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H. & S. Raynor, 1842 - 132 pagine

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Pagina 141 - Of all the writers of odes, ancient or modern, there is none, that, in point of correctness, harmony, and happy expression, can vie with Horace. He has descended from the Pindaric rapture to a more moderate • degree of elevation ; and joins connected thought, and good sense, with the highest beauties of poetry.
Pagina 130 - Pythagoras' theorem states that the square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides.
Pagina 143 - What is there in the history of the intellect to compare with its efforts to search out the character of the Deity without divine aid ? When, in the history of the world, has reason without revelation done as much to improve and refine the nature of man as when Socrates taught moral truth, and Plato was revered as the oracle of more than human wisdom? In every department, then, of valuable knowledge the cultivated mind will find much that is pleasing and instructive in the productions of antiquity....
Pagina 42 - ... an education in which the individual is cultivated, not as an instrument towards some ulterior end, but as an end unto himself alone ; in other words, an education, in which his absolute perfection as a man, and not merely his relative dexterity as a professional man, is the scope immediately in view.
Pagina 15 - ... state. Something more popular than a limited monarchy was substantially in the hearts of the people; though they might never have communed one with another saying, " Go to— this thing we will do." The days of the mother country's power, as well as of individual sovereignty, were numbered; and although the precise moment when Independence and a Republic should be proclaimed might depend upon accident, and be accelerated or retarded by the conduct of European rulers, the ultimate possession of...
Pagina 95 - ... the morning mist. Their conquests and their empires have crumbled into dust ; but the Eddystone tower stands firm amidst the tempest and the uproar of the ocean ; and there, and wherever else its form is imitated and its principles applied, as on our own coasts and on the shores of our western lakes, it throws its broad light across the storm and the gloom, giving safety to the mariner, and guiding that commerce which, making the natural riches of every climate the common property of all, is...
Pagina 16 - European rulers, the ultimate possession of both these benefits was decreed by the circumstances, the habits, the taste, and the character of the American nation. Thus the world saw, for the first time, a great people proclaiming their principles, acting upon them, choosing a Government for themselves, and accomplishing the first and most natural desire of all enlightened and...
Pagina 41 - For the Methodist Magazine and Quarterly Review. ART. IX.— SKETCHES OF METHODISM. ITS RISE AND PROGRESS ON MONTGOMERY CIRCUIT, BALT. CON. By J.
Pagina 94 - ... hero. But in the eye of sober reason, how poor and how vain are these monuments of pride, of power, of glory, and even of genius, when compared to the solitary, seagirt, unadorned Atlantick tower, which perpetuates the name, the talent, and the unambitious labours of John Smeaton ! The glories of the conquerors have vanished like the morning mist. Their conquests and their empires have crumbled into dust ; but the Eddystone tower stands firm amidst the tempest and the uproar of the ocean ; and...
Pagina iv - In the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of New York. TO...

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