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Umbrēnus, -ī, m., name of a Roman family; P. Umbrēnus, a freedman who had engaged in business in Gaul, undertook to persuade the Allobroges to aid in Catiline's conspiracy. umquam, adv., ever, at any time. ūnā, [ūnus], adv., at the same time, together.

ut or uti, adv. and conj. :
(1) As adv., of time, when, as

soon as; of manner: inter-
rogative, how; relative, as,
just as, as much as.
(2) As conj., with subj. of re-
sult, that, so that; with subj.
of purpose, that, in order
that, in order to, to.

unde, adv., whence, from which, uter-que, utraque, utrumque, where. gen. utriusque, dat. utrique, [uter, which of two], adj., each, each one, both; utrique, both parties. uti, see ut.

utilis, -e, [ūtor], adj., useful,

serviceable, beneficial. ūtilitās, -ātis, [ūtilis], f., bene

fit, advantage, expediency. ūtor, -i, ūsus sum, with abl., use, make use of, make a tool of, employ, avail one's self of, enjoy; manage; exercise, practise; sermōne ūtī, engage in conversation; largius ūtī, squander.

undique, [unde + -que], adv., from every quarter, on all sides.

ūnivorsus (-versus), -a, -um, [ūnus + vorsus], adj., all together, in a body, taken collectively, in general.

ūnus, -a, -um, gen. ūnīus, dat.

ūnī, num. adj., one, a single; alone, only; in unum, to one place, together. ūnus-quisque, unaquaeque, unumquidque, indef. pron., each one, each. urbānus, -a, -um, [urbs], adj., of the city, in the city, city (of Rome).

urbs, urbis, f., city; the city (of | Rome).

urgeō, (urgueō), -ēre, ursī,
[VRG, press], press hard, press


ūsūrpō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [ūsus + RAP, snatch], employ, apply,


ūsque, adv., even to; usque eō, to such a degree, so much so;


quo usque, how far? how vacillō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, stagger,

ūsus, -ūs, [ūtor], m., use; experience; intercourse; need, necessities, food; service, advantage, interest.

ut-pote, [pote, able], adv., inasmuch as, since; utpote qui, naturally as one who. utrimque, [uterque], adv., from both sides.

uxor, -ōris, f., wife.

totter. vacuēfaciō, -ere, -fēcī, -factus, [vacuus faciō], make vacant, vacate, clear. vacuus, -a, -um, adj., empty,

free, devoid of; defenceless, unprotected; ownerless, having no master.

vadimōnium, -ī, [vas, bail], n., | vehemēns, -entis, adj., violent, bail, security.

furious, impetuous; severe. vehementer, [vehemens], adv.,

very greatly, exceedingly.
vel, [old imperative of volō],
conj., or; 1. . . vel, either

vāgīna, -ae, f., scabbard, sheath.
vagor, -ārī, -ātus sum, [vagus],
wander about, roam.
vagus, -a, -um, [VAG, carry],
adj., roving, roaming, wan-
dering, unsettled.
valeō, -ēre, -ui, -itūrus [VAL,
strong], be strong, be vigorous,
have strength, possess power,
have weight, avail, prevail,

Valērius, see Flaccus.
validus, -a, -um, [VAL, strong],
adj., strong, vigorous, power-

vānitās, -ātis, [vānus], f., fickle-
ness, vanity.

vānus, -a, -um, adj., empty, idle, useless; false, wavering, irresolute.

Varguntēius, -a, name of a Ro

man gens; L. Varguntēius, a senator, together with C. Cornēlius, made an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Cicero. variē, [varius], adv., variously,

vāstō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [vāstus], ravage; harass.

vāstus, -a, -um, adj., vast; vāstus animus, insatiable ambi



vēlum, -ī, n., sail.

vel-ut or vel-utī, adv., just as,
as, like; just as if, as if, as
though, as it were.
vēnālis, -e, [vēnum, that which
is for sale], adj., purchasable,

vēndō, -ere, -didī, -ditus, [vēnum, that which is for sale + dō], sell, set a price


venēficus, -a, -um, [venēnum + FAC, make], adj., poisonous; as noun, venēficus, -i, m., poisoner.

venēnum, -ī, n., drug; venēnum malum, poison.

veniō, -īre, vēnī, ventus, [VEN, go], come; used impersonally in the passive, ventum est, he or they came.


vēnor, -ārī, -ātus sum, hunt.

varius, -a, -um, adj., various, venter, -tris, m., belly; appetite; diverse; versatile. gluttony.

vās, vāsis, pl., vāsa, -ōrum, n., (verber), -eris, n., (usually pl.),
vessel; vase.
stripes, blows; scourging, flog-

verberō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [ver-
ber], scourge, flog.
verbum, -ī, n., word; verba

facere or loqui, speak; verbō,
with but a word, briefly; ver-
bis, verbally.

vēcordia, -ae, [vēcors, senseless], f., insanity. vectīgal, -ālis, [VEH, carry], n., vērē, [vērus], adv., truly, truthfully, correctly, accurately. vectīgālis, -e, [vectigal], adj., | vereor, -ērī, veritus sum, fear, tributary. dread.


vērō, [vērus], adv., in fact, truly, | victoria, -ae, [victor], f., victory,
certainly, assuredly, indeed;


victus, -ūs, [viv, live], m., food;
mode of living, style.

versō, see vorsō.

versus, -ūs, [VERT, turn], m., vicus, -i, [vic, dwell], m., street.
verse; versūs facere, write | vidēlicet, [for videre licet], adv.,
verse, compose poetry.
evidently, of course, no doubt;
vērum, -ī, [vērus], n., the truth;
often used ironically.
ex vērō, according to the truth;
prō vērō, as true.
vērum, [vērus], adv., in fact,
but, but yet; vērum enim vērō,
but certainly, but assuredly.
vērus, -a, -um, adj., true, real;
vescor, -1, -
gratify the
vespera, -ae, [VAS, burn], f.,

video, -ēre, vīdī, vīsus, [VID,
see], see, behold, observe; wit-
ness; pass., videor, -ērī, visus
sum, be seen, appear, seem.
vigeō, -ēre, -ui, —, [vIG, vigor],
be vigorous, thrive, flourish ;
aetās viget, we are in the prime
of life.

take food, eat,


Vesta, -ae, [VAs, burn], f.,
Vesta, goddess of the hearth.
vester, see voster.
vestimentum, -ī, [vestis, cloth-
ing], n., garment, vesture,

veterānus, -a, -um, [vetus], adj.,
veteran; as noun, veterānī,
-ōrum, m. pl., veterans.
vetō, -āre, -uī, -itus, forbid.
vetus, -eris, adj., old, old-time,

of long standing; former. vēxō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [freq. from vehō], disturb, make restless, harass, torment; waste, abuse.

via, -ae, [VEн, carry], f., road,
way; path, course.
vicēsimus, see vīgēsumus.
vīcīnitās, -ātis, [vīcīnus, neigh-
boring], f., neighborhood,

victor, -ōris, [VIC, conquer], m.,
conqueror, victor; in apposi-
tion, victorious.

vīgēsumus or vīcēsimus, -a, -um,

[viginti], num. adj., twentieth. vigilia, -ae, [vigil, awake], f., watching, sleeplessness, want of sleep; watch, a fourth part of the night; pl., the men on watch, sentinels, watch, guard. vigilō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [vigil, awake], watch, keep awake, be without sleep, be awake; be watchful, be vigilant, look out for.

vīlis, -e, adj., of little value, cheap.
villa, -ae, [vic, dwell], f., country-

house, farm-house; country-
seat, villa.

vincō, -ere, vīcī, victus, [vic,
conquer], conquer, defeat, beat,
vanquish; be victorious, pre-
vail; get the better of, ex-

vinculum, -ī, [vinciō, bind], n.,
fetter; pl., chains, prison,
custody, confinement.
vindex, -icis, m.and f., (defender,
avenger); executioner.
vindicō, -are, -āvi, -ātus, [vin-

dex], assert one's claim to,

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demand, claim; restore; pun- volgus, -i, [VALG, press], n., ish, inflict punishment on. people, crowd, mob, rabvinum, -ī, n,, wine. ble. violentia, -ae, [violentus, violent], f., violence, rude attack, fury.

vir, virī, m., man, husband; man volnerō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [volof valor.

nus], wound.

vīrēs, see vis.

virgō, -inis, f., maiden, virgin;
Vestal virgin, a priestess of

volnus, -eris, [VEL, tear], n.,
19 [VOL,

volo, velle, volui,
wish], will, wish, want, de-
sire, like; be willing, consent,

Volturcius, -ī, m., a Roman name;
T. Volturcius of Crotona, a
Catilinarian conspirator, being
arrested in company with the
Allobroges, turned state's evi-
dence, and was subsequently
pardoned and rewarded by the

virīlis, -e, [vir], adj., of a man,
manly; worthy of a man, re-
quiring the daring of a man.
virtūs, -ūtis, [vir], f., bravery,
valor, courage; mental energy,
vigor of mind, ability, talents,
intellectual superiority; moral
worth, good qualities, merit,
honor, honesty, virtue, excel-
lence, character, strength of

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volitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [freq. from volo, fly], flit about, hover about.

voltus, -ūs, m., countenance;

features, looks; face. voluntārius, -a, -um, [voluntās], adj., voluntary; as noun, voluntārius, -ī, m., volunteer. voluntās, -ātis, [VOL, wish], f., will, good-will, wish, desire, approval, consent. voluptārius, -a, -um, [voluptās], adj., pleasant, luxuri


voluptās, -ātis, [VOL, wish], f.,

pleasure, enjoyment, delight. volvō, -ere, volvī, volūtus,

[VOLV, roll], roll over, turn over in one's mind, revolv reflect upon, consider. vorsō (versō), -āre, -āvī, -ātus, [freq. from vortō, turn], keep turning; pass. as deponent, vorsor, -ārī, -ātus sum, be active, be busy, be occupied,

be engaged, be concerned; in | voster (vester), -tra, -trum, summā sevēritāte versārī, ex- [vōs], poss. pron. adj., your, yours.

hibit the greatest severity. vorsus, [part. of vortō, turn], vōtum, -ī, [part. of voveō, vow], adv., turned in the direction of, towards.


vōx, vōcis, [voc, call], f., voice.

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