireland, engravings
of, 1263.

of, 239, 241.
Brittany, superstitions in, 972.

Carter, farmer, ludicrous “trial of farmer
Brock bank, William, the walking post, Carter's dog," 198.

Carving, ancient, engraving of, 497.
Brothers, the, 316.

Cat, engraving of a street image of one,
Brough, Westmoreland, 1596.

Brown, baron, Durham poet, engraving and Catholics and Protestants, mutual interest
notice of, 1217.

of, 1370.
Joe, account of, 549.

Cavendish, house of, 1376.
Brushes for sweeping chimneys, engraving Ceres, represented in harvest, 1155, 1162.
of one, 617.

Chabert, the human salamander, 771.
Bubbles, (speculations called,) notice of, Chairs, opera arm, 630.
28, 520, 1579.

Dr. Busby's, a supposititious one,
Buck and doe, carried in St. Paul's cathe 901.
dral, origin of, 119.

sedan, ib.
Buckingham, custom at, 707.

shoemakers' amusement with, ib.
Buckles and shoes, notice of, 1354. Chalmers, James, curious advertisement by,
Buffon, count de, naturalist, notice of, 519. 938.
Bulkeley, Mr., circumstances of his child's Chamberlain, lord, power formerly exer-
baptism, 899.

cised by, over actors, 1063.
Buns, hot-cross, 410.

Chancery, a hoax in, 1145.
Burial, provision against 'in a will, 1325; Chances in lotteries, computations touching,

general invitations published to attend 1456.
burials, 1645.

Charitable corporation, notice of, and of
Burnet, sir Thomas, died, 43.

lottery for the sufferers by, 1451.
Bury, Suffolk, dispute about bells in, 907. Charles I., behaviour of, 143, 146.
Burwell, Cambridgeshire, fatal fire at, 1225.

II., notice of, 698; public notice
Busby, Dr., his chair a supposititious one, of his continuing to heal the evil, 682.

V., anecdote qf, 458; curious
Bushell, Isaac, a backsword player, 1341. pageant at Dunkirk by, 870.
Butler, William, died, 1316.

Charlotte, queen, notice of, 1084.
Butterworth, Billy, an eccentric character, Charlton, Mr. T., notice of, 1627.
notice of, 1142.

Cheap Tommy, (Thomas Hogg,) notice of,

Cæsar's pretorium at Pancras, 1345, 1566. Cheldonizing, or swallow-singing, explain-
Cake, Biddenden, account of, 442.

ed, 111l.
Calculation, an extraordinary one, 396., Chemists, anecdote of, 635.
Calendar, naturalists', 25.

Chepstow castle, sports at, 1562.
Calico-printing, a chemical black for, Cherries, feast of, at Hamburgh, 1040.

Cheshire, customs in, 450, 597, 1371.
Caligraphy, notice of, 1215.

Chester, ancient horse-racing at, 539.
Calves-head club, 158.

Chicheley, archbishop, artifice of, 1141
Camps, description of Cæsar's at Pancras, Child, Mr., banker, notice of, 1415.
1345, 1566.

one played for at cards, 1344.
Canals by Brindley, notice of, 1265; the Chillcott, Charles, notice of, 963.

Grand Junction one commenced in 1766, Chimes, 138.

Chimney-sweepers, rhetoric of one, 56;
Candlemas day, 173, 223 ; judges' enter May-day exhibition of, 613; proc°ssion,
tainment and dance, 174.

public dinner, and oratory of the masters,
Cann, the Devonshire champion in wrest 617; engraving of "the last chimney-
ling, 1009.

sweeper,” ib.; masters' hand-bill, ib.
Canonbury tower, supposed subterraneous Chimneys, how to dress for the summer,
passage from, 1607.

Canterbury, Thomas à Becket, archbishop Chinese festival of lanterns, 90.
of, notice and engraving of, 929.

Cholera morbus, remarks on, 1243.
Carbonari, ludicrous anecdote about, 1398. Cholmondeley, marquis of, 576.
Cardan, curious circumstance of, 456. Christians, their hatred of Jews, 533.
Caraboo, impostor, self-called, notice and Christmas, usages and celebrations respect-
engraving of, 1632.

ing, 1628, 1638, &c.



on, 995.

Christmas out of doors, at Ratzburg, 11. Connaught, rigid fasting at, on Good Friday,
Christopher, Bartholomew, a sufferer by 411.
gambling, 1527.

Connor, rev. J., his description of ceremo-
Christ's Hospital. See Blue-coat Boys. nies of Greek church at Jerusalem, 438,
Chuneelah, ihe elephant killed at Exeter Conjugal indifference, 1301.
Change, 321.

Conway, William, a noted London-crier,
Churches, pressing for, the navy in, 443;

watching of, in Yorkshire, 518; curious Cook-maid, engraving of, in a lottery puff,
colloquy on images, &c. in, 1367 ; Ho. 1503.
garth's satire on some old supposed em Cooper's hall, lotteries latterly drawn in,
bellishments in, 1369.

Churchill, (Stuart,) Arabella, notice of,, Copenhagen-house, 1564.

Corbet, Richard, bishop of Norwich, 190.
John, (duke of Marlborough,) Cornwall, Christmas drama of St. George as

acted in, 122; customs in, 676, 100s;
sir Winston, letter of, 1322.

earthquake in, in 1757, 1007.
Churchwardens, chosen on Easter-Monday, Coronations, Mr. Taylor's excellent work

Cibber's Apology, notice of, 1064.

Corpse candles, exhalations so called, 1019.
Cider, preparation for making, 1269; ex Corpus Christi day, notice of, 695.

cellence of the Herefordshire cider, Cotswold, harvest home on, 1155.

Country and town, contrast of, 1366.
Cookery, old receipts for, their costliness, mansions, description of, 1620, Sc.

Court, (Lawless,) notice of, 1286.
Clack Fall Fair, 1371, 1584, 1606.

Covent-garden market, 1187.
Clapham, old church of, notice of, 1869.

Coventry, earl of, 1376.
Clay, Hercules, delivered from danger by Cow-mass, 870.
a dream, 367.

Cowper, earl, 1375.
Clayton, Mr., an old and good tenant, Cracknell, T., notice of, 838.

Craniology, notice of, 838.
Cleobulus, his riddle on the year, 26. Credulity, popular, 1139.
Clerkenwell in 1780, notice of, 699. Criminals, elephants employed as eie
Cleves, patent for Order of Fools at, 1287. cutioners of, 356.
Climate, changes of, 70; Howard's work Crispe, sir Charles, notice of, 941.

on climate of London recommended, 3. Crocodile, the first living one in England,
Climbing boys, society for suppressing, 1605.
622. See Chimney-sweepers.

Croker,T.C., jaunting car described by,241.
Clinton, Samuel, an extraordinary sleeper, Cromwell, Oliver, original letter of, 911.

Cross, Paul's, history and engraving of, 415.
Clogs, engraving of an old shoe and clog, Mr., account of his elephant al

Exeter Change, 323.
Clothing counteractive of heat, 779.

buns, 410.
Clouds, singular case of their electricity in Crucifixion, Christ's, celebration of at se

Java, 1082 ; notices respecting heights, ville, 422 ; relics of, 426.

motions, and shapes of clouds, ib. Cruikshank, George, phrenological illus-
Club, calves-head, 158.

trations by, 1119.
Coachmen, (Hackney,) instances of honesty Cuckoo, the, observations on, 1138.
of, 902.

Cumberland, customs in, 450, 668.
Coat and badge, Dogget's prize of, for row. Cup, the clayen, or clome, or clomen, 1652.
ing, 1062.

Cupid, the popular representation of, en-
Cobblers, festival of, at Paris, 1054, 1055. graving of, and satire on, 1545.
See Shoemakers.

Curling, game of, 163.
Cock, W., (sir W. Swallowtail,) notice of,
835, 838.

Daft-days, 13.
Coffins, anecdotes of, 1020.

Dalmahoy, Mr., statement of, 1527.'
Coleridge, Mr., his description of Christ- Dalmer, a baker, how his fortune made,
mas out of doors at Ratzburg, 114.

Ccleshill, customs of, 467.

Danby, lord, anecdote of, 1095.
Collars, a remarkably heavy one, 530 ; Dancing, (morris,) 792.
worn by judges, 538.

--bears, 1560.
Colman, George, the elder, died, notice of, Darkness and fog in 1813, 101.

Darlington, earl of, 1376.
Comedy, street, notice of, 1310.

Daughters, a curious present to one, 1560.
Common prayer, strictures on, 149.

Davenant, sir W., notice of, 521.

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penny, 899.



Davis, George, a sleep-walker, 1296. Dreams, Mr. Clay delivered from danger by
Days, lucky, notice of a supposed one, 1320. one, 367; curious remarks on dreams,
Death, apparition of the chariot of, 978; 1537 ; notices of dreams, 1578, 1581.

account of the “ death fetch,” in an Dress, a lady's in 1550, 796; engraving of
Irish tale, 1013; opera of “ The Death an ancient dress for autumn, 1342.
fetch” noticed, 1011; prayers for prisoners Drop bandkerchief, custom of, 665.
under sentence of death, 1878; death of Drummond, lady Jane, notice of, 743.
the State Lottery, 1499, 1502; annual | Drunkenness, singular advertisement touch-
death of a whole people, 1581.

ing, 938.
Debtors, fraudulent, singular case of one, Dublin, in, 595.

Duck, Stephen, the thresher poet, 1103.
Dedication, of joints of the fingers to hunting, description of, 1403.
saints, 94.

Duelling, memorandum to men of honour
Deer, Sion Gardens lottery for, 1446.

touching, 942.
D'Eglantine, Faber, why so called, 605. Dulce domum, supposed origin of, 710,
Delaval, sir F. B., curious anecdote of, Duncan, lord, notice of, 1315.

Dunck, Miss, a great heiress, 898.
Dellicot, William, convicted of stealing a Dunkirk, cow-mass at, 870.

Dunmow, Essex, ancient custom at, engrav-
Den of the elephant killed at Exeter ing of, 799.
Change, engraving of, 335.

Dunning, John, (lord Ashburton,) died,
Denny, D., lottery fraud of, 1466.

notice of, 1087.
Derby, West, customs of, 432.

Dunstable, mode of catching larks at, 118.
Derbyshire, customs in, 451, 637.

Dunstan, sir Jeffery, mayor of Garrett, 824,
Devil, history of the good devil of Wood-

stock,582; engraving of St. Michael stand- Durham, county of, ceremony of a new
ing on the devil, 1271; called by James I. bishop entering, 1044.
a busy bishop, 1239; bis usual shape an

city of, custom at, 447.
empty bottle, 1241; overlooking Lin-

ox, complaint of, 1547,
coln College, 1236; superstitions respect- Dwarf, curious one, 1605.
ing him, 1238.

Dyne, Corey, a poted backsword player,
Devils, printers', 1239.

Devonshire, customs in, 666, 1009, 1170,

Eagle, a royal bird, 1077.
Dew,(May,) dancers at Arthur's seat, Edin-

Tavern, City-road, wrestling at,
burgh, 409.

Diaries, curious extracts from one, 1305. Earthquakes, one felt in Cornwall in 1757,
Dibdin, Charles, his opera of “ The Water 1007.
man” noticed, 1062.

Earwigs, 1099.
Digby, lord, annual tolling for, 1255. East Bourn, custom of sops and ale at, 693.
Dimsdale, sir 11., mayor of Garrett, 824,838. Easter-day, 457 ; extreme possible differ
Dinners, curious invitation to one, 508; ence of time in its happening, 457.

anecdole of an election one, 1193. Edinburgh, celebrated for fine skaters,
Diogenes and his lantern, print of, 644. 117; notice of Heriot's hospital in, and
Dissenters, their celebrations of throwing of the founder, 746; custom in, 609.
out the Schism Bill, 1061.

Edward, king of the West Saxons, 390.
Diversions, curious one of a widowed hus- Egede, Paul, a Danish missionary, died,
band, 1020.

Doctors, the Whitworth one, 477.

Eggs, paste, 439, 450 ; filled with salt, pro-
Does, origin of carrying a buck and a doe phetic virtue of, 1560.
in St. Paul's cathedral, 119.

Election, general, in 1826, 799, 818; de-
Dogget, Thomaz, actor, notice of, and of scription of a Westminster election, 853;

his coat and badge rowing for, 1062. occurrence at an election dinner, 1193;
Dog, ludicrous trial of, 198; and of the dog curious account of election expenses,
of Heriot's hospital, 759,

1659, 1660.
Dolmoors, Somersetshire, custom at, 917, | Elections, mock, of mayor of Garrett, 819,

851; of mayor of Bartlemass, for News
Dragon, St. George and the, engraving of, bury, 1045.

Electricity in clouds, curious and dreadful
Dramas, fertility in producing, 1133.

case of in Java, 1082.
Draper, Elizabeth, account of her wedding- Elephanta, island of, 319.
dress in 1550, 796.

Elephantiasis, 357.7
Drawing of the Lottery, engraving of, 1441. Elephants, account of the one called Chuny
See Lottery.

killed at Exeter Change, 321, &c.; Dar-

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