Librarian, Being an Account of Scarce, Valuable, and Useful English Books, Manuscript Libraries, Public Records, Volume 3

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Pagina 204 - The habit of these monks was a black loose coat, or gown of stuff, reaching down to their heels, with a cowl or hood of the same, and a scapulary ; and under that a white habit, nearly as large as the former, made of flannel; these, with a pair of boots, completed their costume.
Pagina 13 - The Sibyl demanded to live as many years as she had grains of sand in her hand, but...
Pagina 29 - London; 24 volumes relating to the history of music (bequeathed by Sir John Hawkins); 27 volumes of music, chiefly motets, and other church music, by old composers, (Prenestini, Palestrina, Pergolese, Steffani, Handel, Sfc.
Pagina 97 - Britain, engraven by Mr. Houbraken and Mr. Vertue. With their lives and characters by Thomas Birch.
Pagina 220 - Ely, he seems to have directed his attention to the study of church architecture. It is probable that he was determined to the pursuit of ecclesiastical antiquities by the eminent example of bishop Tanner (a prebendary of the same stall which Mr. Bentham afterwards held), who had honoured the family with many marks of his kindness and friendship.
Pagina 20 - Sloane, who, during a long period of eminent practice in physic, had accumulated a very large collection of natural and artificial curiosities, together with a numerous library of printed books as well as manuscripts, and who, being well aware how much science is benefited by the...
Pagina 48 - Concerning the Relations of Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal, to each other, and to the common Enemy, at this crisis, and specifically as affected by the Convention of Cintra ; the whole brought to the test of those Principles by which alone the Independence and Freedom of Nations can be Preserved or Recovered.
Pagina 254 - ... made in the laws and regulations of the Stannaries. A warden was appointed to do justice in law and equity, from whom there was an appeal to the Duke of Cornwall in council, or, for want of a Duke of Cornwall, to the Crown. Henry VII.
Pagina 140 - Farley, a gentleman of learning as well as of great experience in records, who had almost daily recourse to the book for more than forty years. It was completed early in 1783, having been ten years in passing through the press, and thus became generally accessible to the antiquary and topographer.

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