Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London

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Pagina xxv - Kirby and Spence's Introduction to Entomology ; or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects : Comprising an Account of Noxious and Useful Insects, of their Metamorphoses, Food, Stratagems, Habitations, Societies, Motions, Noises, Hybernation, Instinct, &c.
Pagina xx - Iconographie du règne animal, de G. Cuvier, ou représentation d'après nature de l'une des espèces les plus remarquables, et souvent non encore figurée...
Pagina 165 - GLANURES ENTOMOLOGIQUES, ou Recueil de notes monographiques, descriptions, critiques, remarques et synonymies diverses, par Jacquelin du Val (Camille). 2 parts, 12mo. Paris, 1859, '60. GLASKR'S BEITRAGE, See Beiträge zur Naturgeschichte. 1984. GLASGOW MECHANICS' MAGAZINE AND ANNALS OF PHILOSOPHY.
Pagina 66 - Athenaeum' for April; by the Editor. The ' Literary Gazette' for April; by the Editor. The ' Journal of the Society of Arts
Pagina 3 - CHAP. III. Management. The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council, consisting of thirteen Members, to be chosen annually (five of whom shall form a quorum), four of whom shall not be re-eligible for the following year.
Pagina xxxix - A Notice of the Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia " (1852) ; and " Notes and Commentaries during Voyages to Brazil and China, 1848
Pagina 304 - ... slender, linear, rounded at the tip, about four times the length of the second ; arista...
Pagina 44 - Zoologist ' for November ; by the Editor. The ' Literary Gazette' for October ; by the Editor. The ' Journal of the Society of Arts ;
Pagina 106 - An Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Entomological Society of London, on Monday, January 23, I860'; by HT Stainton, Esq.
Pagina 37 - ... deposited are hatched and the young grubs require a share of her attention. From the circular bases, she now begins to raise her hexagonal cells, not building them up at once, but from time to time, raising them as the young grubs grow.

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