Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volum 20

Eugene Campbell Barker, Herbert Eugene Bolton
Texas State Historical Association, 1917

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Pàgina 357 - Doran). The History of the Republic of Texas, from the Discovery of the Country to the Present Time, and the Cause of her Separation from the Republic of Mexico.
Pàgina 102 - Fellows, and the body thus created may thereafter elect additional Fellows on the nomination of the Executive Council. The number of Fellows shall never exceed twenty-five.
Pàgina 105 - He shall provide for the carriage of the mail on all post-roads that are, or may be, established by law, and as often as he, having regard to the productiveness thereof, and other circumstances, shall think proper.
Pàgina 25 - ... the provisions of section 10 of article I of the Constitution of the United States, in this, that they are laws impairing the obligation of their said contract with your orator.
Pàgina 36 - That from and after the passage of this act, there shall be reserved to every citizen or head of a family in this Republic, free and independent of the power of a writ of fieri facias or other execution issuing from any court of competent jurisdiction whatever, fifty acres of land or one town lot, including his or her homestead and improvements not exceeding five hundred dollars in value...
Pàgina 106 - He shall once in three months render to the secretary of the treasury a quarterly account of all the receipts and expenditures in the said department, to be adjusted and settled as other public accounts. He shall also superintend the business of the department in all the duties that are or may be assigned to it...
Pàgina 94 - Texas engages that she will stipulate in the Treaty not to annex herself or become subject to any country whatever.
Pàgina 49 - These funerals are usually performed in a very summary manner. A grave is dug in a convenient spot and the corpse, with no other shroud than its own clothes, and only a blanket for a coffin, is consigned to the earth. The grave is then usually filled up with stones or poles, as a safeguard against the voracious wolves of the prairies.
Pàgina 335 - ... so extensively manufactured in the western States, and upon the pork and beef and bread-stuffs so abundantly produced in that region, such as would amount to an almost total prohibition of the introduction of those articles into the country, much as her government and people would regret the necessity of the adoption of such a policy, she would be exculpated from the slightest imputation of blame for taking care of her own welfare and prosperity after having been refused admission into this Union....
Pàgina 151 - On the afternoon of our arrival the enemy, irritated I suppose by the loss of his animals, came down in considerable force and made an attack ; they were, however, soon driven back with the loss of two men and horses killed, and four wounded. These skirmishes, or running fights, are of almost daily occurrence; since we have been here, we have lost as yet but one man killed and one wounded.

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